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  1. You folks might want to browse www.scoutmates.com for this info, too; if the unit isn't yet on there, you can register it. Site is similar to classmates.com.
  2. lasteagle83

    Unclean Leader

    FScouter; thanks for the take-back. "Fat" and "smelly-slovenly" are not interchangeable terms. Anyone of any size can stink and look disheveled in their appearance. As a person of size myself, I constantly fight the stereotypes. I will add, though, that if this lady is a person of size, she may have medical issues that prevent wearing certain undergarments (due to potential blood circulation problems arising), or perhaps they're simply not available in proper sizing. The ladies out there can probably confirm that latter statement for me. The issue body odor may also be due to medical conditions. I say know her situation before you judge it. Diver66: No need to apologize for anything you've done starting this thread. You'll soon find these threads take on their own lives and directions - sometimes even WITH all the information!! :-) You've now given us additional information, though, that makes me possibly agree with you; that is, that this lady is not acting Scoutlike. That alone should lead your actions, regardless of appearance or other issues. I would suggest, though, that just as if you'd give a Cub a chance to "make good" and be a good member of your Pack, you allow this leader the same opportunity. She may be clueless as to the ideals of the organization; she may simply be thinking that it's little more than an after-school club. She may very well be ignorant of the process - and may respond brilliantly with proper coaching. The appearance issues may resolve themselves, too, given the right coaching. Without knowing the full circumstances, perhaps you've already done that, and this is the end of the road for her -- so be it. But give it some thought....
  3. lasteagle83

    Unclean Leader

    Um, boys, I hate to disrupt your attack on the French, but I believe you were all busy offending the ladies on this forum with your many euphemisms regarding breasts; offending any Scouter of size by calling them fat and slovenly as well as smelly; and pretty much lowering yourselves to the kind of commentary you wouldn't allow your Scouts to make around large people or women in public. By the way, a 52 inch waist will not fit anywhere near a 38 inch belt. Take your 38 and put it in a 24 and you'll see my point. This SCOUTER that was mentioned has a problem - one that is affecting her abilities to get along with other SCOUTERS - perhaps some of you hypocritical bigots out there in the crowd haven't had the misfortune of being around a big fat smelly person that was a good Scouter, but who needed some help on personal issues. Or perhaps you have, and just chose to sink to the level you've chosen here, and lost a good Scouter to your ignorance. Perhaps if you weren't so busy sneaking off to have a cigarette away from your Scouts, or searching the Perverts Thesaurus for new ways to say "booby" you might just take a little more time to add a REALISTIC answer to the conversation, rather than just bash a SCOUTER. Right now I'm ashamed to be on the forum with some of you, and I doubt I'm alone on that.
  4. lasteagle83

    Changing a light bulb

    But why must you CHANGE the light bulb? Can't you just accept it as it is? :-)
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    Found this website that has some good ideas on the refrigerator - might want to check it out.... http://www.pioneerthinking.com/refrigerator.html
  6. I'm gonna ramble a bit; if you need a cold drink or a sandwich, now is the time to get it... Folks, let's not forget that 48 or so hours prior to the storm hitting the Gulf Coast, it was headed toward the Florida Panhandle. If my memory serves me correctly, the mandatory evac order was given approximately the same time the storm took a left turn. If an evacuation order had been given earlier, and folks headed east, and the storm continued over the Florida Panhandle, the evac order could still have put folks in harm's way. Catch-22. Let's do the math on an evacuation: We've just witnessed it take SEVERAL DAYS to evacuate 25,000 some-odd folks from ONE CENTRAL location (Superdome) via bus. If EVERY school bus in that flooded parking lot was deployed in the poorer neighborhoods, without a central location, it would still take SEVERAL DAYS to evacuate all of those who WANTED to be evacuated. Let's say 25,000 folks again, 50 per bus.......500 buses. 100,000 folks, 2000 buses. Were there 2000 available, authorized, capable bus drivers (and buses)? Where would you take 100,000 folks for several days? If you start talking fewer buses, and multiple trips, then you start EXTENDING the amount of time required for an evacuation - which is part of what caused the timeframe for the Superdome evacuation. Don't get me wrong - I am not being heartless or cruel. My heart truly aches for everyone in LA and MS. I've made my donations, and continue to say my prayers for all those affected - including a growing number here in Atlanta. Yes, mistakes were made; in epic proportions; from everyone from the average citizen who ignored warnings, to city/state/fed authorities who either didn't know or didn't ask. This was Pearl Harbor all over again - we were sitting ducks, knew it, and still didn't take appropriate measures. The levees were known to have problems, and that's something that has been publicized for YEARS. Those who DID evacuate, and do what was proper, are STILL going to suffer anyway. It's a worst-case scenario that isn't going to be solved easily, quickly, or cheaply. knottyfox, our prayers are with you. I think I speak for ALL of us here when I say that. You are truly in the middle of hell on earth, and we know that. Our "20/20 hindsight" is from shared anger, embarassment at our mutual authorities, and our anguish at the situation. I don't think anyone here means to sound insensitive - myself included. Forgive me if I do. As for "relocating" New Orleans because of potential natural disasters......well, let's just play it safe and relocate EVERY city that has the potential for a natural disaster. Gotta relocate LA and San Fran. Idaho, they're coming your way. Parts of Alaska have potential tsunami dangers - New Mexico, find room for them. The entire Mississippi basin is prone to flooding - all you "river rats" are on your own; find your own place to relocate. Snow up north can cause killer blizzards. Texas should suit those folks just fine. My point there is that very few places in the US have NO potential climatological or other natural disaster possibilities. Relocating New Orleans physically simply isn't any more feasible than the other relocations I noted above. knottyfox, and the other Lousianans out there, RECLAIM YOUR HOME AND TELL THOSE WHO WANT YOU TO MOVE WHERE THEY CAN GO. As for the political/racial overtones being thrown at this disaster/response; I for one will no longer listen to it, and have pretty much told a few folks at work today the same final point I'll make here: THIS COUNTRY MUST STOP POINTING FINGERS OF BLAME, AND START EXTENDING HANDS OF ASSISTANCE. Otherwise, we're only giving ourselves "the finger"....... soapbox retired.......
  7. lasteagle83

    Challenge - Help Now

    If you work for a large company, check to see if your employer is doing any matching (that has been mentioned above as well). My employer is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and is matching employee contributions dollar for dollar. A Scout is Thrifty....Double your dollars if you can!!
  8. lasteagle83

    A Challenge of time

    Outstanding idea. All of these displaced young folk need a sense of belonging as quickly as possible. Think about the difference in the two as well - they're being "PUT" back in school -- versus being "ASKED" back to Scouting.....could be a much needed shot of self-esteem, too....
  9. lasteagle83

    Moderators: is Scouter.com anti-BSA?

    Perhaps we could start our own radio shows like Janeane Garafolo and Al Franken........let's see, what was that radio network again......oh yea, it's "Err America".......... :-)
  10. lasteagle83

    Hiking across the USA

  11. lasteagle83

    juris's credentials

    Remember, it's only "God's Country" until Wal-Mart convinces the local government to use eminent domain.......oops, sorry, wrong thread........ happy weekend, everyone!!
  12. lasteagle83

    Juris is trying to answer

    Juris, why did you find it necessary to refer to yourself in the third person in your subject line for this post? lasteagle83 finds it very annoying when people do that.........
  13. lasteagle83

    Atlanta Scout Executive resigns amid scandal

    This story has been in the media here in Atlanta for several months now. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/iteam/index.html The link above is from February when this all hit the fan - updates as to the later United Way withholding funds and Larkin's resignation are not yet attached (as of this post, anyway). It's a bad situation - cooked numbers, ghost units with large numbers of members, and CO's that didn't even know they HAD a unit. All these problems were reported in inner-city areas; someone's attempt somewhere to meet a quota. The only positive aspect of this is that it appears it was SCOUTERS who saw the problems, and demanded the truth. While the media will likely continue to give the Council leadership a well-deserved spanking, hopefully the local units will not be affected adversely. Learn from this, folks..........don't let your council be next.......
  14. lasteagle83

    Your favorite TV ad?

    Gotta be the GEICO ad with the squirrels causing the wreck, then high-fiving each other. Takes a twisted mind to come up with that - and I respect a twisted mind..... :-)
  15. lasteagle83

    Need opinions......

    It's neither racist nor sexist. It's a regional phrase/contraction that I've heard all my life, from folks of various colors, hues, and chromosonal composition. It's in the same vein as "howsyermommanem", "CoCola", and "Imona". Unfortunately, it's become trendy, just as others have noted, and it will become dated in a year or two, maybe less. I'll share the opinion to leave it alone.....