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  1. They need not have been ACM to be CM. I was not. Our ACM was deployed so unable to be CM, I stepped up in his absence but he was not abel to take back over as CM after his return. There is training and plenty of help. Since it is a small pack every parent should go to every meeting and be ASSIGNED some type of responsiblity. You need to go on with your son he will need your coaching in hsi special situation. (congratulations it's great to hear how well he's done!!) you can offer advice or lend a hand here and there but sometimes if someone else will do it others will not step up.
  2. did the committee members not have any backbones?? I would not have allowed the pack to be blackmailed.That is what she did. If the items in question belonged to a pack member then she should have been issued a letter stating they needed to be returned or she would be prosecuted for theft. I would never reimburse any items with no reciepts. Also any items should be apporved by committee or treasurer and not simply let slide. Any lefotvers she purchases back or become property of the pack. The rate for dues is extrene. This is why there are so many rules around now- it only takes one abuse. In the future all den leaders need to sign somethign about the maximun they can charge in duesand the information given to all parents. I do like the idea of them paying to the pack and pack reimbursing the leader based on what was spent for the den. However this can be tedious- maybe a den "treasurer" is better idea. The den leader can purchase supplies but ADL will give funds to them. Personally I only charged 10.00 per cub for the whole year. I kept all receipts to show as well in case I was questioned. This year I purchased items and gave the new den leader my receipt in lieu of dues for my son. When I led a special projectI divided up the toatl cost of materials amongst the boys and they gave me the money for materials at the meeting. On the side of parents there is no way to tell where thier money went either. Were snacks provided for each meeting and trips covered? Did they do a lot of outings that this paid for? Where patches given out that the pack did not supply? Did this cost cover awards that she purchased if pack had a policy of charging for them?? Best to do is have accountablilty in the future. hope you don't lose the families. if families are questioning now what took them so long?? If they want to bring a case against her then they need to get together and show they had no benefit from money given and do that as indiviuals.
  3. How about finding out... How many boys earned the Arrow of Light How many went on to become eagle scouts? Any scout come back to unit with their own child? Any former scouts become a leader? Any really special awards earned (heroism, etc,)at time in unit or later. A Sampling of careers or achievements of past scouts (teachers now, maybe a state rep ,etc.) Any scouts go on to get college scholarships? Put a call out to past pack memebers and make a history book. My pack is celebrating it's 40th year this year. How about former cubmasters... any become troop leaders or involced in other units/council positions? Put an advertisement in local papers and use word of mouth and your chartered unit to "call all former scouts and leaders" to send in info on themselves or friends. You can display by: Making a power point using old pictures , make a poster, make a pack hostory book with stories. I purchased a scout blanket I'm putting old patches on You can make a shadow box with imtes collected. you cna also ask for donations of items from old members.
  4. With any awards that everyone may not be familiar with I take the time to let everyone knwo what was involved in earning it. You can make as simple or complex on your own. I usaully list off the items involved. To make a big deal about it ... you can have a poster board and act all concerned that there's lots to do then "check" off each item one by one.Then act all impressed. If there are varoius ranks earning it then have a poster for each rank and go through same process. As ranks progress you'll notice they have more compontents and you can even have a separate paper that says what it takes to earn Leave no Trace or do a whole elective in order to meet that particular item as well. This is also an itme that is not temporary and they can add a p[in each time they earn it. My son has one pin on his.
  5. What about for the purchase of flowers or items that you then use to beautify a park or other public place? That way it's not benefiting you directly and then your boys can do a good turn- plant trees or partner with a troop to make a hiking trail or whatnot. Basically they are purchasing the items and you are then donating the time.
  6. Go to Scout store and get a neckerchief slide kit in the packages of 8 that you can stamp. then get the leather stamps. EAch boy can stamp his neckerchief and then put on the laces. The kids love to make neckerchiefs. Other idea in this are to each get a nice stone and then attach to a pvc pipe or use wire to wrap around to make a slide. If you are near water or have it nearby do a fishing derby or fishing belt loop. We always do a cleanup before they can do s'mores and then cleanup next morning. We make it a group competition. The group with most trach gets to... Make s'mores first, fish first, etc. Print out song packets in large type so they cna see it unless you are doing all reapeat after songs. Chekc out the park they are going to and see if there are activities already offered when you are going, hikes, cleanups, nature studies. Some have orienteering courses set up that you can get the mpa and do the maps and compass beltloop.
  7. Leaders have too much to do tho have to watch out after those young guys. the purpose of the Tiger adult/tiger team is to build a relationship together and also that at this age a one-on one is best. Sometimes if it's siblings it may be more. Tigers is not drop and go program. Even if you are cubmaster. Send your spouse or a granparemt. If you are ill then a parent OTHER THAN THE LEADER can be assigned. Don't put one more thing on the leader.
  8. Book is available at Scout Stuff site and National Scout shops. Not online. At least I couldn't find it there.
  9. I have heard the question many times if tigers qualified for belt loops and various awards. People seem to confuse how they are supposed to get Bobcat rank before any other RANK with various awardsa dn seem to carry it over the whole Tiger year. i don't know of any award as long as it has age apppropriate activities they can't get as a Tiger. I'd show the person the book and how it even has it listed. My son as a Tiger earned all sort of things- emergency preparedness and belt loops and even pins.
  10. They learned much more than knots. All the above that you mentioned was learned as well. That older adults have much to offer us. How to be respectful and saw an example of an obviously good family relationship.
  11. After going to all that trouble I think they should be awarded asegment for their camping patch or something similar they can add on thorugh the years and not have to purchase it. Make sure you have some thing set up that they have to stamp or get a token to turn in their completed map. Our camp has letterboxing. It's pretty similar. They use map directiosn and compass directions to find the boxes. It's very often overlooked as an activity as it's not widely promoted and they need to use thier free time to do it.
  12. We have been told by council we can accept Tiger registrations as of June 1st. Since all the school districts have various ending datesa dn it gets pushed back even further with snow dates. I think this allows for a June recruting and able to sign them up. We have been having several pack activities each summer month. It's up to the dens if they have meetings. A few have done them once a month. Our council recomended we have the Tigers at least have den meetings or outings to get them involved. Our CC wants to do a spring recruting this year. I have a feeling we wont' as he does not follow through on lots of things so if he comes through we will. At this point as CM I'm pretty fried as I have done lots of things to fill in for others. I'm letting others step up for once. I'm going to do the summer camps and get others to do summer activities. Our Tigers can't go to camps in our district which I think they shoudl be able if parent goes. They do a one day fun day on a Friday. I dont' knwo what type of turnout it gets.
  13. Selling Popcron is fundraising. If they do not charge dies adn then popcron saels do not cover the cost of the program then they need to address the issue of getting the money in dues. My pack does not have a Kernal for next year yet. I let them knwo if we don't have opne dues will need to be 100.00 perperson to make as much as we get in sales. We pay for all awards, even order specialpack event ones. We also ccover the scout cost for Bleu and Gold. We also gove out neckerchiefs to everyone as well as books of new registrants. We also give out pinewood cars to everyone but do have a cafe and sell foods that families donated the items for. IT ocvers cost of meldas and trophies and sometimers cars too. This we madea counicl goal for membership so got carts for all scouts for free from council. Other events they pay as they go. If pack has mopney in it's busget they should not charge for the rank , if they do not then they need to get the money somewhere. They should addresss that when deciding registration nfees for the next year. BTY-- where is CC?? He usuaulyy does budget with committee.
  14. Maybe have a few boys go to Roundtable. They can talk to other troops and find out where they go and also find out info on activities. I went to a Pow wow and the troop leaders that were teaching cooking said they challenge each packing trip to come up with a theme. International or a historical and the boy have to research and come up with recipes. Have some scouts spend some time on the internet (I'm sure they are anyway!!) and bring in list of palces you've never been and want to go and vote on them. This may bring more inspiration, if it's to the same places some just get bored and don't even try to clear their calender. Aslo do something other than just hiking- a biking or boating outing if you can. Just some ideas- maybe some boredom has set in and they need inspiration.
  15. you need to plan your advancement and then look to prgram helps to fill in the gaps. They jump around in what they cover in requirements as well as electives. If I went soley by them we'd have a lot left out. Personally, i do look at themes and sometimes use them or if I dont; feel they are doing enough may use something from a previous theme to make an activity fun. Some packs use the theme for their pack meetings. We don't.
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