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  1. The troop I tried reviving was not a sucess. A combination of the boys having several other things to do, parental involvement(or lack of), and me possibly pushing the patrol method to them too soon caused the boys to drop one by one. The first several months, we had good troop meetings and outings with good participation. As I started having the boys, with the help of their parents and myself line up outings and parts of the troop meetings, other interests became easier for fun things to do for them.
  2. Zippie, I feel your pain. If people would realize the time and effort you put in to making a dazzling program they may not back out at the last minute. I have been in the same spot a couple of times when well planned activites were poorly attended. You have to bounce back gather support from other active and involved parents and keep putting together good program. Remember, Its all for the boys -- and they NEED you. Hang in there and Good Luck with your future activities and CM. It is a very rewarding job when you see the smiles and joy of boys enjoying the program
  3. I find it rediculous to hold a boy back from advancing in rank by establishing "troop limitations" such as organizing your own service project for Star or Life or not allowing a boy to earn his Eagle Badge until 16. For large troops they must have low attendance at many service projects because there must be several happening each month. For many boys, if they haven't earned Eagle or close to it by 16 other interests take over like a job, car, or girlfriend. I agree with Old Grey Eagle, adding to rank advancements is against BSA policy.
  4. Vrooman, We have set up two patrols - Sometimes there is interpatrol competition other times tha all participate in the same activity. I am interested in what you had replied about losing boys along the way(long story). Here is my long story made short. We have lost 3 boys in 3 short months --- They haven't given the program a chance to get started to know what boyscouting is all about. Of those that quit - 1 is involved in too many other things already - 1 the family did not like the short notice on events that were taking place ----- Just getting sta
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have been involved with other troops over the years with my older son and have been to training. The other troops were well established having a smooth running program with older scouts helping. Having such a young group, I do not want to "run the show" but dont want the boys to get frustrated trying to come up with ideas for the meetings. I am familiar with the patrol method and have implemented it. I have had PLCs and have the boys responsible for bringing materials for the different parts of the troop meeting like preopening and the interpatrol game.
  6. We have recently reactivated an inactive troop in a small community that had been inactive for 2 years. What are some tips to get the boys to run the troop when there is no older scouts to show them "the ropes". Also how can we get older boys to join our troop. As they get older they all pursue other interests and find scouts less appealing.
  7. When my son was forming their new scout patrol his idea was The Make Eagle or Die Trying Patrol. Unfortunately it was voted out because the boys in the patrol thought it was too long.
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