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  1. PACK15NISSAN: First, let me introduce myself. I'm Frank Steele, the guy who wrote Trax. Having read your thread, I'd like to give you my take on it. First, you are trying to sell your software. I would STRONGLY urge you to reconsider this. When people give you money, you have an obligation to them. This includes people that mess up the software by removing the password, delete formulas, and then send you their software and expect you to fix it for them. This includes people who won't read the instructions and e-mail you, expecting you to be their sole-scource private tutor.
  2. Several thoughts: 1. I know a few old Scoutmaster that go by the "no women" rule. Their position is that women by-and-large are too 'motherish' and will not let their boys struggle. They have a tendency to want to step in...and I have to agree that I've seen that. BTW, we have four female ASMs in our Troop. 2. As a member of a District Committee, I have a serious problem with a Scoutmaster that discourages any parent (male or female) from attending any of their son's activities. We will tell our parents to please come and watch, but enjoy the activity from afar (this isn't cub
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