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  1. Wow. I've been trying to think of a way to respond to some of the...uh...stuff being said here, especially as a member of several of those groups that Nessmuk labeled as "cesspools of socialism and humanism besides being a bunch of handwringers". "To assert homosexuals are not deviants (and are merely differently wired versions of heterosexuals) simply ignores the extreme lifestyle of perversion and promiscuity of homosexuals." As opposed to the perversion and promiscuity of some heterosexuals. I'm curious what this extreme lifestyle entails. Here's the "homosexual lifestyle" I
  2. Bravo, Scoutmomma Pappy says: "The homosexual men I have met over the years typically preferred young high school aged boys. Young sailors were especially popular trolling grounds." Well, to get technical, that would be an ephebophile. Again, Pappy, like Nessmuk, you are only relaying anecdotal evidence, and seem to have chosen to ignore the research that Scoutmomma linked to. Well, if you want to rely on anedoctal evidence, I can guarantee that my anecdotal evidence trumps yours, at least by sheer volume. Current theories on pedophilia is that it is a separate and distinct
  3. "I give you a list of not only my favorite women but some of my favorite people. They are all women I listen to. They all love and champion strong men. They are all hot. They are all strong and intelligent, and they all could probably kick your rear: All qualities I admire and in a good woman. [snip] Ann Coulter Laura Ingraham Peggy Noonan" Wow, that explains a lot....
  4. "Men also mine, fish, hunt, fight battles, make art, build dams, power plants, and cities. We need to do more to emphasize those manly arts - because the boys are not getting them in schools and more and more dads are getting less and less handy." Well, I was going to make a comment, but I seem to have misplaced my machette for hacking through the sexism first. Guess I'm not "manly" enough.
  5. Pappy wrote: "By your trivializing of belief what do you offer the scout in its stead? If you put the Judeo Christian religion on the par of Wickans and the tooth fairy, then you are arguing for relativism that undermines not only Boy Scouting, but the underpinnings of our civilization." First of all, it's Wiccan, not Wickan... And second, what was that about "Treating other peoples beliefs in a creator as silly or stupid or worthy of ridicule is not scout-like no matter how you cut it."? Way to trivialize my beliefs, dude. Or does that famous courtesy toward others' beliefs onl
  6. A 1995 Suzuki 550GS. This is my first bike; I've only been riding for about 6 years now, so it's time to start looking. I just decide at this point if I want to stick with a sport bike and get a Katana, or go with a cruiser and get a Boulevard. The guy I ride with has a Marauder (precursor to the Boulevard), and I must say, it does look comfy for long rides (sorry Gern). But I think I'll stick definitely stick with a Suzuki. I don't generally ride to scouting events, since I've always got a 8 year old in tow, and I'm still a bit nervous about even trying to carry him as a passenger.
  7. I tried to do a search on this, but either this isn't anything or (more likely) I can't quite get the hang of the search on this site. Our pack is doing a "Freeze Out" family camping trip, in heated cabins, the first weekend in March. This is basically a Saturday morning until late Sunday morning trip. I'm looking for ideas of winter outdoor activities to keep the boys busy. It's New England in early March, so the chances of snow still being on the ground are pretty good as long as we don't get another warm spell. Possibly activities we have thought of so far: snowshoeing (possibly
  8. Our pack meetings are one Friday night a month, from 7:00 until about 8:30. We follow the national theme about 80% of the time; sometimes we move the themes around (f'ex: our Jan pack meeting used the "Cub Express" theme, although that was September's theme) One of my Woodbadge ticket items has been to increase the amount of participation from the dens during our meetings. So we generally have *at least* a skit and song at each meeting led by the boys. Some meetings, all the dens are doing skits and/or songs. If they can make it relate to the montly theme, fantastic, but if not, that's ok
  9. Well, most of my jokes are about doctors, but here is one that overlaps. Why are lawyers the favorite patients of cardiologists? It's a trick question, as everyone knows that lawyers have no heart.
  10. At our family camp outings, our pack always includes a short hike for the boys. This past year, the destination of the hike was a small lake, where we knew many animals came to drink. We took along plaster and water and made casts of moose tracks that we found on the shore of the lake. That was a huge hit with the boys. Another thing we always try to do is some sort of conservation/clean-up project to benefit the area where we are staying. In fact, two years ago, the state park allowed us to stay for free in exchange for doing a clean-up project. Also, try to plan to have a campfire
  11. "Calico, you forgot to list the sources for your statistics." I believe he was using the same document as the author of the original opinion piece, the "American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics", which can be found here: http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/RL32492.pdf
  12. "Somebody once worshipped the moon, asking it to provide big harvests" "Once"? Try "are now". I've got it, let's just put a Goddess stone next to the God stone. After all, she was the one who really birthed the universe....
  13. OGE, My father and sister live just outside of Harrisburg, and we may pop over to Philly to visit the in-laws, although we saw them fairly recently for Hannukah. What is your neck of the woods?
  14. Merry Yule, everyone! (OK, so Yule isn't actually until Saturday, but I'll be on the road to PA by then....)
  15. Contact your local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and ask if they'll come out and do a demo for you. You can find your local chapter through the national website: http://sca.org/ click on "SCA Groups"
  16. "Can you imagine how popular scouting might be if no one looked beyond their little fiefdom and we were still wearing wool tunics and jodhpurs?" Excuse me, but some of us are still wearing tunics (at least on the occasional weekend), and while I haven't donned any jodhpurs (but I know people who do), I have been seen in tights. (Sorry, Lisabob, here's your bottle of mental chlorox.)
  17. hmmm... is there an echo in here? The Inclusive Scouting Award is *now* available through ScoutPride, now that the Coalition for Inclusive Scouting is defunct: http://scoutpride.interstateq.com/inclusive-scouting-award/
  18. Cool, a new source for the patches. I was fairly bummed when I tried to get one from the New England Coalition for Inclusive Scouting only to find out that they were defunct. Thanks, Eric!
  19. "So I'm not sure what your point is in tryin' to hold Biblical religions up to a different standard than the rest of human endeavor." Because if the morality of homosexuality is open to interpretation, then that means that the Biblical support of it is not conclusive. Which means that it is open to doubt and questioning, and not some "moral absolute" that others would like to portray it as. "But because you're not a practicin' Christian or at least are fairly far removed from anyone teachin' yeh how it works, you're introducing a lot of your own personal prejudice. Christianity at le
  20. "But your belief that the formal teaching of religious belief is negative judgment of individual persons is simply wrong." Again, Beavah, I have to sound the horseapple alert. How can you teach a negative judgement on an entire group without that judgement applying to the individual persons who make up that group? Well, I think homosexuality is immoral, but Adam and Steve over there aren't really immoral, because the Church didn't name them specifically.... And what do you consider "formal teaching"? I admit it has been a while since I've been involved with a church that actually has
  21. "The fact that a few "Christians" tried to justify slavery with biblical quotes doesn't change the fact that emancipation in da U.S. was accomplished only through the persistence and single-minded determination of the much larger Christian faithful who objected to slavery as a morally reprehensible act." Well, Beavah, don't you think the current situation with gays is completely analogous? There are an increasing number of Christians who believe (and the doctrine of their denominations is reflecting this more and more) that the "immorality" of gays is no worse or different than the "immor
  22. "Am I the only one (through obviously biased prism) that thinks this thread stinks of double standard?" No, TJ, you aren't the only one.
  23. Beavah, I agree that pedophilia is not a popular field among researchers. However, I disagree that funders for "objective research" cannot be found. Such funding may be small, but it is out there. I think objectivity is the purview of the researcher, not his/her funder. Yes, you can find all sorts of people willing to fund bad research when it advances their agenda. But you still need researchers willing to do that bad research. Whether the researchers are bad because they are biased toward a specific outcome or because they are trying to delve into fields where they are not qualified, doesn't
  24. "So, you are highly suspect of Baldwin because he is president of a conservative group, but not suspect of Herek, who is an advocate for homosexuality? Interesting..." Yes, I am suspect of Baldwin because his only "qualifications" to write on this subject are being the president of a conservative activist group and a politician who openly declares his anti-homosexual prejudice/agenda in the opening paragraphs of his review. Whereas Dr. Herek is someone who speaks against sexual prejudice in many venues because he is considered an expert by his colleagues, as a result of years of study and
  25. "And so the apologists come out again, calling their opposers poor researchers or inadequate because they question similarly questionable studies on the other side." Well, assuming by "apologist", you mean me, I am not calling Mr. Baldwin a poor researcher because his opinion is contrary to mine. I'm calling him a poor researcher because he is passing off his unqualified opinion as fact by standing on the work of others that he has twisted and misrepresented beyond recognition. If someone wants to present an *actual* scientific study with clearly outlined methodology and presentation
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