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  1. Does anyone hold some sort of training day/weekend/etc for Venturers or females that come into your crew that have no scout experience with things like tents/cooking outside/knots/1st aid, etc? All stuff that your boys that came from troops would already know. Just curious.
  2. And almost every month they do different and bigger things. The BOYS wanted to do a project for the camp and THEY decided to go the same weekend as the troop. There are alot of friendships that cross unit lines and this way they could have fun together when they both were in 'down time'. I didn't try to influence them either way, I have let them make their own decisions-After all it's their crew.
  3. Our C/O sponsors both a troop & crew, this past weekend the crew went with troop to the district camporee not to participate but instead we did a service project for the camp. The boys in the crew are all multi-registered in the troop and we currently have no females registered. Another advisor approached me and said that crews and troops CANNOT camp together. I had not heard of such a rule like that, anyone got any input.
  4. If a youth is co-registered in a troop and crew can he use the requirements he does in the troop for merit badges toward Venture awards? thanks.
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