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  1. Baden said that Scouting is a game...and it's a youth run organization...Is this "new" workbook some young man's Eagle project?
  2. I don't mind the bag stuff. But, most coffee tastes bad because of the cup. Styrofoam is the worst followed by the mega plastic cup from any gas station followed by the plastic coated paper. Best taste comes in a porcelain mug or glazed stoneware followed by glass then stainless steel. Black, hot, strong.
  3. sooo no HUD money for a program that MAY benefit (some?) ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. which is the greater fraud?
  4. it really doesn''t matter if the bulb gets changed because all the scouts will merely whip out their cell phones and hold them up...commence singing kum ba ya
  5. Interesting find,depending on its total condition I think I would check with a local historical society or museum to see if they have an interest for their collection or one of their displays or check with the local history teacher- maybe a student doing a report on that era could incorporate it into their report/project.
  6. At issue are two points that need to answered; 1. What and who decides wht consitutes "quality of life"? 2. How long do you think you are entitled to live?
  7. Meanwhile back to the original question... The conumdrum should not exist because : 1. The question should have been resolved at any of the Scoutmaster conferences beginning with tenderfoot, second class, etc and the conference before the scout ever contacted the BOR for Eagle. 2. Upon recitation of the Scout oath the Scout was "on his honor..." 3. The questions to thew Scout should have been framed in the words "How do you show a Scout is Trustworthy...Reverent?" Now, how to retify the situation. Since it is difficult to put a cat back into a burlap sack, just reconvene the BOR
  8. Merlyn As I recall the Scouting For All folks issued a cease and desist order against a group that was using SFA.com Imagine a group that does no scouting program telling someone else not to use the scouting word. But, at least you have the cetifiable 1,000,000 signatures on the petition. Who audits that number? Any crinimals or child molesters in the group or don't you take the time to check that out? I understand the Scouting For All group was at the march on public property in Washington DC, anybody pay fair market value for that priveledge? Like in the neighborhood of at least $1 l
  9. Of course we notice that when people do use the word scouting in the title of their organization, such as "Scouting for All" they do not provide any program that even comes close to presenting an outdoor, ethical or citizenship program just a group of folks filing lawsuits and clogging the chat rooms with negative rants against the BSA, forcing the expediture of big $$$ that have the effect of curtailing positive experiences for youth in the community. And when they are challenged they file cease and desist orders.
  10. So is having a "monopoly" on the word "scout", "scouting" etc any different than "Kleenex" or "Jello"? Both have had to defend their BRAND NAME and are now very careful to say Kleenex brand tissue and Jello brand geletin. Try selling your operating system as DOS or Windows or naming your shoes nikee and see what happens. Is it truly a monopoly or is it just copyright, trademark and patent potection?
  11. The special district was also challenged because they did not have non-special scouts in them. What a wonderful program where special needs scouts were able to take advantage of the camp resource and the volunteers made a wonderful experience for them. But it's gone now. Philly is still about $$$ not unlike eminent domain, just a new expost facto ruling to make it happen. Pass a new oridinance in 2003 and apply it to a 1928 contract.
  12. So even if there is merely a percievd violation it is up to the likes of Merlyn and and the ACLU to apply economic blackmail for thier own gain; and the greater population suffers for it.
  13. Ed You know the only reason that the ACLU (the ACLU is for civil liberties like the American Cancer Society is for Cancer)is $$$$$$ , after any case they file for lawyers fees and even if the case is about a 1928 violation they will ask for 2006 dollars.
  14. Our council runs 3 NYLT courses with 4 land based troops and 1 pack and paddle troop each session. Yes, the DVD players are packed in pelican cases and so far we have not had many problems (minor dust-leave the dvd in the player and don't open it up. Take the the player out of the case otherwise they overheat) Our first session I was the Program director and was at the beck and call of the youth director-he ran the training sessions prior to and was completely, Completely in charge- AH! NOTHING LIKE A BOY RUN PROGRAM! He did one of the most outstanding jobs of leading that I have ever seen a
  15. In addititon to the meds coming in the original containers and permission slips from the parents, we use a first aid log with non removable numbered pages and when a med is(or any first aid , including a bandaid)dispensed, it is recorded and signed by the scout and the adult in charge of the med box (large orange tackle box that is locked and carried everywhere).
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