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  1. Mariojr67

    Dutch Oven Cooking

    Yes the Medicine Man was my father. I have started a New site for the cookbook.Thanks for useing the cookbook. YIS David
  2. Mariojr67

    Dutch Oven Cooking

    If you are looking for great dutch oven recipes please vist http://geezercookbook.tripod.com. Try them and please leave feed back on the forums. Thanks, YIS David Pritchett
  3. Mariojr67

    Dutch Oven Cooking

    If you are looking for Dutch oven recipes go to http://geezercookbook.tripod.com. Please try them and give some fead back if you like them. Thanks, YIS David Pritchett
  4. My name is David Pritchett. I am looking for anyone who has any of the Medicine Man's Min from prodigy service club bb from 1990-1996. My father wrote them and I am trying to get them all together for my son. Any help would be great. Thanks, Yis David
  5. Mariojr67

    Any one had there pinewood yet?

    We just had our pinewood derby tonight. I was wondering how if anyone else has had theirs yet. YIS David
  6. Mariojr67

    New Need Help

    I can't seam to post a new topic in some of the forums. A error pops up and won't post it. Can someone please help me. Thanks,YIS DAvid Pritchett
  7. Mariojr67

    Red Wool Jacket

    I think that any patches sould be ok