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New Uniform Ideas

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I have a few new ideas.


1. Cool BSA Jacket. Have you seen the one Scouts Canada has? It is like a fleece pullover, we would be in uiform in cold weather!


2. Change the rank logos for Tenderfoot - First Class, and place the rank on collar pins. The logos for the first 3 ranks should be simple, like bars (1 brass, 1 silver, 2 silver) the higher ranks are fine.


3. Make use of the shoulder loops. Great for troop jobs. Make these mandatory. Then you can pick out patrol leaders fast!


4. Maybe a dream, but bring back the beret, and put the rank on it.


What do you think

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4) In the 70's, our troop was one of the first in the U.S. to wear the beret.

We hated it.

It was hot in summer and did not shade the face.

In winter, your ears froze.

Additionally, no one ever wore it correctly.

Lets not repeat our mistakes.


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Ok, so I almost choked on my freedom fries while I was reading that last round of responses. i have to teach how to tie a freedom bowline to my Pioneering merit badge class.


The Red wool floopy thingies were the last cool bit of headwear the BSA had. I wouldnt mind if they brought back the campiagn hats though, they were spiffy. Then again with the dork-o-rama baseball hat we have now, anything looks better

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We had an assistant scoutmaster in the late seventies who wanted the red beret to be our troop hat. I think he's out of jail now. Seriously! He went to jail for some bad business practices. Didn't have anything to do with his bad taste in hats, but us kids thought justice was served.


I liked the overseas hat when I was a young Scout. It served no useful purpose, but I liked it. I didn't want to wear it often, just tuck it under my belt.


I prefer to wear no hat at all, but if I must, I like a skull-gripping golf cap rather than a nerdy baseball-style cap.


As to the rest of the uniform, I've wondered since the time I was a scout and the uniform changed from puke green to the current -- is/was Oscar DeLorente (sp?) gay?



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You're right. The campaign hats ARE spiffy. The summer camp we went to last year had a troop that featured all adults and the SPL in that style hat.


The only thing missing was the mirrored sunglasses.


Classy look.

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Ya good ol'boys talk back to the Scoutmaster, 30 days in the box


Ya talk back to the Senior Patrol Leader, 30 days in the box


Ya talk back to your patrol leader, 30 days in the box


(loved strother martin and the man with no eyes)

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Amen to the fleece, whether a pullover or a Polartec-type zipper jacket -- what a superior item of clothing! Good by itself on cool evenings/mornings, complete with armpit vents and useful mesh pockets. Or, put a nylon shell over it for colder standing-around activities and you're all set! I use mine with my Council windbreaker.


A beret has been my duty headgear for 25 years -- they're terrible! The only practical purposes they've served for me is an emergency compress when some clown raided the vehicle first aid kit, something to put the brass in on the firing range, a very poor Frisbie substitute, and something to put all my pocket junk in when I get home at the end of the day. Berets offer no protection from the elements -- strictly ornamental. That said, you can use the same logic trail to debase the campaign hat...but I think that one's cool!



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