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  1. You folks might want to browse www.scoutmates.com for this info, too; if the unit isn't yet on there, you can register it. Site is similar to classmates.com.
  2. FScouter; thanks for the take-back. "Fat" and "smelly-slovenly" are not interchangeable terms. Anyone of any size can stink and look disheveled in their appearance. As a person of size myself, I constantly fight the stereotypes. I will add, though, that if this lady is a person of size, she may have medical issues that prevent wearing certain undergarments (due to potential blood circulation problems arising), or perhaps they're simply not available in proper sizing. The ladies out there can probably confirm that latter statement for me. The issue body odor may also be due to medic
  3. Um, boys, I hate to disrupt your attack on the French, but I believe you were all busy offending the ladies on this forum with your many euphemisms regarding breasts; offending any Scouter of size by calling them fat and slovenly as well as smelly; and pretty much lowering yourselves to the kind of commentary you wouldn't allow your Scouts to make around large people or women in public. By the way, a 52 inch waist will not fit anywhere near a 38 inch belt. Take your 38 and put it in a 24 and you'll see my point. This SCOUTER that was mentioned has a problem - one that is affecti
  4. But why must you CHANGE the light bulb? Can't you just accept it as it is? :-)
  5. Found this website that has some good ideas on the refrigerator - might want to check it out.... http://www.pioneerthinking.com/refrigerator.html
  6. I'm gonna ramble a bit; if you need a cold drink or a sandwich, now is the time to get it... Folks, let's not forget that 48 or so hours prior to the storm hitting the Gulf Coast, it was headed toward the Florida Panhandle. If my memory serves me correctly, the mandatory evac order was given approximately the same time the storm took a left turn. If an evacuation order had been given earlier, and folks headed east, and the storm continued over the Florida Panhandle, the evac order could still have put folks in harm's way. Catch-22. Let's do the math on an evacuation: We've just w
  7. If you work for a large company, check to see if your employer is doing any matching (that has been mentioned above as well). My employer is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and is matching employee contributions dollar for dollar. A Scout is Thrifty....Double your dollars if you can!!
  8. Outstanding idea. All of these displaced young folk need a sense of belonging as quickly as possible. Think about the difference in the two as well - they're being "PUT" back in school -- versus being "ASKED" back to Scouting.....could be a much needed shot of self-esteem, too....
  9. Perhaps we could start our own radio shows like Janeane Garafolo and Al Franken........let's see, what was that radio network again......oh yea, it's "Err America".......... :-)
  10. Remember, it's only "God's Country" until Wal-Mart convinces the local government to use eminent domain.......oops, sorry, wrong thread........ happy weekend, everyone!!
  11. Juris, why did you find it necessary to refer to yourself in the third person in your subject line for this post? lasteagle83 finds it very annoying when people do that.........
  12. This story has been in the media here in Atlanta for several months now. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/iteam/index.html The link above is from February when this all hit the fan - updates as to the later United Way withholding funds and Larkin's resignation are not yet attached (as of this post, anyway). It's a bad situation - cooked numbers, ghost units with large numbers of members, and CO's that didn't even know they HAD a unit. All these problems were reported in inner-city areas; someone's attempt somewhere to meet a quota. The only positive aspect of this is that it a
  13. Gotta be the GEICO ad with the squirrels causing the wreck, then high-fiving each other. Takes a twisted mind to come up with that - and I respect a twisted mind..... :-)
  14. It's neither racist nor sexist. It's a regional phrase/contraction that I've heard all my life, from folks of various colors, hues, and chromosonal composition. It's in the same vein as "howsyermommanem", "CoCola", and "Imona". Unfortunately, it's become trendy, just as others have noted, and it will become dated in a year or two, maybe less. I'll share the opinion to leave it alone.....
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