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  1. We use it for our Cub Pack and for the same reasons. It is so easy to use, we can send out one update a week if we choose to, select who it goes to by Den or Pack or Committee, and don't have to do anything with it. It also now has the capability of allowing Scouts to sign up and pay for an event they want to attend, without having to wait until the next meeting....really good when deadlines are fast approaching.. It's well worth the expense. Pack 28 CC
  2. I found this information. I am guessing because you said that this is a Pack camping trip, that you are going to a Council camp and using a certified range instructor? If so, and the Council has approved, there is no reason that siblings may not participate in the bb activities. When our sons went to resident camp and my daughters were visiting, they were invited to participate in the bb range as well.As long as you have Council's approval, you all are covered under the insurance umbrella while you are at camp. Check with your council to make sure, but that is my understanding. Pack 28
  3. I did outdoor trainingas an Instructor and Leader when I was involved in GS, and we had the same problem with getting leaders to take outdoor camping. I am signed up , along with three other adults in our Pack to take Baloo and Webelos Outdoor training in April here. We had a whole den of Webelos this year who did not get outside to hike or camp and we will not have that happen again. It's a shame that it did this year, but we had a leader who isn't interested in the Outdoors and the Den has suffered for it. We are hoping to get them outside in the spring and early summer, before summer ca
  4. Yes, we did yesterday. Lots of hot dogs sold and eaten, lots of really cool cars this year, lots of yelling and cheering for the Leaders during their division races.....crayola car was a huge hit! Boys had a great time, lots of trophies given out, and lots of really good times had. It was our first year doing the derby, so it was an experiment of sorts to see how things went, trying to encourage more involvement by the families in the Pack, and everyone had a really good time. There were some problems with the derby in previous years, with a previous CM, so we hoped for a good turnout
  5. I used to be a Bear, A good ole Bear too, And now I've finished Bearing, I don't know what to do, I'm growing old and feeble, and I can bear no more So I'm going to work my ticket if I can Back to Gilwell, happy land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can NE II-176 I used to be a Bear
  6. Hi Basementdweller, I had a similar situation last year, before I became CC in our Pack. We had a Wolf leader that signed up with her son, took on the leadership of the small den, and then repeatedly did not show up. Of course, the parents sat around, wondering what was going on, the boys ( one of them, one of my sons) suffered, was talking about quitting. We wound up recruiting one of the other parents in the den, but she wouldn't take on the den until this year, so they met with my Tigers. The Wolf Den worked on their stuff, with my guidance, and I helped the Den parents in my Tiger den, w
  7. We just had to deal with this. My daughter is a member of a new Venture Crew. She was the first girl in our council to take DC training. She was given the PoR patch by her crew, and the cords were presented by the Pack, surrounded by the boys in the Den she serves. When she earns the Service Award, she will be presented that during a Pack meeting as well, since she served the boys in that Den. Since she was the first girl ever in our Council to take the training for DC, they made a big deal out of it at Pow Wow. So far, she's loving her experiences working with the boys in an official
  8. I agree with the poster who asked where this Tiger Cub's partner was during this? As far as addressing it, you most certainly do have to , we have done that by having both Pack and Den rules, regarding proper meeting behavior and outdoor behavior. The boys all had input into them and those are what we made the rules as it were. You, as the Cub Master, also have a responsibility to those that your Cub's will come into contact with , while in public, and you would do both yourself and the Cub a favor by having a talk with the parents and the Cub, along with him making an apology to the Lead
  9. Hello Chief Thundercloud, It's a shame that your Trading Post is no longer there. I would like to do something similar in our Pack. Do you plan to start the TP again, or are you going to let it go for now? Pack 28 CC
  10. Some concrete questions: What pieces of Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, family camping, outdoor outings that fulfill rank requirements or electives, Christmas party, Blue & Gold, and Graduation are program and should be planned by the Cubmaster/Den Leaders? What pieces are Committee? What roles do the Cubmaster/Committee play in promoting and getting Scouts to Council events such as Cuboree, Day Camps, etc? Who finds adult leaders willing to attend? -asked Hopalong Hi Hopalong, In our Pack, and I am the Committee Chair in the Pack, what falls as our /my responsibilities of the t
  11. I'm new here, so I'm not sure how much my answer is going to count, but I am the CC for our Pack. Our Dues are 55.00 for new Scouts, and 50.00 for returning Scouts. Our Pack fees include their registration with BSA, insurance, Boys Life subscription is mandatory in our Pack for all Scouts, it also pays for their PWD car kits, Blue and Gold Luncheon fee, all awards and insignia except for starter insignia which is purchased by the parents and their books. We pay for their new neckerchiefs and slides when they move up at the end of the year, and sometimes their books if we have the money. We
  12. Thanks Buffalo Skipper....we'd like to be able to give them the uniform pieces at no cost , but since we are just starting out, and we may be having to buy some from ebay or second hand stores, we may have to charge something for the pieces, but maybe we can lower the cost for that too. I like the idea of giving the discount too, and we will do that if we can get our already existing members to actually donate things. Cub Pack 28
  13. Thanks Wingnut. I also have been scouring ebay and second hand stores in our area looking for pieces to buy to begin stocking the closet. I lost the bids on ebay, and one of them was a really good supply of shirts in various sizes....maybe next time. We have scholarships for the registration fees, so we already cover that expense and Boys Life for the Scout if we have a need, so we thought that charging a small amount for the actual uniform would help "invest" the family in the Pack if you understand what I mean. I really appreciate everyone's help. Pack 28 CC
  14. As a former Troop Leader for 10 years, along with a Service Unit Manager, trainer for GS, amongst the many other hats that I wore, I left GS two years ago, because of the stance that GS took getting away from camping and outdoor experiences for girls and trying to make it a more cookie cutter , all frills, no substance organization. I, once was a proud GS, once was a proud leader, and while I don't regret a moment that I spent with well over a two hundred girls during my tenure, we made our memories by spending weekends and more camping, hiking, exploring nature. My former girls now are joi
  15. Thanks AuntiePoo for your reply. I tried doing just as you do, earlier in the year and got no response. In fact, I then had another question thrown at me, and that was could the Pack offer a discount on Pack dues to families with multiple scouts? So, this was the solution to both issues that the Committee came up with. Offering a discount for those families who turn in good condition uniforms, and at the same time, helping out families with multiple scouts a small discount as it is, toward Pack dues. We were hoping to solve both problems in a way that would benefit the boys in the Pack.
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