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  1. Might not get many replies here in the sub category of equipment. When we did our trip we went, Moose, Sucker, Birch, Knife, then looped back through Kekekabic, Strup, Wisini(sp), Gerund, Fraser, Thomas,Hatchet, Ima, Jordan, Ashigan, Ensign, Sucker, Moose Ima lake was a highlight, there is an island with two camp sites, the eastern facing camp has a fantastic sunset vantage. Plus a great spot for star gazing.
  2. Our troop camped in Yosemite Valley the first week of December for a couple of years running. Had fresh snow on one trip We've camped at Marin Sierra, our summer camp, in the winter for a number of years for snow camping.
  3. Can't detail the hours, but think second job. Plus, assume your first job vacation days devoted to camps/high adventure weeks. Buy in from the home front is mandatory. In my case first son was all in on scouting and so have, second son doesn't scout, so I've stepped out and devote time to his passion, baseball. Wife and I have talked, I think I'll keep a toe in the scouting waters and step back in on some level once the youngest has moved on do some level of volunteering. can imagine doing summers at camp a retirement gig later on.
  4. Just back from Atikokan, will have to post a full review in the High Adventure form. Nonetheless the staff was great, our interpreter was a Bissett refugee as well. No issues with food or gear. We were able to get into Quetico, and modified our end point mid-way to add more miles since we were moving faster than expected.
  5. We got the call this morning, and I spoke to John. Our arrival date is the 8/1 so at least we have a week or so. Been a scramble, but we're going Atikokan. The drive from Winnipeg is going to take longer, going to swing back through Minneapolis. Won't be as remote, but I predict fun.
  6. Our troop has an affiliated ship. Same number as the troop meet same night and location as us. A number of the troop are also Sea Scouts. Many, like my son, move to the ship when they age out. It's nice to have the older guys still around, and we've built high adventure crews(Phil, NT, Sea Base) from a mix of the troop and ship.
  7. Patrol boxes for each patrol with all the cooking gear, stoves, etc. Tents are checked out as needed by each patrol. Scouts have their own sleep systems and packs. We have dutch ovens, bear containers and some misc gear in the trailer as well.
  8. Enjoy, the adventure our group had a great time doing live aboard a couple of years back.
  9. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish....oh wait.... In reality I did a short missive about change and life.
  10. Compare to the Eagle Scout numbers(total and percent of scouts), it seems to point to this being reason. I know in my neck of the woods there is a troop that has a track program for eagle. 1998 1.9% 2017 4.5% 1998 41,167 1999 47,582 2000 40,029 2001 43,665 2002 49,328 2003 49,151 2004 50,377 2005 49,895 2006 51,728 2007 51,742 200
  11. I purchased one of these dive computers. Simple and works well. I'd only get this if you see more diving in the future. Otherwise the simple dive watches described will do. Of note, all the reefs are shallow, and I don't recall being any deeper than 30ft, with most of the time above that depth.
  12. We added a merit badge/STEM time prior to the weekly meeting. We've rotated through the Cit's and a couple of the STEM badges. We invited scouts from other troops to join us. On the plus side it's kept the badge class out of the troop meetings, on the minus side it was tough to see some of the scouts beat feet out to their parents cars after the merit badge session and skip the troop meeting.
  13. Our Troop did Boundary Waters through Ely a couple of years back, and we're going to Bissett MB this summer for Caribou Provincial Park. We did 7 days for the first trip and are going or 10 this trip. We did 7 the first time because our crew ranged young, avg age was 15, and it worked out well. We chose 10 this time because it's a bigger deal to get there and we wanted to maximize on the time spent, plus now all those guys are older, avg age is almost 17 now. I don't think we would change anything. Like I said the first trip was a young crew, and the first high adventure for th
  14. I'm about an hour away from my last night as Scoutmaster, so not a bad time to reflect. The usual and most selfish reason, my oldest son. He always wanted to be a scout, from the first time he heard about cubs, he was all in. It's been awesome to share in some of his adventures and watch him grown. He's close to his Eagle, but even without that he's gained so much from his various experiences. I need to keep in shape for all those experiences, so physical fitness is a plus. Less selfish, but still gives me a glow. Working with young people. I've coached both son's teams, and he
  15. Just had a couple of scouts transfer out, and a couple transfer in. I'm happy that they all find the place that works best for them and stay in scouts because I believe it has value. I just remember that they're not mine, I just get to help them out for awhile and enjoy watching them take those steps.
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