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  1. I could have written this exact post but I am having a problem with the actual scout registrations. No one from the council tells you anything. After last year and discovering that our pack wasn't re-charted when I attempted to complete a tour permit. I have been watching the council like a hawk. We only had about a week to resolve it. Luckily we did. I don't understand how come the council will not give a courtesy call to a leader of a pack that has been around for 20 years? This should be forwarded by the register to the DE and then they contact the pack. Did we get anything? Nop
  2. LOL! I may have typed them both. I have to get up at 2am to be at work at 3 am and I am really dragging today.
  3. I would like to wear fewer hats. I guess I am wanting to try and whip this pack into shape. Our previous CC ran it into the ground financially and we are trying to recover from that. Size is not an issue, we are on of the larger if not the largest in our district just had poor money management. The boys were running in the actual campsite. One boy tripped on a guy line and another actually fell into a tent(presumably he tripped on something) It was pretty dark out there unless you were in the actual campfire circle. I am all for wearing them down. The 3 mile hike they did earl
  4. Sorry to post and dash. Things got busy at work. Thank you all for the replies. For those wondering I wear many hats w/in the pack. Not only am I the BALOO I am also the awards chair and pack trainer. I was a Tiger and Wolf den leader the 1st two years then I stepped down to join the committee. I also assist with district training so I have my scouting plate full. Almost too full. My child has been reprimanded by other adults and I have not lost my cool. I know my child doesn't listen all the time. He is an 8 year old boy so I don't expect others to be perfect but repeated wa
  5. Just curious to see if you follow the must be 7 or in the 1st grade rule. We have a new Tiger scout who just turned 6 back in August yet he is in the 1st grade. Please bear with me as this might be rambling. Reason I bring this up is, I had a little run in with his mother this weekend while doing our camping 101 trip. At our local council camp there are wooden platforms with tubular frames to support the canvas tents they use for Boy Scout summer camp. Our CM specifically told everyone Friday night that the platforms are strictly off limits. I had to tell several boys severa
  6. I just checked ebay and there really isn't any on there. I am kind of surprised at that. I would maybe check at roundtables or join a patch trading group on Facebook. Every once in a while someone will have a stash of Cub Scout patches they offer up.
  7. Sadly this happens during our pack meetings. It has gotten a little better with us. Being that you have actually handed out a paper saying what the rules are and they still will not follow them, then either you or the Cub Master might have to get up and stop the ceremony and warn the parents about the noise level and ask for some respect for the boys so they can enjoy their moment. Maybe remind them that #11 of the Cub Scout 12 core values is about respect. Hope this helps, Susan
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