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  1. Does anyone have the 360 assessment form on word or open office. I have the sample from the class, but I am not a very good typist and it would take me hours to type all those questions and boxes. Please E-Mail me at CD_Ranger@hotmail.com . Thanks for your help.
  2. Information from the national Jambo site: http://www.bsajamboree.org/visitor.html
  3. I said way back at the beginning I like Pie and I still have not gotten any.
  4. I used to have a recipe for Mud but I can not find it anyplace, hopefully someone here might have it. As I recall it was made in a ziplock bag with brownie mix, marshmelows, M&M's...
  5. This is an assumption, and you know what "assume" means. I think that the WEBELOS are getting the green on tan unit numbers because they are getting ready to transition into Boy Scouts, so they will not have to change the unit numbers on their shirt when they move over to Boy Scouts or they out grow it. As for the Adult Cub Scout Leaders they may or may not transition into a Boy Scout Unit after their son moves on, so they will need to have a uniform that conforms more to the Cub Scouts than the Boy Scouts. Thus the Red on Tan Unit Numbers. I would expect that there will soon be a Red on
  6. Lowe's has a birdhouse Sat morning. They usually only have 50 per store, so you might be out of luck there as well being its so late. You can try and register at: https://www.lowesbuildandgrow.com/
  7. This is another prime example of why you should wait at least one day to post anything on a forum if you are overly emotional about the subject. Gather your thoughts, put them down on paper wait a day and read what you put down, edit what you wrote and then in a clear and ordered manner post what happened and ask a question. Insane babblings and random accusations make you look like you are the one here that has the problem.
  8. There was a lot of old/recycled video in the presentation. One example was the Tiger Cubs Immediate recognition emblem on the belt instead of on the shirt. It has been a few years since they used the belt emblem. You would think that bringing on a new training session, they would use new and current video footage.
  9. Snip the 2 stitches in the rear connecting the belt to the pants and remove it. Buy the Good belt with the metal buckle.
  10. After the plastic buckle came loose from the belt and I could not figure how to get it compressed back together, I quickly found the 2 stitches and replaced the belt with the good BSA belt.
  11. Be flexible, you do not need to follow Program Helps, Fast trax, BB, or the handbook in order. Our council sponsored a Cub Hike in October. It was nice to not have to organize the outing and do the tour permit. Try to combine activities. We picked up leaves on the hike for our leaf rub. We used the leaf rubs to make greeting cards for the troops overseas and turned in our hours for Good Turn For America. Always have an alternative activity. My boys demand 1 full hour of den activities and by gosh I always have something in my den box if we get done early. At Tiger age their int
  12. The 2008 Uniform Guide: http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/2008UniformGuide.pdf shows the beads using a single strand of the lanyard splitting the tiger tracks and the black go see it beads on the left side and another strand splitting the white family and orange den beads on the right. All the beads are in single rows of 5. The Tiger Cub Insignia Guide: http://www.scouting.org/media/insigniaguide/04.aspx and the package cover for the kit of 5 badges show 4 individual 2 sided strands with 3 beads on 1 strand and 2 on the other. The beads are arranged orange/den, white/family,
  13. I wonder why they are making the uniforms harder to see now by changing the letter/numbers from red to green? Seems like they are moving to camo uniforms. Just food for thought.
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