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  1. Good point. I should see when the next NRA training weekend is.
  2. I do think some games between troops maybe fun. But coordinating that maybe a mess as I pretty much have something going on each weekend as do most of our scouts. I guess for Cub Scouts it would be a good way to try and earn the summertime pack award.
  3. Oh my this made me laugh out loud at my desk. Checked my calendar. Nope not April 1st. Talk about BSA/council "jumping the shark" if this is true. So when are you supposed to go camping for the weekend if you have games on Saturday? Or a Football game on Friday nights for the marching band? Sadly this is where some people have to make hard choices especially as they get older and more involved. Its a shame as sometimes you lose a really good scout. Just keep everything separate.
  4. This is what I encountered. We got the list at the end of the week and with all of the hub bub of packing up and making sure boys had showers for the trip home it got overlooked till I got home and finally saw the lists from the SM. I watched my son for one period on Thursday during the Rifle Shooting badge so I know for a fact they went over a lot more that wasn't checked off. I think the issue was like y'all have said, the youth running the classes are primarily responsible for getting the paperwork to HQ for the week. The older gentleman who was probably the NRA certified instructor ne
  5. I had a problem with my sons most recent summer camp and the rifle & archery classes he took. They only marked off 2H for Rifle. I know they did more than that as I went up there on Thursday to watch him shoot. They didn't mark off a lot of things that you even have to do before you even make it to the firing line. I called the camp back afterwards and the lady said she can only answer for what was put on the print out. Really? Such crap. So now my son will effectively have to start all over when he decides to find a new counselor for it. They also didn't mark off much for A
  6. We have a Life scout who believes that if he starts a badge at summer camp and only receives a partial, that he does not need to find another counselor to finish up the badge. He can just finish it up at home and submit it. Am I mistaken in thinking that is not correct? From everything I read on here: https://www.scouting.org/resources/guide-to-advancement/the-merit-badge-program/ and in the official Guide to Advancement, any partials must be completed with that counselor from camp or a new one is found to complete the badge with so they can receive a signed blue card. I have
  7. Hmm sounding like a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul then. Hopefully not though.
  8. Anyone know recent years attendance #'s? The fires out there effectively cancelling one year and this years Jambo had to have hurt attendance.
  9. True. It just seems like the media is trying to sensationalize things.
  10. I sliced my thumb open last year at our district camporee. I broke knife code and was cutting towards myself and oops. I panicked as I could see white and it was bleeding pretty good so I went to our table and sat down trying to get it to stop bleeding. My son runs over and says "Ooh ooh I can help! I have earned the First Aid merit badge!". I am trying to rifle around the first aid kit to see what we have and I told him to please go away so I could collect myself. I was debating if I needed to ride down the road to get a couple stitches. Started to get a little woozy (like I said I p
  11. Journalists are so lazy these days. Twice they misidentified this shooters association with Boy Scouts. Once calling it a squad and then a team. It irks me that papers seize the chance to sensationalize something. I read an article this article the other day and the headline is annoying. You read the article and it says this: Bellomo - who was well known among the small Minnesota as a volunteer firefighter, award-winning taxidermist and a leader of a Boy Scout troop But they choose to use his title as a BS leader to put in the headline as click bait. https://www.dailymail.co.
  12. This is my thoughts exactly. It was very quick to be able to locate something. But if all of the MB info is on usscouts.org, I am off to bookmark that website on my computers.
  13. We had a parent meeting on Monday night. Several people were not real happy about it. Heck I am not very keen on it myself but I am in it up to my eyeballs so we will keep the path but I may try to motivate my son on advancements and merit badges to try and get to Eagle quicker as I fear more increases at the national and council level each year. Right now as it stands the best we could probably do is about 18 months. I hate to say that but its a possibility. If he choses to remain in scouting afterwards, I wont discourage it. My husband had major open heart surgery back in May and
  14. Why not recharter your kids and you just sit there as a parent? Sometimes stepping back shows others just how much you do. Take the chance to enjoy the activities with your kids.
  15. We are not a big troop so we would probably be ordering about 50 shirts unless we do the one for each day of camp. On a side note. How come scouting events don't do t-shirts anymore? Seems like when my brother was a scout, he got a shirt at every turn. Since I have been a scouter, over 6 years now, I can count on one hand how many events offered a shirt. One of them was my wood badge course shirt. I would so buy the t-shirts if offered at events. Maybe its just the council I am in. Oh well.
  16. I probably should have put this in the Uniform section but figured it may get more visibility here. Other than Class B.com has anyone ordered multiple day t-shirts for summer camp? Our troop is thinking of doing a different shirt each day so we can have some better visibility from afar and have some cohesiveness during flag ceremonies and meals. I want to say I saw on Facebook last spring where units were getting shirts for about $5.00 each. Please show me your class B t-shirts so we can get some ideas. Several boys wanted a tie dye shirt for at least one day. Here i
  17. I am in a overseas Scouts Facebook group and I see pictures of Scouts skinning and cooking rabbits. Personally I think that is really cool. Sadly I don't think it would fly here in the USA. PETA would have a fit.
  18. How about Circus Skills? How to earn your badge: Select two skills from the table below: The two skills must be from different lists. Aerial Balance Manipulative Ground trapeze trick-cycling cigar boxes handstands roman rings stilts club swinging tumbling aerial ladder ladder
  19. Well I guess you could complete this based on these requirements. Granted D & I maybe challenging depending on how far they took to planning the merit badge area... Downhill (Alpine) Skiing Option a. Show how to use and maintain your own release bindings and explain the use of two others. Explain the international DIN standard and what it means to skiers. b. Explain the American Teaching System and a basic snow-skiing progression. c. Discuss the five types of Alpine skis. Demonstrate two ways to carry skis and poles safely and easily. d. Demonstrate how to ri
  20. I think the difficulty for some badges is based on where you live. For us, the Snow Sports badge it would be rather hard to achieve here in Florida so a pretty good trip is in order to complete it. Also finding a counselor is hard here for it. On the other hand, the water related & fishing badges are easy peasy to find someone here for them.
  21. My feeling is due to the sheer number of scholarship requests I bet it will take a year for any of them to get processed. By then those who needed it are already gone...
  22. I must have read that incorrectly. The way it was worded, I took it as the council was lumping in a charge of $12 for Boys Life. My son has no interest in reading it so I always skip it.
  23. I think its baloney that they force you to get Boys Life. Why not just call it a $24 insurance fee? Really Boys Life is probably a waste of money. How much money goes into that for each issue? How many staff? Just go digital or send a few to each unit (depending on unit size) for them to share. My local library has copies of them.
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