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  1. Yes the Medicine Man was my father. I have started a New site for the cookbook.Thanks for useing the cookbook. YIS David
  2. If you are looking for great dutch oven recipes please vist http://geezercookbook.tripod.com. Try them and please leave feed back on the forums. Thanks, YIS David Pritchett
  3. If you are looking for Dutch oven recipes go to http://geezercookbook.tripod.com. Please try them and give some fead back if you like them. Thanks, YIS David Pritchett
  4. My name is David Pritchett. I am looking for anyone who has any of the Medicine Man's Min from prodigy service club bb from 1990-1996. My father wrote them and I am trying to get them all together for my son. Any help would be great. Thanks, Yis David
  5. We just had our pinewood derby tonight. I was wondering how if anyone else has had theirs yet. YIS David
  6. I can't seam to post a new topic in some of the forums. A error pops up and won't post it. Can someone please help me. Thanks,YIS DAvid Pritchett
  7. I think that any patches sould be ok
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