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  1. Eagle1993

    How to increase usage of Patrol Method

    Great feedback, thanks! I will need to plan working with both the parents/adult leaders and PLC. My first conversation with adult leaders about patrols was interesting. I asked how leaders are selected and they said annually by the adults. I asked about having the patrols vote for their own leaders and the reaction of was mixed. One parent in particular was not a fan (“we don’t want this to be a popularity contest and the boys never asked for this anyway”). A very active ASM who was a prior SM (a great leader) was more reserved, indicating that it was discussed and decided previously ... but perhaps we should reconsider. So, I definitely can see that I need to come in with a strategy and work with both adults and youth on any changes. Your inputs are very valuable!
  2. So it appears I will be taking over as SM of a fairly large Troop (70 - 80 scouts). The previous SM has been looking to step down the last few years and has not been present for most of this year. My son recently crossed over into this Troop and after a few adult leader meetings the CC asked me to take the role. After declining twice, I had further discussions and found that while the Troop is large they are becoming less active and there is concern they will collapse. Several Troops in my area have already died (over 4 packs feed this Troop) so I accepted. I have a general idea of this Troop’s culture and don’t want to rock the boat, but there are a few areas I think the scouts could change. My primary thought is that we can improve the use of the patrol method. Currently: patrols are set by the leaders PL and SPLs are set by leaders A scout told my son that Patrols only really matter at summer camp, Klondike and a few Troop meetings. This sounds like a lot of Troops where patrols are used, but not in the original concept. Given we have 70 - 80 scouts I think the Patrol method is critical. Any thoughts on a plan to increase usage of the patrol method?
  3. Eagle1993

    Tenting: 2 years apart

    This is second hand but Many years ago our (20+) our Troop took a multi day horseback camping trip. The first night they forgot to hobble the horses. When they woke up, all the horses were gone and no where in sight. They ended up hiking (quickly) back 15 miles or so with the leaders worried how they were going to tell the owner they lost all of their horses. As the they approached closer to the ranch, they found the owner on the trail who yelled... you forgot to hobble the horses, didn’t you. The leaders admitted it and told the owner they lost all of the horses. After letting the scouts sweat a bit, the owner said the horses all walked back to the ranch in the middle of the night and they could restart the trip. I was told it was a great experience and they never forgot to hobble the horses again.
  4. Eagle1993

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    I think I’ll have to go into hiding after sharing this link. I’ve tried a couple of these.... they are identical cookies to the point the space between chocolate drizzle lines are identical. I still recommend buying the cookies as at least part of the funds help local scouts. https://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/girl-scout-cookie-equivalents-grocery-store-alternatives-to-thin-mints-samoas-tagalongs
  5. While I think it is foolish, the marketing argument doesn’t upset me. The underhanded comments that BSA is not safe seems to border on slander. It is definitely not scout like.
  6. We have a marathon winner with similar rules. It is great for scouts on their 4th or 5th PWD that are bored with the other awards. Also, it’s great for those that just have slower cars and keeps them interested. We give the slowest car the “Es-Car-Go” award...
  7. Eagle1993

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    I think the reported possible bankruptcy got the trial lawyers kicked into high gear to find clients before the BSA files. I think it should be made clear that the BSA’s perversion files were intended to keep predators out of scouting. Recent testimony indicates the BSA has 17 employees checking annual adult registrations against this list to help ensure they didn’t register as leaders. This is a bit different than the Catholic Church who just moved priests around. The BSA was operating in a time of no national background checks and in many ways should be commended for some of this work. If there are specific cases where they ignored reports or violated standards at the time, they should be held responsible. However, it seems like much of this is now about trial lawyers trying to hit a payday before bankruptcy.
  8. Eagle1993

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    https://www.apnews.com/e1ccae7cfce749169db80adf83a267cb Attorney Tim Kosnoff, a veteran of major sexual abuse lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church, said Tuesday that he and his team have signed up 186 clients from dozens of states in just the past few weeks who want to be part of litigation against the Boy Scouts. Kosnoff said 166 of them identified alleged abusers who have not been named in any of the Boy Scout files made public in past years. Both the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church say they now have policies in place to sharply curtail abuse that abounded in past decades. In the Boy Scouts ′ case, the steps included requiring criminal background checks for all staff and volunteers, and requiring two or more adult leaders be present with youth at all times during scouting activities.
  9. Eagle1993

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    So it appears that January 30 this year a researcher hired by the BSA to go through their files indicated some of her findings in an unrelated trial. The trial was against a children’s theater in Minnesota. The expert indicated that the BSA required no one on one contact since 1987... whereas the theater only started this in 2017. In any case, the researcher stated some of the BSA prior processes and numbers that are coming out from her research. This is what the law firm is jumping at. In addition the law firm has released a report on their website of NY and NJ accused and asking for the abused to come forward. So I agree, appears to be a fishing expedition.
  10. Eagle1993

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    Just watched. This is in prep for the August 15 date where the statue of limitations is dropped in New York for child abuse. They indicate there are over 12,000 victims and 7,800 abusers...based on detailed analysis of the files...
  11. Eagle1993

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    I’m not sure if we have seen 100+ names released publicly before. This law firm is also going after the Catholic Church for similar issues... naming large numbers of the accused. Edit... actually looks like previous reports dating back to 2010 indicated 1,200 volunteers are listed. This law firm is indicating 7,000...
  12. Eagle1993

    Council Annual Report - Interesting Numbers

    Our council numbers were steadily declining over last 7 years (~2% per year), but nothing like this. I was told there are a large number of units barely getting by and many are folding. Nearly 80% of our DEs have < 1 year in the job. Several were fired or resigned last year. My district was the only one that grew from 2017. Our council supports adding girls, but wasn’t aggressively helping. We only have a few Troops formed. I’ve talked to a few Troop SMs who are saying they are having trouble finding ASMs that want to take over. All of this is concerning...
  13. Eagle1993

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    https://www.nj.com/news/2019/04/50-pedophile-boy-scout-leaders-from-nj-are-about-to-be-exposed-in-bombshell-reveal-law-firm-promises.html https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Sex-Abuse-Boy-Scouts-of-America-Lawsuits-BSA-508934291.html
  14. Eagle1993

    Privacy of Health Forms

    Forgot about that one... yep, that would be a nice add as well!
  15. Eagle1993

    Privacy of Health Forms

    To be clear, I agree this is not a major issue. However, IT infrastructure is the 21st century storefront of many businesses and organizations. I would expect the BSA to create the IT software for councils and units to run efficiently. If the fee is $5, it must be covered by $25 annual fee we pay GSUSA or the camp charge (which is competitive with BSA). That said, I understand financial priorities have to me made and agree health forms are not the top priority. BSA has made some good progress on their IT investments over the last few years. I never deal with paper youth applications anymore and the process has been great over the last 12 months. We’ve been using Scoutbook, and while it can improve, the advancement sync is working flawlessly (I was pleasantly surprised the sync with ScoutNet seemed to be almost immediate and it saved extra paperwork and a drive to the scout center). I would love to see future improvements in charter renewals, health forms and adult applications. They should continue to see why Troops or Packs are using other IT packages than Scoutbook and help address the perceived gaps. All are possible (and again, the BSA is making progress) and it would help improve the storefront while maximizing volunteer hours on activities instead of paper.