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Religious Affiliation

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Who are you and why do you care?


Blunt questions asked because while you like to ask quesitons, you certainly dont answer them very well at all.


And if this is some grand experiement, all you have proven is that people who enjoy scouting are rightfully suspicious when quesitons are asked without any background given about the quesitoner

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Okay, I'll respond to this one.


I've been reading over many other threads and notice a constant battering of participants by each other . . . it is courious to me that some profess atheism and some profess Christianity, but each one seems to condem the other for their opinion.


It is my querry as to what religious affiliation you are connected with to better understand the points of view. Most of us admit that our religious training and background (or not) influences our opinions and personalities for the rest of our lives, whether or not we stay active in that religion.


It is so courious to me that Scouting is so connected with religion, as to be almost a religion of its own. I'd like to put all these opinions and comments in perspective with the teachings of that person's particular religion.


Note to Merlyn: I have read your comments about being an Atheist and it is courious to me also that no one has asked you to leave the scouter forum, based on the BSA connection to religion. I've never been in a foxhole either, but I respect you and everyone else for whatever you believe or do not believe.


FYI I was raised Catholic and at present consider myself a Christian.



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Still no answer on the US and We huh?


Merlyn has been asked to leave more than a few times by various forum members, but since he complies with the rules of this forum he is entitled to express his opinions here, regardless of how popular or unpopular they are.


I would like to know who you think is an Atheist besides Merlyn. Since you used the word "some" you must suspect at least someone else, who is it as I cant think of anyone.


You purport to be doing research, yet miss that merlyn has been invited by many forum members to leave, and then say there are "some" atheists who post here and I can think of only one.


Who is WE and US?

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At least one thing I'll give you . . . you are a self acclaimed know-it-all, making you no more than a know it all than anyone else.

I've not read ALL of the threads and so yes, I must have missed that Merlyn has been asked to leave also . . . . how rude to ask someone to leave because they disagree with you . . . . and that goes for anyone else who tells someone to leave . . . how rude. . .


If you don't want to respond to this or other threads no one is making you . . . just ignore them! I've said this before . . .

Obviously my querries have pushed you out of your comfort zone, so don't go there . . protect yourself . . . do something else . . .

but don't ask me to leave because I ask a sincere question . . .

Don't respond if you don't like it . . .


You waste this time with this bantering and lose the whole purpose of the thread. I've noticed your responses in other threads do the same thing.

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Actually I am working my way up to pompous, arrogant, pedantic, closeminded bookthumper, I have only reached the first rung.



Geez CRANEACE, do you beleive everything you read on the internet? Did you know that someimes on the internet people portray themselves to be somethng they are not? Shocking isnt it? I know I didnt beleive it either the first time.


Sometimes people place whimsical profiles, someimes not, guess you missed the part where I implied that I am a know it all since I learned how to use google.


In any case, you are right about one thing, I'll leave this thread alone for awhile and see what other posters have to say.


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Craneace says:


... it is courious to me that some profess atheism and some profess Christianity, but each one seems to condem the other for their opinion.


Like OGE, I am having difficulty thinking of a second person who has "professed" atheism on this board. I seem to recall one awhile back but I do not remember the name and I am not sure about it. Then I think there was another person who was criticizing everybody and everything including religion (but while also supporting the BSA's "membership policy", but I did not believe a word that person said about anything anyway.


And then there is the implication that people on this board, or maybe it is only people who have discussed religion on this board, have all professed EITHER atheism or Christianity. That is not the case either. There are at least three people (including myself) who have made clear that they (we) do not fall into either of those two categories. There also are a number of people who have not been specific about their own beliefs, though chances are that a majority of them are Christian, chances also are that a few are not.


As for Merlyn being "asked to leave", the last time I recall someone doing that was a few months ago. There are a few people on this board who have, over time, asked or suggested that a number of other people (either named or by group) leave (either Scouting or this board or both), or might want to leave, or might be happier elsewhere, or might want to keep quiet about certain topics, or whatever.


It is just part of the "charm" of this forum. :)

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it is curious to me that some profess atheism and some profess Christianity, but each one seems to condemn the other for their opinion.


Why do you find it to be curious that a Christian and an atheist would be diametrically opposed to one anothers position? One might argue, an atheist shouldnt even care enough to respond, but certainly one would expect a Christian to passionately defend and proclaim the existence of Christ as Lord and Savior. If a Christian is not willing to rebuff an atheist, then one should question his profession of faith. So - I find your curiosity to be somewhat curious.


As to why an atheist would care so much about his non-belief that he should force his company on believers so he can argue his positionthat is an interesting question. Perhaps, he is attempting to convince himself more than anyone else. Perhaps, if he stopped arguing with those of us who he can see and hear (figuratively speaking), hes afraid he will have to confront that quiet but Holy voice that calls his name. Just a thought

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My religious affiliation is not related to my affiliation with the BSA, except in this respect: I agree with the Declaration of Religious Principle. Outside of that, it is often inappropriate to engage in religious discussion with Cubs and Scouts, except to encourage them to take part in their family's religious practices and to have prayers and ceremonies that don't identify with one specific religion. That is my stand with the BSA, and that is what I will share publicly.


As for Merlyn, he has been upfront about who he is and what his purpose is in coming here. He doesn't pretend to be doing research; in fact,he often provides news articles and documents rather than looking for them here. Though he and I may disagree, he does not come here to judge anyone, but he does judge the issues and the organization. There really is no indication in your posts that you are like either Merlyn or the Scouters.


Ed, it wouldn't be a big deal, had it not been for CRANEACE's other posts looking for "the dirt", so to speak, on the BSA. His agenda remains unclear but seems to be anti-BSA, and he (or she?) does not give any personal info, even when it's been asked for--other than his religious affiliation, that is.(This message has been edited by Laurie)

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This is another stupid forum. Who cares?????? We know that in order to be in Scouts, you have to have some kind of religion... why do you need more than that? I dont feel like telling you my religion, ever think that was something maybe personal? FOG, you probably know, but I dont care. All I'm saying about it is that I am not atheist.


'nuff said

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