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  1. A leader parent is an involved parent. Every Eagle Scout I’ve known has had a parent/guardian at their side supporting, encouraging, motivating them along the path to Eagle. Doesn’t have to be a registered parent as a leader, but a parent that cares enough to see that they succeed. Involved parents are not just leaders, but the parents that check on their kids status, talk to leaders, ask questions, and make sure requirements are being met. The parents that just dump their kids off often have no clue what their Scout is doing or how well they’re doing. Some probably couldn’t tell you
  2. The parent is working with scouts for rank advancements. When it comes to working on advancements, our leaders divide the scouts into their ranks. Each group has a leader working with the scouts on their requirements for whatever rank they are working on.. This parent is one of those individuals. This parent is also not registered as a MB Counselor and is teaching merit badges to Scouts (as a group) in our troop. Just as any registered MB Counselor would. I believe you are allowed to have unregistered people help teach/assist MB topics as long as a registered MB counselor
  3. All leaders are supposed to be registered with the BSA. What if your unit has a leader who is YPT but NOT registered as a Scouter, and he’s going over advancement material with the scouts and teaching merit badges with the troop (not registered as MB counselor)?
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