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  1. I plan on going, I was only there for 1/2 a day before I was in the ER.
  2. Another question on the right pocket could I wear my Leave No Trace Trainer patch. It is the LNT Center for outdoor ethics one.?
  3. Tick checks are good. Also on that note if he gets a deer tick don't freak.
  4. Our council recently bought pump actions and any firearm I did shoot was owned by the respective camps.
  5. I was supposed to take shotgun at a summer camp. I am glad I was pulled. I just shot a pump action last year and my thumb was cut and my arm was sore.
  6. I am working in the kitchen at a camp and I don't know what to expect. We have no A/C Can anyone give me a few pointers?
  7. From the BSA green canvas tents it is just like a regular tent but with a cot already in there and sometimes mosquito netting. I like them I am sure he will too!
  8. ^ merit badges give opportunity to teach new scouts skills. When I did my CIT plenty of younger scouts did rifle and archery to try it. One thing it does do is not overwhelm the staff for the area. Because our new scout program area is not that big (our entire camp is 158 acres).
  9. I honestly loved being a CIT last year. I am now working in the kitchen. There is only 1 returning kitchen staff member. what are your CIT/Camp staff stories or experiences? So I decided my tall skinny body should do the mile. At our camp we swam 1/2 of a mile then we did the mile the next morning. It was my last week to do it. I was determined. I wake up to do it. My tent mate does it as well. So we have to swim to a buoy and back twice. (It is 1.1 - 1.3 miles 2 times) I spend the next 1 and a half hours swimming slowly. I once came close to quitting. so moral of the story don't give
  10. Just curious how do I know what size belt I am for the BSA leather belts? I had to return a size 34 jamboree belt due to it being too big.
  11. Nice. Maybe our camp staff can do that
  12. Our camps gun range is no different. Even if you got the safe out how would nobody notice you taking it?
  13. This years camp staff will have them. I hope they turn out good. Our jamboree contingent is using a bolo as well as my home troop.
  14. My thoughts are out to the family's.
  15. Is summer camp still going on? Try and get him to CIT at the summer camp or a summer camp. People will pitch in a few bucks depending on the camp. And it can help him out in the long run.
  16. So essentialy I can wear this when I go to jamboree next year.
  17. Our definition is high attendence at meetings. like 75% of the time they show up
  18. I have a few quick questions regarding Region Patches Who can wear them? What are they used for? Can anyone explain them for me?
  19. My Troop does 2 a year. We go to the counsel one and a out of counsel one. Anyone Camp Staff of a camp?
  20. I just did the mile swim a few days ago and I want to have something where we go to a pool and swim a mile. My questions regarding doing it in a pool. Who can Supervise it? How long do they have to swim beforehand? Is there any issues with doing it in a pool? And I have some other questions regarding the patch Could I wear more than 1 mile swim patch? I have 3 swimsuits could I buy 3 patches and wear them on all 3? Is there any specific location for it? To clarify this is for the BSA Mile Swim
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