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  1. My boys were very excited to earn it. They worked hard and had a lot of fun. They respond really well to the outdoor activities. 5 of my 7 tigers earned it and I can't wait to see them on their uniforms along with their Tiger rank on Monday for our parade. I'm very proud of my tigers!
  2. I agree! It really looks nice on the shirt. From what I understand according to the current guidelines on scouting.org, the patch is permanent but if they re-qualify in following years they earn a pin that goes on the patch.
  3. Thanks, BSA Heretic! I don't know why I didn't think to do that. I'm not sure what the OA patch is. My son is a Tiger so we I am still learning a lot about patches and placements, etc.
  4. My son received his Outdoor Activities Award last night. I know that it goes on the right pocket flap but it covers the button. He uses the button and flap to switch out his temporary badges often so we can't lose the function of it.
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