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  1. First question is how many out there have taken both the old and new course? Again I'll state that when registering for a Woodbadge course, the councils will normally take all persons that have not taken Woodbadge in the past and will add them only if they are not enough to fill a course, greatly reducing the chance to take the course a 2nd time. Why should I have to pay twice for the privilege of earning my beads a 2nd time? I no longer associated with LHAC, I'm now work down south in another district in the same state. Think you for Dave's name, I may look him up.
  2. Then I think national should step up to the plate and create a course that will bridge this training deficiency the training courses. You left alot of adult leaders out here with little options, and I understand that all the new courses are first filled by those leaders that have not taken the course previously. Leaving little chance for those of us that took the early course. Why penalize us for wanting to take the training when we had the chance.
  3. I enjoyed my time taking Woodbadge in 1974. I completed my ticket, serviced the LHAC Shoreline Dist as a Cub Scout Dist Commissioner, and on the training committee. In 1981 was asked to serve on staff for Woodbadge. Because of the area economy I elected to serve in the US Navy (20 plus yrs)and turned down the invitation as staff member (reported to Basic Training 3 days after the week long course started). Now that I'm out of the Navy and back working in a local community, I rejoined the local district staff as a Unit Commissioner, and now I'm the District Commissioner, serviced on the cou
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