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  1. I purchased one of these dive computers. Simple and works well. I'd only get this if you see more diving in the future. Otherwise the simple dive watches described will do. Of note, all the reefs are shallow, and I don't recall being any deeper than 30ft, with most of the time above that depth.
  2. Interesting discussion last night

    We added a merit badge/STEM time prior to the weekly meeting. We've rotated through the Cit's and a couple of the STEM badges. We invited scouts from other troops to join us. On the plus side it's kept the badge class out of the troop meetings, on the minus side it was tough to see some of the scouts beat feet out to their parents cars after the merit badge session and skip the troop meeting.
  3. Northern Tier - Suggested Number of Days

    Our Troop did Boundary Waters through Ely a couple of years back, and we're going to Bissett MB this summer for Caribou Provincial Park. We did 7 days for the first trip and are going or 10 this trip. We did 7 the first time because our crew ranged young, avg age was 15, and it worked out well. We chose 10 this time because it's a bigger deal to get there and we wanted to maximize on the time spent, plus now all those guys are older, avg age is almost 17 now. I don't think we would change anything. Like I said the first trip was a young crew, and the first high adventure for the troop in almost 10 years. Plus we are in California and lakes and portaging are just plain alien to us. We had a lot to learn, but learned it quick and had a great time. The big reason for our return trip is NT is just so different from what we can do out here. The troop has done the Triple Crown and the only base that required any strategy in our experience is Sea Base. NT is pretty much pick your week and sign up. From our experience, and recommendation from the NT staff, go as late in the season as possible.(We've done the second week in Aug both times) The black fly and mosquito populations have a fairly short life span and start to die off as the summer wanes. You'll still have a healthy mosquito population later, but it'll concentrate to dawn and dusk. Our biggest take away from the first trip was bring a full crew, 8 in that case. You have 3 to a canoe, with three canoes. So 8 plus the NT guide. We ended up one short and it made it tough getting our gear into two granite packs as opposed to the three we would have had. (All portages are single carry) Our group is really looking forward to Bissett, they're really into the idea of not seeing another soul for the time on the water.
  4. Benefits of Scouting for Scouters

    I'm about an hour away from my last night as Scoutmaster, so not a bad time to reflect. The usual and most selfish reason, my oldest son. He always wanted to be a scout, from the first time he heard about cubs, he was all in. It's been awesome to share in some of his adventures and watch him grown. He's close to his Eagle, but even without that he's gained so much from his various experiences. I need to keep in shape for all those experiences, so physical fitness is a plus. Less selfish, but still gives me a glow. Working with young people. I've coached both son's teams, and here in scouts with my oldest, I've had the chance to work with and mentor many more guys. I've wanted to give back, and was given to as well, what could be better than that? Now I'll step back and hand the keys to the next person up. It's how it works.
  5. transferring troops

    Just had a couple of scouts transfer out, and a couple transfer in. I'm happy that they all find the place that works best for them and stay in scouts because I believe it has value. I just remember that they're not mine, I just get to help them out for awhile and enjoy watching them take those steps.
  6. Seabase

    We were shut out two years in a row in the lottery, but picked up our Sea Base week this last year after it was turned back in. Start looking each day after the initial deposit is due and be flexible about when you can go. Sea Base has the lowest number of slots of any of the HA sites, and the case of the diving adventures there are only a couple dozen total. From what I hear Philmont is now pretty easy and NT is almost sign up and go.
  7. Seabase

    Awesome, we did live aboard scuba this last summer and had a blast. Hoping to go back again in 2020
  8. weird patrol names

    Well, we've had the Biohazard, and the Flaming Squirrels. Along with the Pokemon Patrol, The Regular Patrol (Regular Show inspired). Usually the NSP names morph three or four times prior to settling into one that that works or them.
  9. Agree that's a tough one, we're lucky we have a Sea Scout Ship that we are affiliated with so many are already interested in that when they join us and transition to the ship along the way.
  10. 40 Scouts 1 SM 5 ASM's 6 Committee
  11. As mentioned some seem not ready, maybe some of those 18yo ASM's are really looking or more scouting, and a venture program would be a better fit.
  12. In our troop the scouts Patrol Leader's sign off everything, except scout spirit. If a Patrol Leader is not First Class they'll go to the SPL/ASPL/Troop Guide to get them to sign off.
  13. We switched to whisper lights and white(Coleman) fuel full time. All the reasons stated here, waste of small canisters, storage of canisters, etc. Also we only use fuel for cooking, with LED's and their low power consumption, all light is battery driven. (Well campfires too!)
  14. Revoking Merit Badges?

    Same here we have an hour prior to the meeting set aside for Merit Badge activities. It's also the time used by the STEM group as well.
  15. Webelos First Responder Adventure

    Our troop does a zombie themed First Responder. It's the most popular event of our outreach program. Fortunately we have access to first responder personnel in our neighborhood. Last year our sign ups got away from us and we had 70 Webelos show up, way too many didn't work out. This year we're limiting attendance to a manageable 25.