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  1. Videos game night once a year for a scouting event is hard to beat. Scouts go nuts and it is something very different that a regular meeting. More than once or twice a year, at it's a bit much.
  2. Meetings can be jazzed up a lot. Have the Scouts put together at least one game per meeting. Try to turn programs into games and competitions when possible Ideas: https://www.troop60.co/activities/troop-meeting-activities
  3. Every Troop has it's own personality. Finding a good match is in many ways like finding a good marriage. When you find the right match, you'll know. We all hate giving up on things, but life experience has taught us that some things can't be changed in a reasonable amount of time. If your troop isn't a good match for your youth, find or make a better one.
  4. I used a similar one to this in high school. We first used a shopvac and then found the janitor with a gas powered leaf blower. It got a lot more exciting. : ) Plans were in something like Popular Mechanics and similar to this https://www.instructables.com/Simple-Leaf-Blower-Hovercraft/
  5. I've seen this used to teach CPR https://bmcemergmed.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12873-016-0110-5 Video (go to 3 minute point):
  6. Signup Genius seems to work fine for signing up for events. It's easy to set up and keep track of.
  7. A measure of a great Scoutmaster is how long they can stand with their hands in their pocket as Scouts try to build a fire. Whenever possible, have Scouts teach. This isn't always practical, but is quite special when it works or fails.
  8. Jadalexm Welcome and hope to also learn the secrets of delivering scouting.
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