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  1. I have the YPT and am still technically registered through district as a MB councilor. The problem with moving forward is how sneaky this was done. If they had just been up front from the beginning it wouldn't be personal. When this all started I believe the local church requested only parish members as leaders if possible. I don't believe the CC or SM wanted to tell me straight out so as not to cause a fuss. They still haven't informed other parents that the troop is now considered a catholic youth ministry. The CC went so far as to email the other parents and lied that I filed a complaint a
  2. I had no problem taking the Virtus "Protecting God's Children" training. The local archdiocese had in person training in October that I was not going to do because of Covid. Zoom training was available but you needed to register for that through the church and that information was not provided to me by the committee chair nor the church. It was provided to others. When I tried to explain the situation to the committee chair and scout master I was informed that it was too late and that I was off the committee. I actually was removed months earlier and no one informed me. Another parent gave m
  3. Without reading the rules from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting in April 2020 it's impossible to fully understand what is going on. It states from the beginning that this is a stand against secularism. Catholic teachings are to be incorporated into the scout program and scout leaders are trained as catholic youth ministers, and that's just for starters. In our general area some priest are simply choosing not to sponsor scouting any more, others are enforcing the rules, others for the time being are leaving things as is. At some point it's not even scouting anymore. It's all just a s
  4. My son's pack and troop had always been welcoming to ALL including me as committee person. Like many troops sponsored by a Catholic church it has recently become a Catholic Youth Ministry. We are not Catholic. The new rules from national committee on catholic scouting and those of the local archdiocese are openly discriminatory. I have been removed from the troop committee but my son is allowed to stay. It has been suggested that we find another troop but no other troop locally is viable. I hate to see my son leave scouting and he is upset about the notion of not being with friends. The future
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