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  1. I agree with your thoughts about the clinics if pertaining to Eagle required are offered, and in many cases, based on the size of group if not run well, at summer camp too. I don’t agree with a requirement that might have 6 or 7 answers to list, 6 or 7 scouts give an answer, and all 15 there get credit for it. Now if it’s a clinic for non required for badges scouts may not always experience, I’m good with that, as it may generate interest in a new hobby or even a new vocation that they normally would never experience.
  2. As it should be, boys in our troop have been choosing what they enjoy doing....so some of each. A few boys are actually close to completing all 3....they are planning to do their 20 mile hike Saturday through the parks in Milwaukee. The interesting thing is that the 1st and 2nd year scouts also signed up for the 20 miler instead of doing the 10 mile option. We asked them about it, concerned that they may not realize what they are getting into, but they said they wanted to try it with the older boys. My son and 4 of his friends have been working on their cycling merit badge since last summer
  3. Wow, I never really thought of it like that. When I read your post about singing for fogetting something, it snapped me right back to 1982 to Pine Tree leadership training here in Wisconsin. One of the less enthused scouts in my patrol forgot our patrol flag at the daily leadership meeting which meant that our whole patrol had to do something to earn it back....I think we had to do push-ups....maybe sing while we were doing it....and I hated every second of it. Until this moment I never considered it as I was being "hazed". Thinking about it now, with today's "new" definition, I guess it w
  4. As you can see, I don't post much, but I do check out the forum often. I do have to thank all of you for your various viewpoints and often great ideas. I've seen where some of you have run into the same issues I see and it's interesting to see how you or your units approached them. Not saying that I used the same solutions, but it helped me consider things. I would agree with those that say this is probably not the first place someone should learn about scouts, but it is a great spot to get a feel for the passion....if you agree with someones idea or not or how they express it. I keep my
  5. We had the cake...a big cake with past and present pictures of our Webelos that were crossing over that exact night, but no ice cream. I'm pretty proud that my son and 10 of his friends all crossed over to a troop on the evening of the 100th. Bring on summer camp!
  6. Good luck with it....while I didn't pick up any clues that you are doing this, we hold a cake auction and give the proceeds to a charity, such as backpacks of supplies for wounded soldiers. We also ask for donations from local businesses and also hold raffles and silent auctions. It's a blast seeing grandpa outbid his daughter-in-law for little Johhny's cake. Even had a wife/husband going at it up to $100, but he was a Marine and knew what a good cause it was for, so they just had fun with it. We brought back the previous Webelos 2 den leader that did the voting and had no kids in the
  7. For my use and if a parent asks me about a certain belt loop's requirements, I use this site to email them the requirements. http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/advance/cubscout/intro.asp I agree that they are expensive and you will have the parents who sign off on everything. When that happens I require the work done and I will talk to the boys about what they did. Because a number of the Webelo badges require or at least have the option to earn a belt loop as one of the requirements, and the requirement states if earned before becoming a Webelo, they must earn it again, I did not push b
  8. AIFansome, thank you for the response....you pretty much nailed the situations with the family circumstance part....a couple of families that are asking about other projects counting are the same families that consistantly "forget" about our standing meetings, so thier sons are the ones consistantly behind. While I do my best to keep those boys on pace by working on requirements at camps and before or after meetings, it's tough. Then I have a 3rd family that outright told me that they don't do anything at home for scouts with their son....that makes passing off requirements like tracking a c
  9. Nicely said thoover, and congratulations by the way. I basically had the same question back in April as AKdenldr has, concerning the Craftsman badge for my 11 Webelo scouts. In my posting I asked if there is a clear cut answer if certain projects done for 1 badge can be counted for the Craftsman badge. Personally, I don't like counting a project for more than 1 achievement, and I don't allow my son to do it. He is fine with that as he enjoys working on the different things with me. Because of whatever reasons, some of the boys have missed various projects, therefore are behind the rest of
  10. I've been searching the topics for this answer but haven't found anything clearcut yet. My Webelos den took part in the Home Depot craft clinic this past weekend, but families were only notified when everyone planned on showing up, we didn't attend as a den. It must have been a very popular project because the store ran out of kits by the time some boys got there (yes, we had contacted the store telling them our numbers, but they don't reserve the kits, they just try to have enough kits available for the number of kids they think are coming). I'm now being asked if catapults we built at cam
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