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  1. Had a chance to ask a few folks at our local Council about Cooking since I'm a Chef and will be the one teaching it. As far as they knew, the requirements (and the MB book) won't change. Anyone already having it, will continue to have it for Eagle. Anyone taking it after Jan1 will still be taking the same 'course' and fulfilling the same requirements. Cool to hear that the guys who already have it can trade in the badge for the silver version. Thanks mozartbrau.
  2. Collar? What collar? http://www.myphilately.com/asset/u91188_Nederland205.jpg
  3. So what happened at the meeting? Did the parents select the ASPL and SPL? Did they select and you are working on changes for the next year? I'm dying of curiosity. (This message has been edited by mpaull)
  4. While my experience in modern Scouting is somewhat limited, I have been a high-level sports official for some time, and am familiar with applying "RULES of play". When reading the quote from the new G2SS that started this thread, two words immediately jumped out at me - "appropriate" and "sufficient". These grey area words are open to considerable interpretation. Also, what does "present" mean? Many posters have bemoaned the demise of independant patrol action, and only a few have questioned what, exactly, do "appropriate", "sufficient" and "present" mean? If I may pull a few q
  5. To dg98adams - sounds awesome - I gotta remember that. Thanks for the great presentation idea.
  6. We are similar to many others here in that we do a "waist up" sort of thing for the kids - this is more financial than any other reason. We do uniform at Pack meetings. For Den meetings, we were a bit looser. I help out at my son's Webelos 1 meetings and when we had the group devise their code of conduct for Den meetings, the question of uniforms came up. The leaders encouraged the kids to decide on something like "We will be APPROPRIATELY uniformed for all meetings." This means that most often it will be the Class A shirts and neckers but, with advance notice from the leaders based on the
  7. A 'certified' letter with a 'signature required' tag - just to cover your bases.
  8. So, the two are the same? Do the requirements for the specific religion (Parvuli Dei, etc.,), receive the medal, then automatically get the Knot with no further requirements?
  9. Lisabob, at the end of the second page of comments, brought up something that I would think should be a fairly major consideration as well - that is, the setting of "OFFICIAL PRECEDENT". If it becomes 'Precedent / SOP' to take a cub and give special dispensation to complete certain requirements outside the normal framework of his Den, then where could that lead? What if 3 cubs had a problem, but two of them couldn't work with each other either? Do you now have a Den of 4-5 plus three more groups of 'pseudo-lone Cubs'? I see a slippery slope. If the CM doesn't want this decision to revisit
  10. I found the Parvuli Dei Material at our local Scout Store, but have had mixed results on the material for the Religion Square Knot for Cubs. Can anyone point me in the right direction? With thanks.
  11. Remember, the Uniform you wear cries aloud, I am a Scout. see that it is the Official Uniform, that it is correctly worn, and that the insignia are correctly placed, for in the Uniform, you stand for the Boy Scouts of America. - Chief Scout Executive James E. West, circa 1918 "So the Uniform, helping the boy to look the part of the Scout, makes it easy for him to act the Scout. It sets up the Scout inside and out. It stirs within him respect for the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. And, respecting the Scout Law, he has swung far along toward the foundation of all good citizenship, na
  12. I came across some pants advertised in-store as BDU and, apart from the lack of zip-off lower pant-legs, you wouldn't need to be more than 5 feet away to mistake them for Scout pants. Judging by the stitching, etc., they appeared to be much better able to withstand the rigors of camp. I hope there is a common-sense answer to this question; perhaps military specific equipment, military identification badges, military camo designs etc., not allowed whereas generic, appropriately colored clothing items are allowed?
  13. Would it be safe to say that the necker tied with friendship knot (and no slide) is a European thing, and that using a slide (with or without 'good deed knot' at the end) is a North American thing? UCEagle mentioned the knot being in the 7'th edition handbook - has it gone out of style for US Scouts? Was it ever a Cub thing? m(This message has been edited by mpaull)
  14. balding man who bent down to check the friendship knot in his neckerchief just as the picture was taken o)
  15. :-})>== Smiling man with mustache and goatee and a long neckerchief. ;-{)== Smiling man, winking, with walrus mustache and a long neckerchief.
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