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  1. Our crew works with a local bookstore for fundraising, accepting donations in return for giftwrapping items purchased at the bookstore. There are usually one or two parents working with two or three youth for a shift in a small area next to the check out lane in full view of the store employees and customers. Am I reading the new GTSS rules correctly, that now two registered adult leaders must attend the fundraising activity as well? Thanks for your assistance!
  2. This is a recent change. When my eldest son first joined a troop, the list was outdated, difficult to navigate and held behind a password. Users were told that the list was not to be shared with scouts, but MBCs could be selected by the SM or Advancement chair and given to the scout. Then the password-protection was dropped but the list was not updated. I actively recruited MBCs from our troop, acquaintances, anyone who I thought would work well with youth and had the background to mentor a merit badge. Most applications were not approved. Not rejected, either, they disappeared into the black
  3. Our troop of 18-20 boys generally ends the summer with $2000, enough to camp through fall and serve as seed money for our primary fundraiser, Christmas trees. We do not carry individual accounts of any kind, though that may change in the future. The pack (about 30 boys) carries $1500 from year to year in a reserve fund and generally spends every penny that comes in otherwise. The reserve fund was created several dynasties ago to add stability to the pack, given that the leadership changes frequently and the leaders are often new to scouting. If new leadership has a bad recruitment year or
  4. Right. I understand that people are not honest. I don't understand the need to copy their driver's license. I don't understand how a copy of a driver's license will help you cover your butt or do anything to protect the scout you are releasing. It doesn't give you any information on custody arrangements. If a child should not have been released to a particular person, having a copy of a DL doesn't change that. It seems better to confirm the release by calling the parent who signed the consent form and medical form, if that is not the person doing the pick up. Or contact the scoutmaster who is
  5. I read this with a bit of amusement as my 16 yo spent the summer teaching and signing off on Basketry and Leatherwork at a local summer camp. Clearly not old enough to be a MBC. Easy enough for anyone to tell if the work for the merit badge was actually completed, sure. The problem our troop has with scouts completing partial merit badges is finding counselors to work with on MBs, especially non-Eagle required MBs. Larger troops in the area handle it by assigning MBs to parents to counsel. We are a smaller troop and don't have those resources, and I'm not a fan of keeping it all in-house e
  6. Tokala, can you please explain to me why you need to copy the driver's license? I've run into that before at other places and have never understood the logic. Verify the id, sure, but not make a copy, especially if it is the parent. A parent should never be hassled when picking up their own child, barring any custody issues. Check ID, check of the scout's file, sure, a call to the scout leader, no problem. Log sheet signature and out the door.
  7. Why I did meet one of my Cub Scouts at the park wearing his Wolf necker without the rest of his uniform. He said it worked fine as a do-rag under his bike helmet to soak up any sweat. I was glad to see his enthusiasm for scouting. Our troop members are very fond of rubber wheels from Lego kits as a slide. Doesn't slip at all, and if they lose it, they can look on their bedroom floor for another.
  8. I feel for the scout, I feel for the dad. Imagine living with this all the time. I agree that it is reasonable to ask the mother to not attend scout events for a while. I also agree that doing so will likely result in the loss of the scout and his dad. It's a shame, but every scout has the right to feel safe at scouting events and this should be a primary goal for every leader. I do think that the troop leaders have the authority to make this condition, it is basically a YPT situation and not to be repeated. Our troop had a similar situation except the parent was also an ASM. He was n
  9. This is true. We have had scouts apply this way. Paper copies are printed and sent around for signatures, at least in my council. So not really much of an improvement over the multipart forms except that the printed online forms are recyclable.
  10. Yes, this is true. The list was protected behind a login and password that was available from the DE. Since the login and password never changed, in practice it was shared from leader to leader. Still not a great practice, but it kept out nosy parents. And of course abandoning a system and not indicating this for two years is not efficient in any way. The MBC list provided by my DE has its own problems. I've opened the file through Excel and Google docs and from both have a document that is barely usable. And I don't think that the DE sharing copies that can be in turn sent out to the mass
  11. Just had a pack leadership meeting last night. The den leaders are excited about the new program and love the changes! Well, except for the AOL leader who has been doing CS for 12 years. He doesn't get too excited anymore about programs. As a pack advisor, I am looking forward to seeing how the year rolls out and if enthusiasm remains high for the new format.
  12. Our council went to paid Cub Scout Day camp directors this year for a 'more uniform experience' across the council. Fine, but they are still sending out desperate calls for volunteers to staff the events. And the cost went up, which isn't inspiring parents to volunteer. Resident camp is simpler for the pack to attend, fewer parents needed.
  13. Completely agree. I have a rant in Council Relations about this. Too much paperwork, ineffective online solutions, little upkeep of online resources, lack of good morale at council office. Examples: Lost merit badge counselor application, 3 times for the same person. Impeccably completed as verified by the copies she kept after the first one was lost. Online registration that doesn't check the age of the scout registered, though birth date is required for registration. Scout too young for activity and has to be rescheduled or refunded. Merit badge college registrations that can be made o
  14. Most of our troop organization seems to be through Google products. Gmail for email communication. Love the ability to easily create and assign sub-groups. Google Drive for sharing documents, templates. Google Calendar for event notification by email and shared calendars. It's easy to find and include other calendars, like the school district schedule. Google slides for COH presentations. Chromecast for video clips (like Philmont presentation) and movies for lock-ins. Mint for treasury management, budget tracking. Scout Track for advancement tracking and syncing to Internet Advancemen
  15. Good for him! Hopefully he has adults around him that can handle the tax implications. Also, it sounds like summer camp is cheaper in the west which helps. My two older sons pay for summer camp, monthly camping fees and personal spending money from their paper routes. My youngest son who just crossed over was worried about paying his own way. He was relieved to hear that his parents would support his first year, but he is working on ways to earn the money for next year.
  16. Not unless your son is traveling to the midwest for summer camp this year. Someone else I talked to said that swimming used to be required, but isn't anymore. I don't think he will know for sure that he is taking Lifesaving until he arrives at camp in a few weeks. I remember reading about your son's blue card problems. That is a tough one. Perhaps he will meet a sympathetic counselor.
  17. Follow-up to the question that initiated my request for a discussion. The camp, when queried, said that the requirement for Swimming MB prior to taking the Lifesaving MB was an error.
  18. Success in handing out little pieces of paper doesn't begin to make up for all the other screwed up systems we endure...
  19. I generally receive all of my membership cards in a timely fashion from council. District and merit badge counselor cards are mailed directly to me, pack and troop cards are handed over by the unit leaders. Unit cards may not be as timely, actually, but I don't worry about it much. I put all of them in the same pocket of my scout bag. Our council used to have similar issues with outdated rosters and corrections not posting but in the last few years, they have fixed whatever process it was that screwed it up. Makes re-charter and internet advancement much simpler when you don't have to re-i
  20. Thanks to all that posted to the discussion. I've got a much better idea of all the ins and outs of this issue, which was my point in posting here in the first place. Your help is appreciated.
  21. Let me clarify, again. I don't think the prerequisite is out of line. I am not interested in fighting the prerequisite. I want to understand why such a prerequisite is not adding to the requirements for the merit badge for my own understanding. I'm looking more at the general issue than the situation with just this scout. JoeBob, I agree except the Lifesaving MB requirements already seem to consider your points. Not quite the same as the Swimming MB, but the first requirement weeds out poor swimmers. 1. Before doing requirements 2 through 15 a. Complete Second Class requirements 7a
  22. Trying to figure this out. A scout wants to take the Lifesaving MB. The camp prerequisite says he needs the Swimming MB first. The Swimming MB is not a requirement for the Lifesaving MB. Parent says it's adding to the requirements and not allowed, and wants me (Advancement Chair) to push it with the camp. While I don't feel the need to jump just because a parent says to, I'd like to get this squared away in my own mind. The situation seems similar to pre-requisites at MB colleges and the like that call for scouts to be a certain age, for example, 14 years old, to do more complex merit ba
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