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  1. Our boys like going to Shenandoah. Very close to Goshen. They went to Goshen last year and had a very bad experience. Program was ok but the food was lousy. The boys were hungry after every meal. Staff ate very well though. The boys have said they won't go back to Goshen again.
  2. Ok, I know this is probably a dumb question but as usual I have gotten a bunch of different answers so I thought I would get your thoughts. With the new requirements added to the scout ranks does a boy have to get a new book or can the new requirements be written into his old book and signed off when he completes them? It's not that big of a deal for us as we already have a new book sitting at the house as a reference but for some parents this could be a real hardship. Not to mention a inconvience to have to keep track of 2 books. Thats also not a concern here as my son still has all of his cu
  3. Breakfast burritos were always a favorite for Sat breakfast in out pack. Everyone was assigned to bring certain things. For dinner we did Sloppy Joes, spaghetti. Mac and cheese with ham chunks. Same process everyone was assigned certain things. Always had enough. Usually everything was precooked as well so all we had to do was heat it up. Quick and easy and everyone contributed. Usually each family only had to bering 1 or 2 things.
  4. When my boys started Webelos we asked them all to get a binder of some sort. Most parents bought the zipper binders. In that binder they had a folder, a notebook, a couple pens and pencils and their book. I also gave them each a couple of baseball card holders so they could get used to putting their activity cards in them as they earned them to prep them for when they earned their blue cards. I started with 7 5th grade Webelos we crossed 6 to the same troop and the 7th moved. Almost a year later 5 of the boys still carry their binders now with their troop info in it. The 6th boy is not very ac
  5. Kbandit, If I email you can I also get some of your recipes. My son just crossed over to Boy Scouts and they are always trying to get the boys to venture into trying new things. My son loves cooking (gets it from his dad) and would like to have more of a variety to offer to his patrol. Thanks Julie
  6. Hi All, Just wanted to update. Our boys earned this award a year ago. Yesterday they finally received their awards. It took exactly 1 yr and 1 month to get. The organizers of our program did a great job trying to contact the company and even went so far as getting a lawyer. The shame of it all, 3 of my boys will get to wear this award exactly 1 day as they cross to boy scouts next week. The positive my boys had a great time doing the activities that were set up for this project and went away with a better knowledge of their country. They also learned that the learning is sometimes more
  7. Thanks all for your suggestions. I have since called this company and spoke with a representative. I feel a little more comfortable about ordering from them but since we still have time I will continue to look into some of the other suggestions as well as contact a archery shop near us. My husband is also cutting AOL symbols out of wood for the boys to stain and hang their arrows from. Again, thanks for your help and suggestions. Julie
  8. Greetings, We are in the early planning stages of our AOL ceremony scheduled for January. I am interested in ordering arrows for the boys to paint their accomplishments on. I was wondering if anyone has used this company before http://www.skyhawkkits.com/proddetail?prodid=744211 or if they have a reputable supplier. I am looking in the range of about $10 per arrow. We were burned (as to this date but still holding out hope) by the heritage award company and are a little leary about ordering from companies we are not familiar with. Thanks in advance Julie
  9. Lisabob, This doesn't look like it's a flashlight but it might help you identify what your nephew is looking for. Hope it helped. Julie http://storeforknowledge.com/Insect-Catcher---Backyard-Exploration-P6104C206.aspx
  10. Fuzzy Bear: What a neat idea. We had an awesome tour guide when we went out on the Loch. Not only did he tell us a lot of history but there were 2 girls as well as my son on the boat and he let the girls steer the boat out onto the loch and my son got to drive the boat all the way back to the dock as well as port it. My husband(Navy man) was just brimming from ear to ear when our son took control of the boat. So was I of course. We have great pictures of our trip and my son swears he heard Nessie hit the botom of the boat and he thinks that one of thepic we took just could be Nessie. It was de
  11. Lisabob: That's a good idea about the Language and Culture pin. Don't know why I didn't think of it myself. I guess since I'm not a den leader this year I'm not in den leader mode. That and all of our scout stuff is still in storage. Last year as the Wolf Leader we did the Language and Culture belt loop with our boys and they had such a great time and the boys really enjoyed sampling dishes that their den mates made to represent some of the foods in the different heritages as well as listening to the reports that the boys did. I'll have to see if the Den leader is interested in doing that. I k
  12. Thats what I was thinking. He has also asked his den leader if he can plan a den meeting and tell about how it was like in England just living there and the neat things he got to do in Scouts. (He had the opputunity to go to Normandy France, and the camped at Chalfont, Gilwell and in Nottingham). When we were talking about all the different folklores he was the one who suggested finding different ones that weren't listed in the book. He really got into it last night and thats when Nessie came up. He wants to go to the library today to see what he can find on other folklores. He already knows
  13. Greetings, My son is working on his Tall Tales requirement He completed A. and still needs to do B. and C. For B. we are trying to get American ones that were not mentioned in the book. So that will take him a little while. My Question, For C. he has to read 2 folklore stories and tell his den which one he liked best. Well we lived in England for 3 years and have just recently moved back to the states. Before we left we visited Inverness and of course Loch Ness. He has asked me if the Loch Ness monster is a folklore. Was wondering if the Loch Ness Monster would be consi
  14. Hi, I am from a small Pack in England and coming up with fundraisers has always been an issue.. One that we have considered is a car wash. We also relay quite heavily on our Bowl A Thon. Will keep an eye on this heading as it's a frustrating issue for our pack as well. Julie
  15. Our pack just purchased a new aluminum Pinewood Derby track. We were very fortunate in the fact that we had a lot of donations and were able to get pretty much all the bling. Compared to our old track (which was in very bad shape) the aluminum track was fantastic. We only had 1 car fly off the track and that was near the end of the track so no damage was done to the car. The cars ran very fast so the kids were really excited. Because of the donations we recieved we were also able to purchase the timer. The kids were absolutely thrilled that they could see instantly who won the race
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