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We've just started a Venturing Crew: Do these things we're doing follow BSA regulation?

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First, our uniform: Since all the Venturing members are in both Boy Scouts and Venturing, and instead of buying the whole Venturing uniform, we're just going to keep the khaki shirt, and add green loops, and the replace the belt with the Venturing belt, and those who have earned the Red Beret can earn them, although we will add Black berets soon.


Second, meetings: They will be at the same time as the Boy Scout meeting, and when it comes time to say the Scout oath and Law, the ones registered in just it or both will say it, and when it comes to the Veturing motto, ditto.


members: debating on letting girls in, due to that they want in just because they like all of us Venturing boys (What can I say, the girls just dig us!) But we will bring all the ones who want to on one camp-out that will be like our normal camp-out and if they can stand it, we will decide on letting them in or not.


Leaders: Our Scoutmaster will be the Advisor, and if girls are let in, the a Army-Reserve woman will be the female Advisor.



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First, do NOT wear the khacki boy scout shirt and the green loops. Thats a no-no. If you dont want to buy the green shirt, the crew can come up iwht a uniform of its own, but it cant include the boyu scout uniform.


Next, I want to be sure I understand, you say the "girls" just dig all you cool Boy Scout guys and thats the only reason why they want to join the Venture Crew and they will be pleased to just walk three steps behind you guys. The "men" of the crew will have a shake down campout to determine if you will let the girls in.


Now, if thats true, I applaud you guys, but I have a feeling a few posters may have words for you.

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Our venture crew is also just starting up. In the spirit of OGE's response, I suggest you draft your intentions in direct terms and run them past your council. Please tell us how they respond.

However, so far in the venture crew we have just started the 'girls' are physically equal to the guys and superior in things like rock climbing. Mentally, ahem, the guys don't even come close. But the women have one vunerability and I occasionally use it to scare them: looking at the guys I tell the women...'someday you're probably going to marry one of those'.

How was that OGE, did that live up to your expectations?

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First, we cant find any other design, and we were just thinking of keeping the khaki shirts because two of the four are in the Boy Scout Troop, and the other two are Assistant Scoutmasters. Everyone in our troop in kinda poor except for one stuck up family. But what if the khaki shirts we use arn't the same ones used in the the Boy scouts. They both will look the same, but one will be for strictly Venturing, and one strictly for Boy Scouts, all else the same.


And the members thing, there are no women joining, just 14-16 yrs. old girls that want to join because they either like one of the guys, or they like all of the guys! Ok, im 14, my fellow Eagle canidate is 17, and the two Assistant Scoutmasters are 18 (Both Eagle). And another one soon to join is 14 or 15.


(They say we look sexy in uniform, another reason to always wear your uniform in public! :)

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Packsaddle, I was looking for something from a female poster but you did fine.


Once again, you can't wear khacki shirts with green loops. forget about it. If you all to wear a blue jean shirt and black pants, thats fine. You can design any uniform, or you can leave the uniform design alone for awhile its activities that define the crew not the uniform.


Next, if you take girls (under 21) camping overnight, you had better have an adult female along (Over 21)


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OGE, Packsaddle, I'll take it from here (I've been stewing over this post all weekend, when my crew was helping with a Scoutreach camporee).


SPL_15, is there anyway at all that these 14-17 year old girls want to join your crew because they enjoy high adventure and want to do something fun and different? I mean, seriously, they only want to join because they 'dig' you? When I joined my crew I only knew one of the guys (the other guys joined later) and I'll be honest, I certainly didnt join because I "dug" the guy I knew. The crew actually became more of a family (brothers and sisters, with advisors playing the role of "dad" and "uncle") certainly NOT a place to find a date...just thinking about that makes me feel a little icky.


Being a very happy member of a coed crew for four years, an ASM, and the only female scoutcraft director trained in the Northeast Region's 2003 Camp School, I hope that the girls not only succeed on your camp out, but impress you by their determination and skills. I hope that you'll realize they want to get involved because their interested in the outdoors. And I sincerely hope that one or more of them can set you straight about females in scouting, females in the outdoors and females in leadership positions (our crew, has only had female presidents and our Venture Youth Roundtable has only had female officers).


Best of luck with your crew. May you have the same success that we have.

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What kind of stew was it? Is it a one pot meal stew? I have an associate advisor who joined because she dug me, she still digs me. She don't necessarily care to smell my hiking boots too much, but she digs me. What's the recipe for that stew?

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Pounder, the last two posts have been an Epiphany to me. First off, Outdoor Thinker is a member of the crew which I am delighted to be allowed to be part of.


She has been awarded the first and thus far only Council Venture Youth Leadership award. She was indeed the Scoutcraft Director (thats what gave it away, her going to Camp School)at one of our Council's Summer Camp where she was the responsible "adult" on both the Wilderness Surival and Canoe Overnights each week for the camping season. She is a registered merit badge counselor in 8 merit badges and helped me earn the Scoutmasters meritbadge by brushing me up on my splicing skills. The Program Director is recruiting her to return as the Camp Commisioner for next year.


Another thing that gave it away to me was the fact we got back from a Scout Reach Camporee, she and two other Crew members ran stations for advancement requirement. As she taught the merit badge class for First Aid all summer, she was a natural.


She is one of the most active Crew Members we have, she vitually fights to have more back packing trips in the calendar and is as tough a hiker as I have seen. She want to camp out in the middle of the Poconos the weekend before Christmas. We also have another member of the crew, also female who is our crew president and the both of them would walk you into the ground, or at least match you step for step.


Outdoor Thinker and our Crew President are the President and Vice President of the COuncil-wide Venture Organizaiton while a third female member of our crew is both secretary to the Crew and the Council organization.

I am proud to know these young ladies.


The second part of this post was going to be a blistering diatribe against you and SPL 15. However, in respect to scouting, this forum, and the Crew Members I will not post what I had written.


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and I was going to finish my sentence with, "and I am so delighted and proud that my beautiful intelligent wife joined me in this activity that I so love."


blistering diatribe, whatever! SPL may have some tact issues, but is he not free to post here too, or does he need OGE and OT's clearance first. Blistering diatribes if we don't subscribe to your way of thinking? Lay it on there big ole grey eagle scout, let me and this 14 year year old scout have it.


Think of the rasberry cheer at this time.


I'm out and I'm gone!!!!


(This message has been edited by Trail Pounder)

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SPL T15,


I agree with OGE on the uniform issue. If your crew doesn't plan on wearing the Venturing green then you shouldn't wear the Khaki shirt w/green loops. That is specified in the Uniform guide. Your crew can opt to wear t-shirts and field pants for your activities.


Now as for females: If you really believe that you "young men" will decide to let girls in or not. I suggest that you highly think twice about that. Once the young ladies are in the crew. They will be the majority and if not, they are more skilled in debates than many of my male venturers.


I have more females venturers in my crew than males. In fact the is a 3-1 ratio. Most of the young ladies are ahead of their male peers in the gold and ranger awards. They have more determination than the guys who came from the troop.


If you do plan on "allowing girls to join", the crew will need a female adult leader over 21 to go on activities. Another thing, is the young ladies are more skilled in recruiting one of their own than the guys. So in no time will you be outnumbered.


Just as OGE and Outdoor Thinker, My crew has had always female leaders (Presidents and officers) since we were an Explorer Post before becoming a Venturing Crew and the tradition carried over. Many of the guys would run for office but none would get elected.


AND my crew is not the only crew like that on this island. The two other Venturing Crews here are the same: female youth led and strong.


I suggest that you sit down with your cohorts and really think about what your doing. Female venturers do not join crews because male scouts look "sexy" in uniform. They join because of the outdoor experience. One of these days, a well organized female-led crew will put your crew in its place unless you change your way of thinking. There is no room in Scouting for that way of thought.




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Everyone but Trail Pounder listen and read the next few lines very carefully...




(Now really listen)





On the uniform issue, thanx alot, we have decided to get the official Venturing Class A shirt, but leave the rest the same(note: everyone that starting the crew has a red beret, so then we founding Crew members don't have to get a new hat)


And the girl issue. I know girls have the power to be better leaders, the majority are better, but we have sat down with them outside of scouting and said that they really are joining to hopefully find a boyfriend and can use this as an excuse to see boys more often. They told us they really weren't planning on doing nothing in the organization. So that's why we are going to take the girls on a test camp-out, and see if any actually enjoy adventure, beside the guys. See, we were thinking of letting them camp in a different camp-site than us and see which one really prevail, and if any we will ask them to join us in Venturing.

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In an effort to maintain a mature tone (sorry but this is important) SPLT15

you may not read this between the lines of some of the above responses...

The young ladies that remain with your Crew will bring a unique balance of strengths and weaknesses, skills and needs, assets and liabilities - kind of like every other youth (and adult) that comes into the organization. Embrace these differences and learn to appreciate the perspective that they will bring to your Crew. Best of luck!

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I hope the women of the fourm don't try to come to Ferriday to kill us, but we have decided-NOT- to let girls or women in to the Venturing Crew. We talked about it for a very long time and came to an agreement to make it a all male Venturing crew (for now).


We may still take some on a camp-out as guests, and maybe down the road vote again to let them in or not.


I know many of u believe that we are stupid, idiotic, preverted men that are sexest not to let the girls in, but we were going to let them in, until they told us that they really just wanted to find a boyfriend.


There are still some who we believe would do very good in Venturing, my sister and our Scribe's sister are two of them. But we decided it would be unfair all the girls if we let a few in and not all.


And i have a question off topic: If you have earned the First Aid Merit Badge, can it be used in a duel requirement for the Ranger Award( you have a first aid required one and a first aid elective one) It says in the handbook it if you can use it the same one for different awards, but nothing about using the merit badge for duel in the same award?


Again, I beg of the women, DONT TRY AND KILL US FIVE!!!! I LIKE TO LIVE!!!!!!!

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