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  1. I think the poster was speculating a bit. An objection came from the Department of Justice Bankruptcy Trustee which falls under the Biden administration. Essentially ... is it a sign the Biden admin will get involved (like they did the the NRA bankruptcy).
  2. https://whyy.org/articles/boy-scouts-abused-in-other-states-sue-in-n-j-using-untested-strategy/
  3. One of the reasons National BSA has all these claims, is that they had New York as their HQ for a long time, followed by New Jersey as their HQ. That went all the way until 1979. So to me, the state laws apply to national allow lookback windows. So 100% of claims from 1979 and prior are within state laws of New York/New Jersey. My question is with National HQ in Texas and 1980 and later. How are those claims valid? Some would definitely be valid based on Texas SOLs, but I'm curious how the claims in 1980s and most of the 1990s could be valid when National HQ is in Texas.
  4. Agreed. I think the judge should use the US Trustee's objection to: - Eliminate the CO/LC/Insurance settlement talk ... they are excluded from further discussions. They are not part of this bankruptcy. Lift the stay of any lawsuits against these groups. - Set a timeline to determine HA base status & JP Morgan loan. BSA .. provide your justification with documentation, or rule that they are non restricted assets and the loan is not secured (JP won't get back 100%). - Once #2 is done, ask BSA to submit a plan. Only argument then is how much cash they need to run the opera
  5. If you take a look at the above, it appears the US Trustee is saying the BSA cannot (as of now) justify any release of liability of insurance companies, LCs or COs. I then question if the TCC could be given the authority to act on behalf of claimants with councils or COs. Perhaps the TCC now has info that will be used if LCs go bankrupt... but not before then. If I was abused in the BSA, the liability of National BSA (and their insurance companies) could be covered by this bankruptcy, but I should still be able to to sue Council X, CO Y and individual Z. I never signed on any agreement
  6. This may actually throw a wrench in the whole process. I’m not 100% convinced their objection will help abuse victims. Perhaps, but it looks different than any of the others. I did find it interesting that the DOJ lawyer pulled this quote from another case. noting that “...third party releases are not a merit badge that somebody gets in return for making a positive contribution to a restructuring. They are not a participation trophy, and they are not a gold star for doing a good job. Doing positive things in a restructuring case— even important things— is not enough”
  7. Perhaps. The problem with this. 1)How much will councils be able to pay lawyers to defend against sex abuse cases. Anyone can sue. Even outside the SOL window. 2) As councils start going bankrupt and losing their FOS money and camps, who will donate to other councils? I personally would hold back donating to my council until after bankruptcy as I would be concerned my donations would be used for lawyers and payouts. Others may feel the same. 3) How will recruiting and retention go when local media is discussing specific cases of sexual abuse at your local council? It
  8. I first clicked on the link from Kosnoff's twitter feed and it worked without payment required but now it is paywalled. I find incognito mode on the browser sometimes allows access to some articles.
  9. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2021/05/10/boy-scouts-of-america-bankruptcy-exit-plan-angers-abuse-survivors/4995280001/
  10. I expect it won't happen ... but I'm sure UCs can tell when a unit is headed downward. The ideal solution is to improve the unit; however, if that is not taking hold ... I do think it would be in BSA's best interest to end the unit gracefully as possible. In my town, we have 4? Packs .... 1 is barely functional. High dropout rates of scouts within the program and almost 0 Cubs transfer to Scouts BSA. Why would BSA want that Pack to continue ... essentially just giving parents/youth a bad idea of what Cub Scouts are. My Pack is OK, but I'm very concerned that we do not have the volunt
  11. I think the first question is what does the youth of America need. In other words, is the aims of scouting (as written by BSA) still what is needed. Perhaps I would add one more ... "grit" .. but perhaps that is simply a subset of character development that I think is lacking in youth today. Overall, I think the aims of scouting are appropriate. Then, how about the methods. I personally believe the methods are appropriate (if implemented well and in a balanced approach). I still believe youth and parents are looking for an organization that instills the aims of scouting, using th
  12. The way I read this, the TCC is showing how camps can be sold off while remaining camps can still provide coverage for all scouts. So even if BSA can win the argument that camps are necessary, the other argument is that there is excess capacity of camps, so many can be sold off.
  13. I agree that BSA's model is not much better or worse than other youth organizations at this time. However, times have changed and I expect many youth serving organizations are going to have to evaluate their policies. Why? Insurance coverage. Insurance companies will see the billions of dollars from the BSA lawsuit and increase their rigor when insuring youth organizations. One example form below. This is from an insurance company to buy sex abuse insurance for your organization. You can see in their questionnaire, they ask for details on how you vet volunteers. BSA does not do (pi
  14. I think this case shows the issue is complex and dynamic. Ideally, all COs & LCs can work through this bankruptcy and eliminate future risk. Otherwise, we are likely looking at a decade+ of Council by Council, CO by CO going through this mess. Note that in Illinois, today, there is no SOL for civil sex abuse cases. However, they also do not have a revival window (you can't go back to 1960 and use today's laws). Illinois did pass a window, but their Supreme Court found it unconstitutional. In this case ... if it proceeds ...it would go to the jury to decide. All of this is sp
  15. Let's ignore the difference between Arrow WV & BSA as that always seemed a bit questionable. Why would BSA want to keep Summit through bankruptcy? National Jamboree every 3 years, perhaps World every 10. Generates a ton of excitement & positive revenue. Annual summer camps and big HA adventure option for big population areas. Again, excitement & revenue. Ability to provide summer camp as council camps in the region are lost to bankruptcy. ... Not yet true ... but I think we need to be prepared for this eventuality. Many councils will likely have no summer
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