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  1. This issue has been brought up to the National Venturing Committee. Regionally, there are Jamboree-like events that are either Region sponsored or multi-council sponsored. Western Region will be having Venturing Viewpoint http://venturing.bsa-la.com/VenturingViewpoint/ in June 2006. Similarly, North East Region will be having Venturing Vortex, http://www.venturingvortex.org/, a Ranger based program this June. Likewise, Southern and Central Region have been doing similar activities. Dale Venturing Viewpoint Committee
  2. Well, I never earned the Quest because I aged out a year before it was released, I earned the outdoor bronze in 8 months, and finished the Silver, Ranger, and Silver Hornaday within three years. On average, for each bronze 6 months - 1 year. Quest & Ranger at least 2 years. Yes, you can wear the rank patches (First Class to Eagle) on your Kelly Green Venturing Uniform.
  3. 1. Yes 2. Yes, only at OA events 3. NO. We shouldn't mix & match Scouting and Venturing uniforms. The recommended uniform pants are gray Venturing pants (or other gray pants, such as Dickies). Dale
  4. Good to see some Cahuilla... go Snakepower! You're not alone in Western Region... West is Best, Dale Wanakik Chapter
  5. Welcome to the forums mhutch353. The answer to your question is: No. I understand your frustration with the A&H requirements. And the National Committee does too. Currently at this time, A&H is under review to change the requirements so it can better meet the various A&H crews out there. Eventually, there will be a medal available to earn for A&H. YiV, Dale
  6. Welcome to the forums mhutch353. The answer to your question is: No. I understand your frustration with the A&H requirements. And the National Committee does too. Currently at this time, A&H is under review to change the requirements so it can better meet the various A&H crews out there. Eventually, there will be a medal available to earn for A&H. YiV, Dale
  7. I don't see why "Advisors" wouldn't work for committee. The same would be for Scouters who are committee members. Wouldn't the committee treasurer advise the crew treasurer? Wouldn't the committee secretary advise the crew secretary? Wouldn't the activities charperson advise the VP-program? Wouldn't the committee chairperson advise the VP-administration? There are several committee positions that advise crew officer positions, very much as troop committee members advise Scouts. The positions are very much the same, however now you're using different terminology.
  8. To answer your original question: Adult - Advisor, Associate Advisor, etc. Plural: "Advisors" Don't forget Sea Scouting (a division of Venturing) Adult - Skipper, Mate, etc. Plural: "Advisors and/or Skippers & Mates" YiV & SS, Dale
  9. Hey there Craig! It's great seeing you on this forum. By the way... do you have any more green Venturing knots or Sea Scouting knots? Thanks... Dale CIEC PS. Email me some time... I think you have my email...
  10. Yes and No Male Venturers can receive multiple credit for requirements, such as using American Red Cross First Aid. The only time a Venturer cannot receive multiple credit is when they are required to do a tabletop display or presentation. Requirements must be exact equals. For instance, the backpacking merit badge does not equal the backpacking elective for the Ranger Award. Some of the requirements may count, but not all. They must be working on the requirements as a Venturer. The only exception is Open Water Diver, BSA Lifeguard, First Aid/CPR, etc where current certificati
  11. If its a Crew What is their specialty? Outdoors? Religious Life? Arts & Hobbies? Sports? I would contact religious institutions, corporations, schools, YMCA to find interest. Do an open house and recruit Venturers and do a Crew interest survey. Contact your local DE and fill out the applications. For a more detailed, step-by-step instruction, please visit http://seascout.org/about/getting_started/how_to_organize_a_ship.html. This will also work for starting a Crew.
  12. Dana, It depends on what you are starting a Crew or a Ship? If its a Ship I recommend you contact your local US Power Squadrons chapter near you. You can find them online www.usps.org. They have a new program with Sea Scouting and will provide free training. For more info, visit www.seascout.org. If its a Crew What is their specialty? Outdoors? Religious Life?
  13. OGE, You're right... Venturing Commissioners are a rare breed. As an Assistant District Commissioner for Venturing as well, I have also noticed the same dilemma: The lack of experienced Venturing leaders wanting to become Commissioners. However, I remembered one thing my DC asked me to become a Commissioner when I turned 21. I hadnt been a Venturing Advisor yet (which is not a requirement), but had been an ASM for 3 years already. I had experience as a youth and earned Silver and Ranger. The one thing I have learned as a Commissioner, is the new respect Ive earned from the Ventu
  14. The main problem with associated with electrolyte imbalance is that its difficult to recognize in the field. The most common sign with hypoelectrolytemia is muscle cramps. This is easily confused for heat stroke, dehydration, and heat cramps. In order for physicians to diagnose electrolyte imbalances, a bicarbonate test is performed. The bicarbonate level is an indirect measure of the acidity of the blood that is determined when electrolytes are tested. The normal serum range for bicarbonate is 22-30 mmol/L. Remember, higher blood CO2 levels increase blood acidity, causing acidosis
  15. Good Job Voyageur and you make an excellent point. However, the signs and symptoms of hypokalemia (low potassium) and hypochloremia (low chloride) can also be potentially fatal. Water intoxication can decrease electrolytes (K+, Na+, Cl-) and increase the amount of CO2 in the bloodstream. This wreaks havoc on kidneys the most, adding to acute renal failure. Decreased levels of electrolytes also increase BUN (blood urea nitrogen) levels which also exacerbate renal failure. Good kidney function can help balance this problem, however, doing so adds strain on other vital organs b
  16. Eamonn, If you're talking about the old Kelly green Exploring uniform, they look just like today's Venturing shirts. If you have one, you can purchase Venturing bars that go above the Exploring bar. Note: This is not the Venture strip on Scouting uniforms. When BSA converted outdoor/noncareer Exploring posts to Venturing in 1998, the old uniform moved over as well... that's why we have green uniforms. At the same time, Sea Scouting was moved into Venturing. For 10 Trails End Popcorn points (or brownie points if you prefer), what's the reason for having red epaulet tabs on Scouts and
  17. One more thing... You can order the knot #05526 from your local council service center.
  18. I spoke to national Learning For Life (they handle the award, not the Relationships Division) and they told me, currently, no knot is available for the Young American Award. However, the past "official" knot that has been associated with the award is the Exploring Achievement Award. This is the same knot I described earlier in my post. This knot is a catch-all knot that several awards are used for this knot. If a Scouter has earned several award that are listed for this knot, only one knot is worn on the uniform. Currently, there are no plans to create a new knot for the Young
  19. Thanks everyone for your responces. I wanted to wait awhile before responding because I know this can be a touchy subject. I took the liberty to contact national office today and spoke to Sharon (I don't know her last name), who is the National Venturing Division Secretary. She told me that it is acceptable for married couples to join as youth members, they just have to act as youth members and be appropriate. It isn't the policy of the BSA to discourage relationships amongst it's youth members, however, they need to be mindful of their company: single Venturers who might feel uncomfor
  20. I used to be an Antelope! W4-45-03 Dale-a-lope P.S. I just finished all of my tickets!
  21. (sorry, this got omitted) This question also applies for over 21 married to under 21, both over 18. Do you have any references for this policy? What are your thoughts on this? Thanks and YiV, Dale
  22. Being a college student, I get to meet an excellent group of people who are both Venturers and young adults. It's great sitting on the fence watching youth and their adult counterparts work/play together outside of Scouting. It now comes to the point where a married couple, under 21 want to join Venturing where a crew is chartered at a local university. What is the current policy of married Venturers (both under 21, over 18) sharing the same tents, buddy system, etc? This question also applies for over 21 married to
  23. Yes, there is a knot for this. This is the same knot as the Explorer GOLD Award. This knot has a red, white, and blue background with a silver square knot with a silver border. Qualifications: - Have reached the age of 15, but will not be 26 years of age by June 1. - Have achieved exceptional excellence in one or more of the fields of art, athletics, business, community service, education, government, humanities, literature, music, religion, or science. - Have been involved in service in their community, state, or country that adds to the quality of life. - Has maint
  24. Sorry to hear about Tim. I know him quite well with Western Region. As some of you may know, Matt Griffis was our past 2003-2004 Western Region Chief. Both are great men and I hope things get straightened out for Tim. On a more personal note, it is not the policy of the OA or BSA to "cover up" anything. As youth-protection goes, if you've been properly trained you would know that confidentiality is a priority to the BSA. My good friend Mr. Bradley did the right thing. I hope you enjoyed your time at NOAC. WWW, Dale
  25. What is the current policy on youth members (i.e. OA Lodge Chief, VOA President/Boatswain) serving as voting members on Council Executive Boards and Council Committees? - Dale
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