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OK, how 'bout a break?

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I've closed all of the discussions in the Issues and Politics Forum. If anyone feels any subject is worth reopening, you're welcome to do so by creating a new post again.


Instead, how about a 48 hour break? Why doesn't everyone take the next 48 hours and spend some time posting something really helpful for Scouting in one of the other areas of the Forum?


If you've been sucked into the debate of the Issues and Politics Forum recently (and it's certainly been intoxicating, if not suffocating), why not "cleanse" your ScreenName by picking one single Scouting subject that you are really passionate about, and create a new thread in Open Discussion, or Working with Kids or Camping and High Adventure?


Got a really cool Scoutmaster's Minute? Share it! How about a great idea of a Camporee program? Tell us the best you've ever seen! Who's the most inspirational person you have ever met in Scouting, and what made that person so special? Let us all know.


Most everyone's welcome back to the Issues & Politics Forum after a brief break.




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I certainly hope it wasn't my losing my cool that became the proverbial straw that broke the camals back.


I do think a temporary brake, to give everyone a chance to cool off and recalibrate is probably a good idea.


We had bocame far too consumed by Issues and Politics in recent days, to the neglect of the more practical and uplifting forums.

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Yesterday I wrote a fairly long post on the general direction of the board which I decided to sleep on. The subject line was "ENOUGH!" if that gives you any indication of where I was headed. I like your approach better. I'll move mine to the draft folder.

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Thanks, Terry.

I second Eamonn's suggestion. 48 days, or two fortnights, whichever is longer.

Of course, I fear some might take the time to compose really long posts that can be cut and paste into a thread when the Issues and Politics section re-opens....

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I hate to inject a note of discord (I think it's a D-flat) into this Era of Good Feeling, but I think Terry's suggestion of a 48-hour break was reasonable, so unless he decides to extend it, I don't think anyone 'd like to suggest that we stick with Terry's original suggestion of a break of no less than 48 hours from his initial post in this thread. That does not mean that anyone should feel obliged to start a new thread under Issue and Politics at 9:09:56 PM CST. I don't have any plans to do so, nor do I necessarily want to be the one to "break the ice" after that. But I don't think anyone should be made to feel that they are violating "the law of the pack" if they choose to start a thread at some point after the 48 hours have passed.

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