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  1. Just finished my first weekend too at SR 657. Had a great time. I'm with the Beaver patrol and can't wait to do some more Beavering. Long hours and alot of work but heck of alot of FUN.
  2. First weekend done! Had a BLAST!! Got some great guys in my patrol, I laughed till I cried. Proud to be a Beaver! Still humming "Back to Gilwell"!
  3. I start my first weekend Friday (Apr 1) Really looking forward to it. Started packing last night just so I would'nt forget anything. Our Course cost $150.00. From everything I've read and heard from talking to others it's money well spent. Can't wait for the Mountaintop Experience!!
  4. I start mine in April and can't wait. I sent my deposit in a month ago just to make sure I got a seat! I've read so much about it and talked to some people and they talked very highly of it and how much they enjoyed it.
  5. That's a great idea Manylrons,I'll try that next time. That will keep their curiosity up and hopefully want to keep it going. Yes I should have said Scout Spirit Ashes.
  6. We were told that the ashes had traveled around, They had come from International Jamboree, World and National Jamboree and of course Philmont. That's why I'm trying to get it started with our Pack hoping the Parents and kids will want to keep it going.
  7. Does anyone do Scout ashes at their campfires? I first seen this at WOLT a few weeks ago and thought it was so neat. We were all given ashes from that fire and told to start our own at our camp outs.I started mine last weekend and hope to have everyone get excited about it as much as I am. I'm looking for more info and history on this subject since I've been told Mr. Powell started this. Thanks in advanced for any help!
  8. Thanks, looking forward picking up some info and great ideas to help me and the boys. What part you from twocubdad? I was in Troop 19 out of Archdale many moons ago.
  9. Hi, I'm in my 2nd year as a den leader. I was a scout when I was young and really enjoyed it. My son joined as a Wolf. when he started as a Bear they needed a den leader so I jumped in. Now he's a 1st year Webelo and I'm the den leader and were both having the time of our life.
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