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Once upon a time in a land far away there was an Eagle he had become wise by working his ticket along with his other helpful Eagles. This Eagle was a wise old Eagle, so he suggested (he tried to TELL her, but that is another story for another day) that his wife go and try to work her ticket, so she can become wise like him.

But when she came back from her 1st ticket thingie, the Eagle was so disappointed, as his wife had became a Buffalo.


Is that original enough for you?

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Just in case you need to know about Scouting past for WB:


It was noted several years later that the unnamed Boy Scout that assisted William D. Boyce (a.k.a. Bill) in finding Baden Powell's office in the London fog was from the Bear Patrol. Ernest Thompson Seton and Dan Beard painted pictures and wrote stories about Bears. James E. West later admitted that he wished he had a B. in his name like most of the others because all of them actually belonged to the Bear Patrol and he insisted on uniformity. This story could not be confirmed but has remained in Bear Patrol lore for all these many years.



Fuzzy Bear

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