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  1. Now lets see the real reason for SCOUTING boys or the adults????? Yes the adults wants all the comforts of home and alot of the boys do to, but you take the "OUTING" from scouts and you have nothing!!!! ROOTBEER
  2. An invite for next summer. If anyone is in the southeast come to Camp Benjamin Hawkins. It is Georgia's oldest BSA Camp. We have a great first and second year program and also a COPE course. Please e-mail me for more infor. Thanks Y.I.S. Rootbeer
  3. I, too, grew up in the big city of E-town. I spent many summers at Rough River, and for the last year of Camp Cover Bridge. They were great camps. Also I was staff for the 1st year of CCC. Tapped out there of OA(lodge 213) WWW. Now I live where the Council does not want to put money into a camp going on 78 years. I wish that they had the drive to revamp the camp. Even the OA Lodge has problems. But that is why we are all in Scouts, to try to fix the problems.
  4. Well I just back into Scouting after taking a 14 year break. I install HVAC ductwork, for those who don't know that is HEATING VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING. And to me there is no such thing a a professional Scouter, you do because you love.
  5. I was in scout in the 80's in KY area. I have some patches I would like to trade, also looking for an OA patch from lodge 213. The lodge has now marged with a lodge from IN.
  6. I also have one and would like to trade it for and patches from MY OLD HOME COUNCIL (KY), anything else. ROOTBEER TROOP 220 GA
  7. Hello I'm new to the GA area and found a Troop in Warner Robins. I would like to know if anyone knows of some good rivers to take boys for a day trip.
  8. I think it a great way for the boys to remember camp-outs. Color of some beads can be white for the days and black for nights, and a special color for an award the troop has recieve ei: first or second place troop participation or spirit awards and etc.
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