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We need a sweater

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Actually, factions of the ultra-light backpacking crowd think that an umbrella is an excellent multifunction piece of backwoods gear.


As for me..., "I'm siiinging in the rain, I'm singing in the rain."


Without an umbrella.

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OK here is an interesting subject.


Everyone is downing the military for their choice of clothing and saying that any scout unit that wants to use something like that is wrong and should become their own little Soldiers of Fortune.


Have we forgotten that the Boy Scouts were designed to help soldiers in the military have a better understanding of survival. That was many years ago.


On the other hand. Yes the wool button up sweater has been replaced by the polypro clothes. I prefer the wool. Warmer in my mind and safer as someone pointed out.


If Scout units want to get the wool sweaters and wear them than that is their choice. Remember, these wool sweaters are prefect for wearing under the uniform shirt. The sleeves stick out "SO WHAT" I understand that there are some who go way overboard, but if I want to wear a BDU or DCU (Green or Tan cammo) Gortex Jacket as a rain coat/warm coat because the ARMY gave it to me, then I am gonna wear it. How is that different from someone wearing a STARTER jacket with a sports team on it?


Everybody needs to get off the fact we tend to use military equipment and clothing. It is usually durable and cheap in a surplus store. I am getting ready to go to a GOVT surplus ware house to sign up to buy some of the stuff they have there. It is cheap and reasonable quality.


Lets start looking at the issues that we as scouters post and less about how much LEGAL stuff we can find about each thing.


"SORRY, about the rant"


Stepping down off of soap box that I must have got on.

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Clockwork Orange? I though that was Gene Kelly.


" The sleeves stick out "SO WHAT""


Why would the sleeves stick out? I just don't want something as bulky as a sweater under my uniform shirt. I have a nice BSA issue mock turtle neck shirt that I wear under my uniform if it is chilly.


I also have the red shirt-jac.


For the record, I don't like it when Scouts and Scouters wear a hodge-podge of jacket. Steelers, Ravens, Ohio State, etc. Go to a youth sporting event where the kids and parent take it seriously. See anyone without a team jacket. If your daughter is a junior tiny cheerleader, try telling the coach that she won't be wearing the $75 team jacket to the junior tiny football games.


This is one place where I support the idea of the local option. Join the troop and you buy the troop rain jacket and red fleece jacket which are embroidered with the troop's logo. Or they could be organizational clothing and issued to new Scouts. If the Scout doesn't take care of it, they have to replace it.

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Wooly-pully? Five button? Big heads (dang, I thought that I had a big head at 7 1/2, how much of that is hair?)


I think that I've said before that the feature of the wooly-pully that makes it attractive is the patches on the shoulders to reduce wear from pack straps.


Give me a five button sweater with shoulder patches and I'd be happy.

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"Have we forgotten that the Boy Scouts were designed to help soldiers in the military have a better understanding of survival. That was many years ago."


Um, we can't forget something that isn't true.


Please read the early writing of the Founder to have a better understanding of the 'original' purpose of Scouting.


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OK I will agree, the scouts were not made for the military. I was misunderstood. What I am trying to say is, is that the scouts were formed after it was seen that the soldiers had a lack of basic skills and thought the best way to teach it would be at a young age and make it fun.


I think that is a little more correct. If not could someone help me get the details right.



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