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Order of the Arrow and Native Americans

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I am with SP on this.


If people do not like that the OA chooses to use Indian symbols and dance, then I guess they can look the other way or go somewhere else.


The stuff the OA uses is not copyrighted so its available to anyone. Politically Correct be damned.

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"You know with St pat's day coming up I sure am glad the Irish don't go around whining about every one wearing green and dancing a jig."


That depends on where you go...now doesn't it?


Try your fake Irish accent in a pub in Dublin or Belfast while wearing a shirt with the Union Jack, and "ye might get ye arse handed to 'ya".


T'wouldn't that be a sight?


Native Americans vs. the Europeons was the first of many Race Wars in the New World.(This message has been edited by Engineer61)

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Engineer; They sort of just pushed them out, either by violence, or some other process. Not a lot to go on back then, except that one supplanted the other. But, based on the differences in anthropological materials, it is pretty obvious that it was most likely a power grab, or isolation from livable territory. Of course, they do continue to discover more and more, though very slowly.


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