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  1. Eagle1993

    Just curious about background

    Yes, excited. Eagle Scout, Ordeal OA (weak lodge), Den Leader and Committee Chair at Pack
  2. Where should we go from here? - Dump all STEM activities and awards... yes some go to these events but most of the time BSA is simply working with s college or science center (in my area) to put those on. I know of 0 Scouts in my unit that join for STEM. - Sell learning for life to some external group. Yes it brings in some $ but it isn’t our core program and it distracts the professionals from supporting our key (Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturing,Sea Scouts) - Reorganize staff by consolidating councils. Keep more of our $ at the District level. Let Districts have more local authority (no need to review every minor communication to the media with council, etc.). - Open Summit to the public and private investment. It is a money pit and few scouts will ever see it. Admit the mistake and move on. - Allow units to go coed. They will anyway and if the CO, unit leaders and parents all desire that model I see no reason to continue to block it. - G2SS & YPT ... safety is first but there are many threads here showing examples of how it can be overly burdensome. Probably not a major issue but something -Get some good young faces to represent the BSA... mentioned before The list goes on. BSA will survive and could thrive depending on what actions take place going forward.
  3. My Pack added two boys because their sisters joined. The girls joined because they were friends with other girls joining. When I talk with parents they mentioned they really like having one organization for all of their kids. My area parents have kids in sports all the time but scouts offers them the one opportunity to do something together as a family (Cub Scouts). It sounds like a commercial for Nationals but I see what they are talking about on the ground. My parent survey showed 0 negative comments about adding girls from a pack of 65 boys. They have complaints... but not about girls or most of the stuff brought up in these forums. The complaints are about individual leaders and tactical issues... not about the downfall of society. I expect my pack will continue to grow. We were 26 a few years ago. We are at 75 (after cross over and before recruiting). Now time to beg for FOS donations... 😀
  4. Eagle1993

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    Scout Life... BSA has the Trademark as of April this year.
  5. Scout Life??? BSA pulled the Trademark earlier this year.
  6. Personal FB page of some people present at the meeting.
  7. Ellie was just officially announced at the meeting per pictures and posts in FB. Waiting to see an official release. This is the first female National Commissioner is BSA history.
  8. Interview regarding OA membership change.
  9. Eagle1993

    Adding Girls to Pack

    @walk in the woods Have your DE watch this video. Just a few minutes in Anthony Berger states that the min number of girls is no longer a requirement.
  10. Eagle1993

    Adding Girls to Pack

    Odd. That was an early adopter rule. I don’t believe that continues going forward.
  11. Eagle1993

    Adding Girls to Pack

    There should be no minimum going forward unless you are starting a new unit. Min number for new unit (of any gender) is 5.
  12. Eagle1993

    Adding Girls to Pack

    Final pack meeting of the year was held and out early adopter status is coming to a close. It was a fun pack meeting and the addition of girls is starting to become old news. Starting in 3 weeks the program is mainstream. We have started a parent survey about our Pack year. We didn’t specifically ask about girls (as we are only asking questions that we can and are willing to change). That said we did ask an open question about how this year went overall. Feedback is the typical mix of compliments and complaints... not one negative mention of girls in our Pack. That doesn’t mean those opinions don’t exist, only that other topics are really the primary interest of our parents. Based on what I have seen the changes had no negative impact at the Cub Scout level. I’m concerned about next year given the number of additional leaders I’ll need to find but we will manage.
  13. I have heard rumors of this change for several months and was wondering how they would handle the rank requirements. Girls will be in OA next year, so I’m curious how the lodges will adjust. Perhaps this can breath some new life in dormant ones but I’m curious how the vibrant ones will react.
  14. Jim Turley is reported to be the next President.