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  1. Thank you all - lots of good info here! I think I'll probably do it...I talked to my son to see how he would feel about it, with the understanding that I wouldn't be able to be his ADL next year, and he says that he would like it if I were the CM. As far as being his Tiger Cub partner, that's no problem. The current CM will be staying on through the rest of the year, and I'd be working with him and his wife as sort of a co-CM/CM-in-training capacity until I took over as CM beginning next school year. The current CM would also be staying with the Pack as a Webelos DL, so he'd be availab
  2. Our Cubmaster is stepping down, and last night before Pack Meeting, the Advancement Chair approached me and asked me if I would consider taking over as Cubmaster. I'm incredibly honored to be asked. We have such fantastic boys in our pack, and to be asked to serve that kind of role in their lives absolutely humbles me. I'm also a little terrified. I'm brand new to this, with just my one little Tiger Cub. Currently, I'm the Assistant Den Leader for the Tiger Cub den. Oh...did I mention that we have one of the largest packs in our council? What would this entail? In the rea
  3. Our pack does this. Since it's one of the first awards given to a Cub Scout, I always just thought of it as a way to help the newer boys understand what Scouting was really about. I kind of like it. - TwoSirius
  4. I looked it up, and it's true - Assistant Tiger Den Leader doesn't seem to be an official position. I guess if that's really an issue, the CM will let the DL know...the DL is the one who asked me to do it in the first place, and I'll be handing in my leadership application to the CM this evening. It doesn't really bother me that the role isn't officially recognized, though, and I don't see that as a reason to take it less seriously, either. I don't think the DL's idea is for it to replace Shared Leadership - more like I'll be the one doing things like recording advancements, calling pare
  5. Wow...thank you all so much! I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed by this now. Still rather freaked out, but manageably so. I've never even been to a "real" den meeting (the first one was mostly introductory for the parents). ScoutNut, I'm sorry, now that I reread my post I see that I was unclear...I meant that I've done Youth Protection Training already, because of the fact that I'll be leading the next den meeting. Not the rest of them, though. I'm still puzzled as to how much training there is to go through. On our pack calendar, there are several evenings of leadership traini
  6. Hey, all - new here! I got asked this evening by my son's Den Leader (he's a shiny, newly-minted little Tiger Cub...my son, not the DL) whether I would be willing to take on the position of Assistant Den Leader. Hold me. I think I'm going to do it, but I'm wondering about several things: I should probably plan on getting a uniform, no? Do ADLs typically wear them? Will there be books and manuals and such that I'll need to shell out for also? I'm sort of looking for a ballpark monetary expenditure here. I'm kind of tapped after outfitting my little guy, and would definitely need
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