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How many Scouter Forum Members does it take to change a light bulb?

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"To the consternation of others, Im here to point out that while there may be 38 opinions on how to change a light bulb, BSA has already figured out the most effective way of doing so and it may be found in the book. "


Because you failed to provide me with the number of said book, have not shown me the book, or even gotten the book, came to my house and bet me senseless with it, I deny that such a book exists.


If in the fact the book does exist, I will say that the method given in the book is just a guideline and I am in no way required to follow it. And so what if I don''t want to follow said guideline? Are the Light Bulb Changing Cops going to get me?




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After 3 pages of responses, may I ask a question? Are we talking a lightbulb in a light socket, or in a flashlight? Some of the bulbs are pushed in, held in with pressure and others are screwed in. Am I taking this forum thread to seriously?



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Stosh: In a word, YES!!!!


BTW, it takes FIVE Scouter Forum members to change the mantles on a Coleman propane lantern:


1) Scouter fumblefingers (HEY! I resemble that remark ;) )who breaks all but the last two mantles


2) Scouter who disassembles the lantern and breaks the globe


3) Scouter who makes sure the lantern is disconnected from the propane source


4) Scouter who checks the Scouter who disconntected the lantern from the propane source...


AND 5) The Scouter who goes to the nearest HARDWARE STORE to get more mantles and a replacement globe!

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SKIT 1:::


First Scout walks in from stage left, mumbling out loud: "Gotta get the fire lit, gotta light the fire, need to get the fire lit, how can I get the fire lit, oh, I gotta light that fire..."


Second Scout walks in from stage right. He is carrying several small boxes, which from the audience side are not labeled. He sees first Scout and asks "hey man, what''s up?"


1S: Can you help me light the fire?


2S turns around and we see the boxes are each and all labeled "FIRE"


2S, with great bravado, hands 1S a box and announces, "Hey, now I''m a FIRE LIGHTER!"


SKIT 2:::


The evenings MC is starting his next introduction when a sad, dejected Scout walks across the stage. MC asks, "Hey, why so sad"?


Scout holds up ordinary light bulb: "my mom says I have to change the light bulb" and walks off.


Later, MC is again starting to intro the next act, Scout comes back across the stage, again very dejected. MC asks "Well, what happened?" Scout holds up the biggest light bulb (check with a theater for big ones) you can get, wrapped in a diaper and big safety pin. "I changed the light bulb", and walks off.


Next, the same: Scout is bright and happy now. MC: "Don''t tell me you have another light bulb to change?" Scout, up beat: " No sir, now my mom wants me to put the bulb in the sock-it (hold up bulb and big argyle sock)


Variations on the theme.

Watt a deal!

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None...I like it in the dark, its quiet and peaceful...but if it must be changed I would have the LBP do it...the light-bulb police. They''ll make sure the bulb is official BSA as well as the right color and wattage, as well as being packaged in the CORRECT type of package.

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