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  1. It is not a case of "an EMT is an EMT is an EMT". Every state is has its own EMT training standards and protocols for licensure and certification. BSA is a national orginization and has to have one set of standards for the whole counrty. If every state adopted the National EMT standards, BSA would probably begin to recognize EMT certification.
  2. A sight, sound, smell, or something we can't quite put or finger on. These can all be warning signs of danger. Trust your sences, even when you don't know why. The outdoors, no matter how familure we are with the area, can throw us a curve ball. When are brains nag at us that something is wrong, it is time to "get out of Dodge". This is especialy true when we are with Scouts, as we are ultimately responsable for their safety. There is no reason to hang around and try and find out what the problem is, just "feeling" there is a problem is enough justification to get the Scouts to safety.
  3. Sweaters are available for reasonable price a www.qmuniforms.com but I think a insulated water resistant windshirt for chillyier outings would be better suited for scouts.
  4. I'm not up on military uniform regs, but with a law enforcement background I know that if I appear in public in my uniform I am representing my agency and my actions could be viewed as "official". My appearance and actions are considered representaive of my agency. i.e. I don't take off my tie or let my shirt tails hang out after work driving home if I'm going to stop and get gas. As long as military personnel are following their serice's uniform regulations and act appropriately I don't see a problem with wearing uniforms to a scout function. I work in a city with multiple active res
  5. EBSR uses the canned institutional food and its passable, barely. The salad bar, while not fancy, is popular with scouts and parents alike. Fresh fruit, oranges, apples, and bananans go like wild fire. While the entree portions are small, the all you can eat salad bar, fresh fruit, and peanut butter, jelly, and bread help campers of all ages fill up. I've never seen anybody walk away from the dinning hall hungry in 4 years.
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