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Advancement Computer Program

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If you do decide to market something, I'd highly recommend that you not base it on Excel. Write it in a real programming language and use Access (don't need to have MS Access installed to store data in a MDB file), MS SQL Server Express, or XML to store the data.


I am the author of the GrandPrix Race Manager software to run Pinewood Derby, Space Derby, and Raingutter Regatta races. GPRM started as a MS Access app with a little VBA and some macros to tie it all together. The first version was shareware. I didn't get too many people to pay for it, but I did get a lot of valuable feedback. I found MS Access far too limiting and ran into issues with different versions of Access. Version 2, the first commerical release, was rewritten in VB and only uses Access to store the data. It is now up to Version 8.


While people might be able to find freeware/shareware that will do, if they run into problems or would like to see improvements added, getting good support can be very hit or miss. If you have a good product and provide good tech support, people are willing to pay a reasonable amount for it.


If you do decide to market something, prepare yourself for a lot of work.(This message has been edited by gpraceman2)

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Pack15Nissan stated:

"There is a great number of Packs that do not use computer records for achievements or advancement (at least in my area). Of those who do most use PackMaster, which does is not very user friendly or a great advancement program and not meant for the den level. "



I tend to disagree. I think Packmaster is great for advancement. I don't know what else you would need. It's moderately user friendly. Packmaster works well on the den level as well. IMHO, the most important feature of Packmaster is that it produces output accepted by districts--i.e. it does the advancement form in the report.





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