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impeachable crime?

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That's only partially true. Part of the reasoning was also to counter obstructionism. A similar argument could be made for the pocket veto, whereby the President could watch Congress gallop out of town on their horses and simply do nothing, and possibly stave off an override of his veto until cooler heads prevailed. In more civilized times, we referred to such actions as statesmanship. Today, it appears that few people in politics on either side of the aisle understand the meaning of the word.

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I should hope not, Brooks (for whom Brooksville FL is named) beat Sen Sumner so severely (he kept hitting him way after the man went down) that he had head trauma and took years to recover and he was never the same. All those bad feelings led to the Civil War so lets sure hope we aint going back there again.


But it was colorful.

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With apologies to Sherman Adams...


I have come to the conclusion that ...

ONE useless man is called a DISGRACE!

TWO are called a LAW FIRM!



To quote my HS physics teacher: When in doubt, vote the incumbent out. Two of my three national representatives will receive that message this November.

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