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  1. We give the Boys Arrow Plaques. Does not cost much, and If you have some-one that can work with wood they take about ten minutes to construct. For more info let me know. (This message has been edited by sm41)
  2. Put me on the List for about 5. YIS SM41
  3. My Post keep getting cut off, Why???? Hmmmm Yes we do. I started the tradition eith-in our pack 6 years ago. The ash's I used were from the days when I was a scout. The Linage of those ashes trace all the way back to a Jamboree in the 1930's. Each of my scouts get a small film canister full the next day and a peice of paper with the history of the ashes. YIS SM41
  4. Yes we do. I started the tradition eith-in our pack 6 years ago. The ash's I used were from the days when I was a scout. The Linage o
  5. Yes we do. I started the tradition eith-in our pack 6 years ago. The ash's I used were from the days when I was a scout. The Linage o
  6. I do not have any Checklist's etc, but I just did start a new troop. What I did is sat down and decided with my Commeettee and COR what we wanted to accomplish with the troop. During this phase we decided what we needed to get going and have a quality program to start. From this list we decided what was essential, then what is "nice to have" My COR was very helpful in obtaining funds, and I received a lot of support from local orginazations. We lined up the boys and started up. For a pack you will need: CC, 2 more Committee Members, a CM, and a den leader an
  7. Ok, I am going to try my post again... I wish we had the same problem. I would consider having a new troop started using some (not all) of your experienced scouts and leaders. Set it up under the same framework as the old troop. As the previous post suggested 30 to 40 (I have seen 60) scouts in a boy run troop is about the max. If there are other troops in the area, talk with them and see why the Webelos do not want to go there. Help them change if needed. YIS SM41
  8. I would love to have this problem. The best thing to do is Encourage the formation of a new troop in the area. P
  9. I would love to have this problem. The best thing to do is Encourage the formation of a new troop in the area. P
  10. All, very well put. Being a new Scoutmaster for a new troop (1/2 year old) it has been difficult not to become a MB mill, or a Badge mill. I have stuck to my guns with the scouts and the parents, we will not just churn out the badges, period. I tell the PLC to plan it, and we will get it done. They have finally got it. This year (Starting in September) the PLC has designed the program with three things in mind. 1. New scout in February. The troop will get 8 New boys in February, the PLC has decided it is time to get some First classes and they are working towards it. Out of 10 Scouts
  11. I agree with the Last post. Let the parents and the scout decide what they want to do. If they decide to jump in a
  12. Thanks all for you comments: to answer a couple of questions: 1. Why do we need a trailer, considering the LNT. A. To transport or 3 Man tents B. Summer Camp oppertunities. It is hard (Not Impossable) to go on a week of camping with out Stoves ETC. C. To store our Equipment as We have very little room at our COR. D. New Scouts have yet to learn not to bring the 10 Pairs of pants mom say's to take. I am not new to the LNT or camping scene. I personally take the same equipment weather it is a one nighter or two weeks. My pack when loaded with personal
  13. Hi all, My pack had this happen a 4 or 5 years ago. A boy did not pass the 1st grade and was a tiger cub. His age was a little low for the grade based upon the sept 1st age cut-off. He did quite well in cub scouts as a tiger. We allowed him to travel up the scouting ladder as normal, and cross over into Boy-Scouts when he was in fourth grade. The actual date on his Boy-Scout app was his 11th Birth-Day. March 15. He crossed over in Febuary. He earned the AOL and is doing well in Boy Scouts right now. First one to earn his tender and Second. Well on his way to first. Dur
  14. "I used to be an Antolope" Who is still working on his ticket c-04-04
  15. All, Thanks for the advice. To answer some questions. 1. Our COR has already approved to own the trailer, and the insura
  16. 3. We are in the chicago land area. Does any one know were we could go for a quility used trailer? YIS SM41
  17. Not everthing came out. 2. What are the other costs associated with owning a trailer. 3. We are in the Chicago area, does any on
  18. Hi All, My new troop is in the market for an enclosed trailer. I have a couple of questions: 1. What should I be looking for? 2. What other cos
  19. I am going to put my 2 cents in this topic. Yes, an axe and bow saw can be used safley. I have always been taught to use them safley, even when I was a scout 20 years ago. Proper teaching and managment of the boys is key. After I teach wood tools, the scouts will take a test, if they do not pass. To bad, they do not earn there totin'chip. They will not have another opurtunity untill the next time it is taught. All my ASM's. PL's, SPL's etc. are taught and trained if the wood tool is being used incorrectly, to take away the totin' chip, not just to cut a corner etc
  20. I agree with Eagle Dad. I would talk with the scout in question. If you can encourage him to redo the req. with out taking away the 1st class do so. Do not make it a requirement to do. You can hold him to Scout Oath, Law, and spirit for his next advancement. At your next PLC or Committee Meeting bring the subject up, and if need be change the process. In my troop two people need to observe the req. being met. It could be a ASM and another scout, the SPL and ASM, the SM and ASM, any combination of two people plus the scout being tested. This works well for me as my son is a scout, a
  21. Well said every one. I am a cubmaster for a pack. Last year we had 10 Webelos scouts crossing over into boy scouts. At the last minute two of them decided not to go on into boy scouts. (I talked to them and they had issues with the troop they were being "forced into" and they did not want to entertain the thoughts of another troop. There were other issues there also, but i decided not to pursue them) Well during the ceremonies I awarded them there AOL in a Heart felt ceremony. After we completed that, we then did the cross over per the new troops guidelines and the two did not participate b
  22. Sorry to hear about your DE. We had the same problem for a while, a DE who would not do their job, one leaving, and a brand new one. I held my own school nights. As long as you have a good relationship with the Principal, it will be fine. Just make sure that you have a program ready, and do not promise the scouts something that you can not deliver on. YIS SM41
  23. No! it would not bother me at all. My Wood Badge course director this year is a Women. Good at what she does also.
  24. Hi Roy, Just like Bob said. Do the toys and tool differences first. Then I always do minor first aid. IE how to wash a cut, put on a bandage and stuff. Then go over the safety rules. Never hand over a open pocket knife, always say "Thank You", or "Thank You I have it". The safety circle etc... I have them take a short test. About 10 questions on the rules and safety of knives. The next step is sharpening. Using a stone, wet or dry. I made 10 sharping blocks for my stones. Handle on one end with a guard. Then a place to put the stone. Then we go into carving. Carving is the easy part. I always
  25. Thanks all for the great Idea's. I think I will go with the PVC pipe method. 2 8 Ft poles cut into 4 ft sections with a joint to put them together. The other poles will be 6ft cut into 3ft sections. All will have end caps and bolts to fit the grommets. Use rope and steaks for tie downs. This way the fly can be rolled like a tent a stored easaly. The smaller poles will allow for easier transportation. I will also mark the poles for easy identifacation. Looks like they will cost around $20 a peice with Menards or a local Mil. Surplus store providing the tarps
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