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  1. In the very last session of the WB course, "Leaving a Legacy", two videos are shown using the Song "It's In Every One of Us". The 2nd time, the words are changed to fit Wood Badge. I am looking for a recording of the Wood Badge version (mp3 or other). I want to make a video of our participants with that song to be played during that last session. Anyone have access to that version of the song? (Other than dubbing it off of the video tape? I have found one web site with the accompaniment, but I need it with lyrics. Good 'Ol Bobwhite
  2. I will be flying from Atlanta. Never flown into Washington DC. Any recommendations on which airport....Dulles or Reagan? No difference in ticket price. Just wondered which airport is easiest to get around...or is more fun to explore (during a short layover) BTW, my first time on Jambo staff. I'm a bit excited!
  3. I'm new to the forum, but not scouting. Just chartered a new crew. I have seen a sample of Arts & Hobbies Req. changed to fit a crew who collects scouting memoribilia. Can you do that? My crew is interested in performance arts as well as outdoor activities... But the Arts & Hobbies Req. are pretty bad. (I thought golf was a sport...) My question is, can you change the requirements to fit your crew and still officailly complete the Bronze award in that area?
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