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  1. I dont disagree that experiences are important to the goals of the scouting movement, but we are complaining about only 5/6 of the required merit badges 21 being book learning based. This thread continues to feel like people are complaining about times for changing when that continues to happen for any organization. Any one with kids understand we need to have scouts ready to learn/ survive in a more diverse environment with people from different backgrounds and opinions then there own. This isn't just race, it is even just economic or religious background. That is all the evil citizens
  2. I agree that the nature section of scouting should have more eagle required badges. But to say there is none is not true. There is environmental science, which would cover that hole. I wish they would add a triple headed requirement for nature like (hiking/swimming/cycle)
  3. We are not talking about a individual skill like cooking though. Citizenship is one of the most important parts it shows up in the scout oath. Cooking does not. The actual equivalent would to the topic of citizenship is the topic of outdoor skills which has a total of 4 badges also in first aid, camping, cooking and hiking/swimming need for eagle.
  4. Not all merit badges are based on being active alone. There always has been a few book learning (American heritage, Law) ones and to act like that hasn't always been true is a lie. To only have 4 or 5 of them be eagle required is not a crazy amount, no matter how much our older forum members complain about. We are talking about less then a quarter of the badge required for eagle?
  5. This is all the new badge is trying to do, reinforce some of our failing from the past. It sucks that councils are not communicating with units to get councilor information to them
  6. I dont think adding another merit badge effects any scout under 16 ability to do badges they want to. Earning Less then 15% of badges is required for eagle. The adjustment of taking first aid from first class was an adjustment made with the changing of times. So how is this any different?
  7. This is a great point, why would it be bad to have another badge about a topic we cover in rank advancement. We have first aid merit badges while also having many first aid advancements from tenderfoot to first class.
  8. Yeah I can see that point, I just am saying as a former pro, to be wary of any numbers being reported. There is a lot games played with them.
  9. Sadly none of this matters until recharting is done in march. I hope they show the numbers then too... can this be broken up by councils too?
  10. But SE are seen as CEOs of the councils not as what they actually are which is regional manager. That is part of the pay difference. I think you are being kind to say scouting corporate structure is only ten year behind. Like you said earlier, evening picking who then next scout executive is from the 1940s. There is no outside thought being allowed into the organization. The best pro leave well before becoming close to scout executive.
  11. I think something us in the working class or middle class lose is that even if the SE is making 200k-400k a year he is still the poorest man in the executive board meeting. While too much of the pay is still based on when we had 3x the scouts. The scouts executives are not overpay when you think about how big of regional territory they really are in charge of.
  12. I understand that, I personally liked that stuff, but not every kid like the tradition alone especially when the is seen as hokey and uncool. A lot of our target scouts are nerds which is great, but they tend to like stem based topics and we need to fine a way to get this to be part of our outdoor program. But many scoutmaster are dead set on not wanting that to happen.
  13. We complain when national has no high level employees with non scouting experience. That there is no new ideas or better business practice being brought in. But we complain about lost of tradition when the adults dont have a scouting background. Maybe there new perspective is what is going to save scouting. Because I know just keeping to tradition is no gonna work because it hasn't for the last 20 years
  14. I think you are missing the point on the important of the class room badges. Sadly most of the new jobs/careers are in office spaces we need to prepare our kids for this new economy. The camping is as important as ever but class room badges are not the enemy at the boy scout level. For cubs we need them to be using their hands and doing activities as much as possible
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