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  1. S-F Grace For the gifts of food and freedom And hills to roam For crimson sunsets For the earth, our home For the stars at night And gentle wind in trees Thank you, Great Spirit, For all of these. - Amen Camp Lewallen Grace Beneath the stars above Logan, by the river as it winds, Looking over old Potashnik, and sheltered by the towering pines, We thank you Lord for these blessings this food, this fellowship, and this day. And ask your continued grace and mercy as we carry on the Scouting way YIS Doug
  2. Welcome I recomend start them thinking as Patrols, when I was a Webelos Leader I got the badge out of the way, then worked with the Denner that rotated on what Activity pins the Patrol wanted to work on, started the Patrol method a little early but I planned the meetings still. I think it worked well we have only had one boy leave since crossover and he liked football better than Scouts. YIS Doug
  3. Thats up to the patrol my outdoor leader patrol was the Advil patrol our yell was Oh my aching back. YIS Doug
  4. Personal gear is personal, unfortunatley the scoters are responsable for the canoe. Our troop will not reimburse for damage to personal gear unless damaged in transport from improper storage by the quartwe master. If they thought it was a good idea to borrow that expensive of a conoe then they are stuck with repair or replacment cost. My 2 cents YIS Doug
  5. Talk to the individual and hopefully they will be more discreet. In our troop this is unacceptable behavior and the leader would be removed from the unit. In our by-laws we state all scouts & scouters must obey the scout oath and law. I know everyone has different morals so thier is a fudge factor to a certain aspect, good luck and good scouting. YIS Doug
  6. We have done this ceremony for years . with no scout trying to recreate it. Obviousley we don't tell what were doing just the magic water of scouts. We have never had an accident, so I say enjoy the ceremony and give the boys a good show. YIS Doug
  7. Kittle Apache Bob is right in stick to your guns, in my trainings I've never heard the term local unit. Anyone can join any BSA unit as long as they meet BSA & the COR requirments, and no pack or troop are always the right fit. I transfered my youngest son to a different unit because of issues with a helicopter parent in his den. He has enjoyed scouting more and will get his Arrow of Light this year. Enjoy the pack & troop your part of and sharing info is a service not a crime. YIS Doug
  8. 2002 Cub Scout Committee 2003 Den Leader Specific Bear 2004 Den Leader Specific Webelos 2005 Outdoor Leader Webelos 2006 ASM Scoutmaster Specific Training 2007 ASM outdoorleader Training ETA 2009 WoodBadge YIS Doug
  9. At Troop meetings & COH they would have to be tucked in but as John says in the field out would be ok. I just hope they want to wear the new one. YIS Doug
  10. the only time we send scouts home if they are being a danger to themselves or the unit. No I caught a bunch of heat 2 years ago from 2 moms that signed thier boys up 7 sent them to camp, both boy's just wanted to hang out and fish. That was fine by us but when we got home mom was mad as you can guess both boy's have left the program, being it was forced upon them. So no we would never send a scout unless he is causing issues. YIS Doug
  11. Lisa Bob have you looked into a bus the troop I was involved in as a youth was chartered by our school, and we were able to use the bus and haul our trailer. Depending on the size of your troop it may be cheaper if you don't need a lot of gear bus rental or tickets may be cheaper. Good Luck YIS Doug
  12. it is indeed a sad day in scouting, I know or district chair had an incident with white gas as a scout. So our district uses propane except for hi-adventure were it is not a good fit. As i tell the scouts planning & preperation are not just words think of the consequences before acting. YIS Doug
  13. In our units if a scout does not participate they need to buy out. A scout isthrifty can be shown as the grubmaster. We have some scouts that spend every penny were some that do the buyout turn money back in. As in all units it's what works for you. Good Luck YIS Doug
  14. Robvio I also would recomend for your PLC, last year we had them research and present to the scouts their top 3 canidates. Their are several camps within 6 hours of McGee unsure as to your location in Kentucky. The greater St. Louis area have a couple camps that might fit your needs I have attached our property list that your PLC can review. http://www.stlbsa.org/Camping/Properties/?WBCMODE=PresenJoinUsDetailsJoinUsDetailsJoinUsDetaiJoinUsDetailsJoinUsDetailsJoinUsDetailsJoinUsDetailsJoinUsDetails YIS Doug
  15. The last 2 years temp was in the upper 90's roll up the side walls & flaps we were good to go. I've never seen some one running extension cords in camp, were not thier for home sweet home. YIS Doug
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