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  1. Yes, the Scouter has his third bead and qualified for the fourth. I thought it'd be good to receive the fourth bead with his Wood Badge peers rather than receive a second "third" set, and it is a Wood Badge event that earns him that last bead, so we'd like to go with that. The question still remains is how to order them?
  2. emb021: I attended our regional CDC back in November 2009. The qualifications for NYLT beading were discussed, the process to order them wasn't. Please pass on my congratulations to the person who was awarded. I presume its the SM as NYLT is not supposed to use the term CD any longer (not sure why, just what we were informed).
  3. One of the requirements to earn the fourth bead is for the NYLT SM to serve as TG on Wood Badge; he's satisfied all the other requirements. We'd like to present the beads to him when the rest of the Wood Badge staff receive their beads. None of the NYLT support staff (myself included), nor the Wood Badge CD, knows how to order them. Any ideas?
  4. Hello All, Does anyone know how to order Wood Badge Beads for an NYLT staffer who has earned them? There does't seem to be an order form in the syllabus, there's no form on scouting.org's forms page, and I've scoured the web, but to no avail.
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