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Advancement Computer Program

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Gold Winger is right ... even if you can sell it, you would need a way that users could convert their current data into your spreadsheet. I would assume that most Packs who would use an Advancement Computer Program already do so.


Personally, I wouldnt pay for it ... and probably wouldnt use it if it were free either. I use Trax, but have customized it a lot ... I have probably made similar changes to yours.

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Pack432Centerville: (try not to take offense)


The program that I have written is not some customization of Trax, it is its own program completely written by me, so please do not offend by comparing adding to a program to writing one. However, I am glad that you have been able to adapt Trax to your needs, that is not what I have done, if I have made it seem so than I apologize. I simply used Trax as a basis for my design, similar setup.


There is a great number of Packs that do not use computer records for achievements or advancement (at least in my area). Of those who do most use PackMaster, which does is not very user friendly or a great advancement program and not meant for the den level.


I do concede to the group that it will probably not sell. I may just have to present it to my council as an example of software that will help everyone move from paper records to digital.

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I think you are a lot like me when I come up with something. Just a day late.


But if you are able to help some of the people in your council then I think you will be doing more of a service then you may know. Trax has just been around for a little while and they have made the changes


You effort is there. It's a great idea. Hopefully you ca make something with it locally and work from there.

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Or if you wind up giving it to Packs in the council, maybe someone will wind up nominating you for one of those nifty knots or awards. I know that you didn't do it for that reason, but you would certainly deserve it. I know that something like this takes considerable time and effort.


::shhhhh:: I used the dreaded "knot" reference...run...hide...be vewy quiet..... ;)(This message has been edited by pack212scouter)

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What would be of value to me and perhaps others is a program that could be interactive. I mean that once I update info others in my den could see it and be able to print out themselves. One that the parents could have access to their sons achievemtns and update themselves and perhaps a message could be generated to the den leader that an update has been done. This way if a cub missed a meeting the leadr could still see if he was on track with the others and cater their program to what the whole group needs. I spend much time comparing my records with others to see if they match.


I know they are all supposed to bring their books and have them signed off but soietiems they forget and I have to write down all the itmes parents have signed off on and then go back and put on my spreadsheets.

Just some suggestions to make this more enticing. Also I know there is a Fast Tracks program in testing that some councils have but I have no idea what it contaons or how similar so ther may be that in competion w/ yuo as well.

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our pack uses scout manage and i like it very much.


you are able to go in under den achievements and mark off all the kids in the den for what ever they did that night in one swoop or individually.


it offers several reports such as ones by achievement(who has or who has not completed) or even my favorite, a to be purchased list.


it also allows for doing group emails to all the members of the pack.

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First, let me introduce myself. I'm Frank Steele, the guy who wrote Trax.


Having read your thread, I'd like to give you my take on it.


First, you are trying to sell your software. I would STRONGLY urge you to reconsider this. When people give you money, you have an obligation to them. This includes people that mess up the software by removing the password, delete formulas, and then send you their software and expect you to fix it for them. This includes people who won't read the instructions and e-mail you, expecting you to be their sole-scource private tutor. This includes people who want to you customize their copy to suit their needs. This includes people who want you to enter their scout's information into the sheet because they don't think they are "computer savy."


If you give it away for free, when you get unreasonable requests, you can send a quick reply and delete the e-mail. If you take their money, even a small amount, such as $10, you have a moral obligation to work with them...and it will take up all of your time.


Second, you are soliciting requests for improvement and features people would like to see. I know you have a vision about what your software should be. Other people won't share your vision. Each person has their own ideas of how things need to be set up. Some will tell you that your software is too complex, and others will tell you that it is very simple, and therefore, you should add more features, adding a level of complexity. Some will tell you to combine everything together, and others will tell you to split stuff up. Your software can't be all things to all people.


Don't lose sight of YOUR vision of what your software should be.



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My pack uses Scouttrack.com and I find it extremely easy to use and I love it. Not sure if the pack had to pay to use this, but I am guessing that they did.


I only wish I could get the other Tiger Cub parents to update their kids belt loops and electives. My son has the most, not because he necessarily deserves the most. It is because I am diligent in tracking his progress. And no matter how much I plug the website in the meetings, it seems the other parents aren't updating their Tigers achievements.

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