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  1. And CC is something you do in an email, and AOL is an internet service provider. Why are some abbreviations ACCEPTABLE, but NOT others? I think we all knew what it meant...
  2. First, to answer some of the many questions, I am the Cubmaster for the pack. No, I'm not in the OA myself, but there are ways of finding out all those things that are used to verify membership, especially when you are in an environment where most everyone assumes everyone else is an honest fellow. I have not, and am not planning to, "quiz" this fellow about his credentials. I'm not "out to get him" or part of any "secret police". I actually consider this fellow a something of a buddy. For a while, he ran some trainings for the district, and I often helped him out. My take on hi
  3. Ok, I need some advice about a fellow leader. This fellow's son joined cubs about the same time as my younger son, and (being the old hand I was with scouting at that point) I remember that in talking to him, he didn't seem to know much about scouting. Yet, when he became a leader in the pack, he suddenly had knots for Arrow of Light, Youth Religious Emblem, and Eagle on his uniform. Now, after not seeming to know much about Wood Badge when I was going through my course (I just got my beads), he is suddenly wearing a Wood Badge taupe necker and beads. When I asked him about it, he sa
  4. Nope, not going to get down and wrestle in the mud with that pig (metaphorically speaking). I'm done here. Pack, it boggles the mind, doesn't it? On a related note, does anyone know why "ignore user" doesn't seem to work in a consistent fashion? I've found that in some threads, the comments from an ignored user are squelched, but in others they aren't. What's up with that? (This message has been edited by DanKroh)
  5. " Sir I will go out on a limb and say I will NEVER murder someone." TheScout, I really truly wish you good luck with that. I really pray you never have to chose between the children you would happily welcome into the world and into your life, and the woman you love with all your heart and soul. I hope you never have to hold her hand while she makes that decision, either, or while she fights the pain of dying from cancer. Meanwhile, sir, I will go out on a limb and say I will NEVER call a woman fighting for her life from cancer a murderer. Good day to you, sir.(This message has b
  6. "I feel so strongly about this that I would never get one myself. Even if I could." Gern, I hope you have better luck with that stance than I did. Before we were married, the wife and I agreed that our feelings were that if we ever had an "oops" pregnancy, we would find a way to fit that child in our lives, no question about it. However, when it came down to a choice between an unplanned pregnancy and treatment for her cancer, we chose the treatment, in an attempt to save her life. Never say never. Circumstances have a way of coming around to bite you.
  7. I did my WB as a Cubmaster, and all my ticket items were for the pack. The pack committee liked the idea of awarding the beads during a pack meeting, but we've been having a devil of a time making it happen. No one from the course could make it in October. November, we were holding our meeting off-site at a local food pantry. We were all set for December, but we got hit with that big ice storm and everyone cancelled. January, we were off-site again at the town library. The brings us to Feb and the Blue & Gold. I didn't really want to do it then (I wanted it to be about the awards for the b
  8. Just watched the Obama interview from Nightly News, and I think it's pretty classy. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/29002023#29002023 "I'm here on television saying I screwed up, and that's part of the era of responsibility. It's not never making mistakes; it's owning up to them and trying to make sure you never repeat them and that's what we intend to do." That's certainly a change that I can believe in.
  9. Come on, Gern, isn't it obvious what's changed? Those were our soldiers, these are foreigners.
  10. ASM915 wrote: "Dan & OGE, The term your looking for is D&C." Actually, no. A D&C is the term for the procedure done in early terminations. Terminations done after the 5th month (what the anti-choicers are calling partial-birth) are actually "extractions" (hence the X in D&X), not curettage. OGE, here's the thing about the D&X termination. You will be hard pressed to find someone, even the most vehement pro-choicer, who doesn't also think it is wrong, except in cases to protect the mother's health. But from the way the anti-choice folks talk, you'd think that the m
  11. OGE, let me give you a couple of morsels for thought from someone who's been on the other side. Just because an egg has been fertilized is by no means a guarantee of a live birth. The standard statistic is that only 3 out of 4 pregnancies are successful, but that statistic may be lower as we have the ability to detect conception at an earlier and earlier stage. There has been some counterbalance as we have also been getting better in being able to salvage pregnancies that would have otherwise spontaneously terminated. So when something only has a 75% chance of actually becoming "life", pe
  12. Ed, Jews believe in God, but many if not most of them also believe that it is profane to write the name of God casually, especially on something as base as currency, at least, that is how it was explained to me by my in-laws.
  13. I did a Dutch oven lasagna for my patrol during Wood Badge. I found that adapting a basic recipe worked just fine. One suggestion I would make is to use the no-boil noodles. Makes it much simpler and tastes great. The other thing I do to make life easier is use jarred spaghetti sauce. If you want to make vegetarian, SctDad, leave out the beef, but add in some veggies like spinach and mushrooms (just chop and throw in between the layers, it'll cook when it's baked). Gives it a little more texture and flavor.
  14. "How do we know that the instinct to engage in adoptive behavior by these male penguins is evidence of gayness? The article does not describe any other behavior that would be clearly homosexual. I don't know how hetrosexual penguin couples have sex, but unless these two male penguins tried to have sex with one another, I'm not at all sure that I would call the reported behavior gay." First, since when does sex define a relationship? Second, the article may not mention it about this couple, but there are observations of other gay penguin couples engaging in sex. Yes, their anatomy is
  15. so do I, especially when they do it inaccurately
  16. Personally, I find it kind of sad that gay penguins in China have a better chance of becoming adoptive parents than gay human beings in some states in the U.S.
  17. "The real issue is the behavior. That's not the same thing as an individual characteristic like skin color or autism. And because it's not that kind of characteristic, it's disingenuous to pretend it's the same sort of civil rights issue." And herein lies the major disconnect between the two sides of this issue; the definition of homosexuality. A homosexual person is still homosexual even if he or she never engages in a same-sex relationship. Homosexuality is an identity, an inherent personality trait, independent of who one has sexual relations with. Just as a bisexual is still bise
  18. "Much like da multi-partner nature of male homosexuality which is well documented." The multi-partner nature of male heterosexuality is also well documented. So what's your point? Given the ever-improving understanding of homosexuality as a characteristic determined at birth, the idea of recruitment is generally recognized as the farce that it is. I help young men and women explore their sexual and gender identities so that they can be true to their natures and be happy. So tell me, do I also "recruit"?
  19. "The homosexual community tries to redefine terms so that same sex relations between an adult and a post-pubertal youth is something other than homosexual. That is dishonest." No, they understand that any relationship between two people of the same-sex is homosexual, just as any relationship between two people of the opposite sex is heterosexual. That's just semantical definitions. What they object to is the comparison of a predatory same-sex relationship engaged in by a pedophile or ephobophile to healthy, consentual relationships between two adults of the same-sex. Yes, both are homosex
  20. "Pedophilia is actually well defined and it is the name applied to people who desire or have sexual relationships with pre-pubertal children. Most pedophiles have heterosexual relationships with their victims. They are following the route forged by the homosexuals by working within the psychiatric community to convincethem to change the description from deviant as was done in the fifties in the APA after many homosexuals had become members. Like homosexuals before, they wish to change the activities from illegal to legal and to change from some tolerance to acceptance." Yeah, well, good l
  21. All of the above, Beavah, all of the above. It really is awful stuff, so I have to admit it hasn't been a real hardship not to have it.
  22. "DanKroh, you are right to not buy Domino's Pizza because they donated to McCain." Actually, funscout, my personal little boycott of Domino's has nothing to do with McCain.
  23. Nothing wrong at all with voting with your pocketbooks. I've never bought a pizza at Dominos, and never will. I also try to stay out of Wally World as much as I possibly can. I like sites like Buy Blue where I can see how corporations spend their money influencing politics. But I agree that it makes a lot more sense to look at what issues corporations actually support, as opposed to who the people in their geographical region voted for. That said, I've always been skeptical of the actual impact of any boycott. When you are making up your list of approved, red places to shop, Kingfish
  24. There are observations of homosexual behavior among many species (and not just mammals) other than bonobos. "I continue to find it enormously ironic that if you abandon Judeo-Christian ethics, which value homosexuals as men capable of repentance, you are left only with philosophical and scientific ethics which do not value them at all!" Excuse me? My religious ethics value homosexuals as human beings. Just as they are. Unless you are going to tell me that the ethics of my religion are really Judeo-Christian. "And, if they are right about the genetic basis of homosexuality, can t
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