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  1. So how would you change the security then?
  2. I'd get a gamecube for them. That system seeems to be more appriopriate for their ages.
  3. In my opinion Jimmy Carter didn't do much. Reagan should've been there instead. Martin luher king jr. is there Lincoln should be there also.
  4. taken from nascar.com http://www.nascar.com/2005/news/headlines/official/09/27/fotw.dover/index.html Nextel Fan of the Week: Dover Int'l Speedway Gary Puzzella of Allentown, PA September 28, 2005 09:40 AM EDT (13:40 GMT) Thanks to Packmaster Gary Puzzella, young boys in Allentown, PA are being urged to join Boy Scouts with the help of Nextel Cup racing. Puzzella leads Cub Scout Pack 77, a group of 45 boys ranging from grades 1 through 5. His pack has embraced Race to Cub Scouting, a racing-themed membership initiative that encourages parents and young boys
  5. If u take the UC job you'll have to give up all your other positions. Keep in mind to put your family first in making this decision. As a UC u go to a lot of meetings and District activities and may not spend the time u want with all 3 of your kids at their respected ages.
  6. I was able to visit the jambo back in '93 as a cub scout. I had 2 scouters come up to me and the one guy gave me a scuba pin from the '93 jambo and the other guy gave my his council's boy scout camp patch from that year. It wasn't about the patches but it was about how nice and friendly people are. It is one of my favorite memories.
  7. My SE was canned (but others are saying he deicded to leave...yeah right) about december-january. Too much damage but its a step forward. I did notice that he made 70k plus benefits. Very cheap to live around here and that is a good amount of money for my area.
  8. I've been at college since septmeber and I really don't post much but I do read the forums everyday. Merylin if it was to me I would've banned you a very long time ago. All you do is start trouble and i'm really sick of your little anti-scouting stance. Before you gone to say you have rights on this form you don't. You have a privledge to post here and just remember that Lincoln threw out habeas corpus and I wouldn't mind seeing something similar done here also.
  9. I don't see why they can't have a uniform for tigers-bear and a separte one for webelos just to cut down the cost. I knw when i was a Bear i didn't get hat or the neckerchuef but I did for webelos. Tiger program "merged" as a full program I guess now. THen just have like cub scout logo hat/neckerchief just like the cub scout diamond patch or something. I believe the webelos program has too many restrictions on it to be a step towards boy scouting. THey shoudln't even have the tan uniform in my opinion.
  10. Sounds like to me your burnt out. If your doing this stuff ith jambo stuff and possibily whatever other stuff your doing your just causing headches for yourself. Family needs to come first. I think you might need to let go of some of your responsibilites or this next year might be a miserable year for ya.
  11. Semper i would believe they are. Heck they already have some training online but now its only a matter of time when they go and have online ordering.
  12. Just thought I'd let you know that the new 2005 items are on the website. http://www.scoutstuff.org
  13. Your comparing apples to oranges. Move the thread to the politics forum although I believe it should be locked.
  14. In the visiting section part, it states that school ID's can be used.
  15. The moderators are doing a fine job. he threads they do close they have good reasons for closing. They let a lot of things slid in the politics forum.
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