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  1. After think this topic over I am in the same boat with you. Currently finishing my seventh year with the pack. After my youngest goes to Boy Scouts I will have 14 consecutive years in cubs. My how time flies.
  2. Thanks for all the help. It is not for my husband cbmstr922 uniform. I am doing a good deed for our DE and sewing the patches on. Just wanted to get it right.
  3. Does anyone know where a Central Region Patch is to be sewn on a district Executive Shirt? I cannot find its location on line and believe it to be temporary insignia. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Name was passed to the adult patrol by the boys. "The Barking Spider Patrol". You dont want to hear the patrol yell. YIS
  5. Service Manager for local Ford dealership. I over see all aspects in the shop. I am in a process of changing dealerships and responsibilities right now. Also a youth baseball coach for 8 years . Have been in scouting for 8 years as well. YIS
  6. Can any one help me find a reciepe for edible lab mice. The adults will be performing a training skit in a few weeks. We will be covering Webelos science activities. We have a good skit that calls for edible mice. We have found some candy that closely resembles mice but we are looking for other ideas. Any help you can give would be great.
  7. Award purchased from council...A Couple of dollars. Amount of time spent with the den to earn award....Doesn't matter. The proud expression a new scout has when he receives that very first award at a pack meeting in front of family and his den.....PRICELESS
  8. Thanks for all your imput. I will share your post with all of our leaders. This will be quite a change for many of us. We currently have 50 scouts and expect to hit the 60's by fall roundup. With the large numbers we have lately it sure seems to slow down change. YIS
  9. Our pack is going to start using the cub scout program themes for the first time. It seems very straight forward. Does anyone have any tips directly relating to the program helps booklets that we may share at our leader retreat next month? We now have a new UC who said he will help with our retreat. What are your experiences with the program? Cbmstr922
  10. Elaine, Welcome to scouting. As it has been said in previous replys..repetition is the key. I have always used the living circle to close our den meetings. We have a couple of home made posters with the promise and the law of the pack on the floor inside the circle for the newer scouts to use as a referance only. They are encouraged to remember it as soon as possible. Good luck in your scouting. It may frustrate you at times but there are those moments where you are beeming with pride for your scouts that truley helps you to understand why we devote ourselves to this the way we do. YIS
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