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We've had a lot of discussion about women in Boy Scouting. Would a woman in the role of Camp Director or Program Director at your summer camp be a problem for you? I mean, obviously considering the fact that she was hired she would be qualified, maybe even had worked at the camp in previous years. Would the fact that she was a woman bother you?

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Nope. No problem at all. In fact, we're going to have a female program director this year. She's been Camp Director for Web Resident Camp for the past few years. She's also one of the best DEs I've ever worked with. I expect she'll be one of the best Camp Director's as well.

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We have had a female program director at our camp for the last four or five years. It has worked well for us, although there is consequently a distance between the program director and the rest of staff. While some of this may be due to age differences, I feel that gender plays a role as well.


I have no problem with a woman serving as program or camp director. It would seem preferrable, however, for at least one of the two to be a man. This just seems intuitively right, but the conditions at other camps may differ on this.

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Are you hinting about potential summer employment, OT?


I think there should be no problem at all. As much as I can understand the arguement some have against female SMs (I don't agreee, but I do understand), I don't see the same arguement being valid for camp staff.


I bet it would be great.



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Hello Outdoor Thinker,


1) It wouldn't bother me

2) Almost a dozen years ago when my daughter was on summer camp staff, the Program Director was female. Great lady.


Since that time, I am very pleased to have successfully nominated this woman for the District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver and Vigil Honor. I suspect that she is a member of one of very few families where all the members are Vigil Honor (her husband and their three sons also.)


My daughter was Archery Director at camp and told me that most Scoutmasters took her at face vallue, no problems. A couple gave her some trouble. I would expect that number to have decreased substantially since then.


If you want to be Program Director or Camp Director, then go for it. Put together a good summary of credentials and do it.

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I don't have a problem witha woman but last year we had a program director who was a woman and it didn't go too well.


The vast majority of the staff didn't like her. (They didn't come out and say it but looks tell a lot) Rifle Director was gonig to quit becuase of her. Did a whole bunch of stuff that was not disscussed at any pre camp meetings with the troops/SPLs and was not mentioned in Our Camp program packet that we get each year. Also did too muh Cub Scout stuff with Boy Scouts. So we had a bad experience. As long as she would likeable and stuff I don't have a problem.

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The proof is in the outcome.


Did she hire a good staff and program director?


Did she bring the staff together from the first?


Did she have a great program?


Was there good camp spirit and were the camp traditions observed?


Did she hire a good cook staff, ones that feed the boys and the adults well?


Were safety issues addressed and was the medical area covered effectively?


Was the camp kept clean and in good working order?


Did she address problems as they arose and solve them in a satisfactory manner?


These are the same questions asked of a male at the end of camp. If she made an 80% or better, bring her around next year. The camp will prosper!




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If she is qualified and does the job well it would be fine.


The only big plus that men have is that sometimes people seem to get some weird us/them thing with females in Scouting. Also, some men were actually participants at BSA summer camps, which could theoretically be a plus, but not all were.


So in the final analysis it would work with me.


On the other hand if the entire leadership of the camp was female I would start to ask a few questions.

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