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  1. Are there any Councils out there that do not have Districts, or in which Districts are not organized geographically? Someone raised the question recently in a Roundtable and I was stumped. Figured I'd throw it out there and see if anyone knows if there are, and, if so, how they operate.
  2. As of Feb 15, there are still several places open for this course, if you know anyone who needs or wants to join.
  3. The Denver Area Council is hosting a virtual Sea Badge training over two weekends in April. This is the adult leader training parallel to Wood Badge for Sea Scouters, but is also open to any Scouters, and while similar in some respects to Woodbadge, is different enough that it would still be interesting. Registration is open to Scouters from any Council, and is only about 1/3 full at this time. I did this through Transatlantic Council in 2020, and while not a Sea Scouter, found it helpful and informative, and will be on the staff of this one, so thought it might be of interest here.
  4. Sounds like your unit needs a chaplain, chaplain aide, and/or religious emblems coordinator! There's one for basically everyone (even people not belonging to a formal religion). What we have usually done is this: The emblem (medal) is presented by the religious organization - some do a big annual presentation to all the Scouts of that faith that have earned them in the region, others just have it presented at worship or an appropriate religious gathering. The knot is presented at the Court of Honor or similar event. In some places, it is easier if they are presented at
  5. A couple of posts - @CynicalScouter, @mrjohns2 - referenced no change to board structure/governance. There is, however, a big push to change the composition of the National Board, first by shrinking it to 40 (from 72 I think), to include fully 1/2 of its membership from local councils, who will represent not only geographic diversity via the NSTs but also diversity of size, enabling some membership from councils that would never have had a voice before, my own included. I am not sure the status of that at the moment, but it sounded like several dozen councils were on board with that.
  6. Hi, TGB. I'm very sorry to hear this, and a bit confused. I am a long-time Catholic scouter, chaplain, and theologian, and I'm not aware of any new rules that are particularly discriminatory or that would have prompted this. I wonder if there is a new pastor or COR who is taking things to an extreme that is not necessary. Scouting has been viewed as Catholic Youth Ministry since 1912. That's not new. Not every parish does this well, but the ideal is that the COR is the youth minister or other parish staff person responsible for youth ministry and/or family religious programs, or someone
  7. At the risk of getting off the thread topic, while the particular statement of religious principle varies by each NSO, the "Duty to God" element is a core principle at the global level. (https://www.scout.org/node/614310) Admittedly, WOSM and many of the European orgs use the language of "the relationship to the spiritual life and spiritual reality" as a way to explain "Duty to God" in the oath, to avoid misunderstanding it as having a preference for Abrahamic monotheism. And while traditional religious identities still have priority as the default understanding of what that means, "Spiritu
  8. I just read through this thread. While the discussion on changes of belonging by generational cohort were interesting and relevant, I think this hits on some more relevant issues. Granted, the reason so many of the younger GenX and Millennials are less likely to have a sense of loyalty to institutions or organizations, from employers to churches to scouting is precisely because of the abuse and unreliability of many of these institutions towards them over the decades. But back to Eagle1993s points, this really is a time of crisis, which means a good time to reassess, reorganize, and elimi
  9. I can put you in touch with the BSA Council that serves American Scouts in Georgia, and some who are there or near there, as well as some who have put on camps in Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, and Kenya. Or if you have contact information of the people / group who own or are planning the camp, I can send that to some of the volunteers who might be able to help or share ideas.
  10. I think that would be ideal - not only for Scouting, but every organization. Churches, sports leagues, etc. I'm also imagining the cost and the difference between what the federal government can throw at this in terms of staff, resources, and authority vs what a much diminished voluntary organization that has spent all its assets on lawyers could do. And the time it would take to get there. But also, honestly, it took until this last week to be able to simply assign people who have been registered as leaders to new positions in the online system. I can't even get a decent report on
  11. We have BSA Scouts and Scouters in Georgia, as part of the Transatlantic Council, and we have talked about how having something in Eastern Europe, Turkey, or Central Asia would be appealing. Is there contact information I could put people in touch with about this?
  12. We are collecting WB ticket ideas (or SB logbook ideas) related to Duty to God / Scout is Reverent / Religious Relationships themes for all levels to develop a Council resource. I imagine many have been around religious emblems promotion or training, but would love to hear if you've run across any.
  13. I'm guessing this was the result of the 'going back to the drawing board' improvements.
  14. Our Council is having an auction, including some unique or rare items that would probably appeal to collectors. Patches, pins, books, et al. Pic below are just some of the items, not nearly all. (I'm not sure if the forum intends this only for free trading or something like this is also permitted, let me know to delete if necessary.) The auction will run online from 13 - 27 March.
  15. My district, along with one other, just ran an authorized pilot of virtual IOLS. It was hugely successful. We are aware of one other pilot program that was not, but we suspect a significant part of that is ours retained the patrol method and the other did not for some reason. And to be clear, when I say ours, I had nothing to do with the planning or the staff, and only a small presentation. The work was all done by others who were outstanding. I merely get the benefit of more trained adults in my district. It is something Scouters in our Council have been agitating for, for years. W
  16. This is the first year I have the opportunity to nominate someone to be considered for Vigil Honor. What are the kinds of things that stand out for you in doing so, what are you looking for beyond someone who exemplifies "cheerful service" and has given their time to the OA? Especially youth v adults? Anything that consistently says to you "that's vigil material"? (Also, if this is more appropriate for the safeguarded area, any chance someone could get me the password to the safeguarded area?)
  17. Er... what? I was just about to say welcome to the Transatlantic Council! Either way, California or England, welcome to the forum!
  18. I'm sorry to read this - I've been there. One of my best volunteers is going through this now, too - he had to step back from a couple of active roles and focus on health and family. Scouting can be wonderful, but it can also start taking over too much of your life. And then throw in the pandemic isolation, I feel the same way - I have my immediate circle of three other humans and feel like I haven't seen a friend or had a good conversation outside that circle in a year. Some ways, Scouts is a saving grace - but that's also all virtual these days. Do what you need to do to focus on
  19. I see the Alumni/NESA Directory is live again, which is great news! Version 2.0.21 is available at https://directory.scouting.org/ I noted some functional issues, which is normal for so early in a rollout, so not a criticism as much as listing what I saw to help whomever is tracking bugs to note them. No problems: edit contact info, load a picture, identify affiliated councils, add social media info, Search function Not working: Scouting affiliations, either edit or sync Awards, either edit or sync with Scoutnet/My.Scouting Add NESA
  20. To be fair, WB is the internationally recognized culmination of adult leader training - even though in most other countries I gather it is more like getting your Scouter's Key than the way we do it. I think it is worthy of recognition with some explanation - it's not comparable to just getting position trained or the Den Leader award or something. But less is more. These days, most adult recognition is a short blurb on the council or district Facebook group: "Congrats to Protoclete, LoneScout, and DuctTape for earning their Super Scouter Award this year." (insert pic of square knot).
  21. I agree. Being one of those beaded, that part was left up to one of the WB staff who was on the call. For us, this is once a year, not a monthly event either. I might go a little longer to explain what WB is, as we do with other awards, but that would only add about a paragraph.
  22. Has anyone dealt with a Scout who was not advanced at a Board of Review (prior to Eagle), and appealed the decision? I've encountered this for the first time (appealing a Life Rank BOR that twice decided he should not be advanced) and looking for ideas on what worked best for others to move forward. It's rare enough here we don't have a district or council process other than checking the Advancement Guide. What was the process, how long did it take, and how did it turn out? Any lessons learned to pass along?
  23. Our Council recently moved to combine several related events into one in person weekend: Scouter's Annual Conference / U of Scouting Council Annual Meeting Quarterly Council Executive Board Meeting Council Awards/Recognition: Silver Beaver, NESA OES, Alumni of the Year, and any national court of honor stuff like a Medal of Honor or Heroism Award. If we had an Eagle recognition dinner, we'd do it here too - just too challenging to get eagles all together in person across a huge geography that we have Our District following suit decided to take one of our monthl
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